Evil Feed

Evil Feed

A group of young martial artists infiltrate an underground pit fighting ring where the loser is chopped up and served in a Chinese restaurant.

The film tells about the life of young girls who are kidnapped by gangsters and forced to join the battle of life in the underground. Everyone who loses this game will be chopped up and served in a Chinese restaurant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin G (de) wrote: Now all we need is a rollergames documentary.

Carlos M (de) wrote: A pretty funny teen sex comedy full of dirty jokes and bathroom humor. It is nothing special and definitely not supposed to be taken seriously, so just let yourself go with it and you may laugh real hard at its hilarious nonsense and inspired moments.

Alex K (gb) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Ryan C (ru) wrote: not to good at all, the story wasnt really to good, just seemed like an excuse to keep the franchise going, didnt have that many good parts at all, overall a little boring

Pavan R (ru) wrote: Fairly entertaining and humorous lighthearted movie.

Joe G (de) wrote: Another power house spike lee joint! Well acted, superbly directed and flawlessly soundtracked this film is one of the high points of Spike Lees work along with Do The Right Thing. Would highly recommend

Jon F (us) wrote: These movies just keep getting worse and worse. The 3rd Critters movie was much more light hearted and kinda Gremlinish. But no where near as good. I don't regret seeing it but i won't be viewing this film often.

Charlie G (mx) wrote: A repeat of "Secret if my Success" only using a woman for the part.

Edith N (ag) wrote: Apparently, Souls Are Interchangeable This is going to be another one of those movies where people tell me I'm overthinking things, but I think you're supposed to consider them. After all, this particular one is integral to the plot and the explanation you're going to get for why I didn't like it. For most of this movie, things are a lighthearted romp of questionable but vaguely entertaining nature. Sure, you've got Movie Theology, but of course you do. It's a movie, and a comedy at that. I don't expect it to conform to any particular belief system, given that no character ever espouses one. There isn't even a clear view of Heaven. Just a staging area. But as we got into the last five minutes or so, I started to be very uncomfortable with goings-on, and so I am giving you a spoiler warning now. This is getting into a theological debate for which the movie is not prepared, I think, but I'd imagine viewers have been having it for decades. I can't see how they wouldn't. Joe Pendleton is a boxer and a good one. He's got a shot at the world championship. He just has to fight one more guy in order to go for the title, and he flies himself off to I think New York to enter the last phase of his training. Only while he's flying, something goes wrong with his plane. Just before he hits the ground, Messenger 7013 (Edward Everett Horton) takes him out. This turns out to be a mistake; Joe would have been able to straighten out the plane and wasn't scheduled to die until 1991. Mr. Jordan (Claude Rains), who seems in charge of intake for deaths in airplane crashes (clearly a new job), declares that they must find a new body for him. They look at a lot of them, finally settling on one Bruce Farnsworth, who was due to be murdered by his wife, Julia (Rita Johnson), and confidential secretary, Tony Abott (John Emery). Joe falls for Bette Logan (Evelyn Keyes), whose father is slated to go to prison over certain business dealings for which Farnsworth is responsible. Joe straightens it out, then decides that he still wants to go for the title, only using Farnsworth's body. The movie implies a few times that there's such thing as free will, with Mr. Jordan saying that things will work out between Joe and Bette if they work out. On the other hand, this movie is firmly in the camp of predestination. It isn't just that Joe is slated to live another fifty years. It's that, for example, he is specifically slated to win that championship, and he is told that he can't win it in Farnsworth's body, because that's not how it's supposed to go. The film is very big on how things are supposed to go. However, it is still possible for Messenger 7013--and why doesn't he get a name and Mr. Jordan does?--to make the mistake he did. Oh, it's out of kindness; he didn't want Joe to suffer. But how is that his decision to make? What's more, how is fate changed by the giving of three more weeks to Farnsworth? And if those three weeks are his fate, was Joe really taken out too early? And then there's the ending. Joe is put into the body of Murdoch, who is given Joe's shot at the title. Murdoch, you see, has been shot by gamblers who couldn't get him to throw the fight. Joe Leaps into his body, wins the fight, and seems poised to go on in this new life with his old manager, Max Corkle (James Gleason), the only living person who knows what's going on. When Joe takes on the body permanently, however, all his memories of being Joe Pendleton are wiped in favour of those of the new guy. This worries me. We are specifically told early in the film that his parents are waiting and ready to meet him when he arrives, but if he's been Murdoch that whole time, so what? If he has the belief instilled in him that he is a different person and always has been, what will that say about his soul when he goes to Heaven permanently? Indeed, what is the soul if everything you are can be wiped out and yet it is still the same soul? Presumably he will go back to being Joe Pendleton, but why isn't he now? Because he'll talk? But he did as Farnsworth! The movie wants to be a comedy romp with something a little deeper. Only in adding that "little deeper," it opens a barrel of questions I'm not sure the writers ever considered. Mr. Jordan is suave and debonair, a charming host. I'm even willing to believe there are flustered afterlife operatives like 7013, though I'm uneasy about the control this particular one seems to have. However, I think this movie has not considered its own theology enough. The important question left by this movie is about the very nature of the Self. I believe that any soul would necessarily entail the details of yourself, your personality. The fact that Joe's personality survives the first time and that no one is surprised by that indicated this to be the case. Murdoch is dead and is said to be a personality even after, capable of being pleased over the fight's outcome. There's even the touching fact that some part of Joe still recognizes Bette--and some part of Bette still recognizes Joe. However, Joe Pendleton has been completely wiped out for at least the fifty years he will spend in that body.

Giana G (fr) wrote: - it's so stupid that actually it becomes funny! so many random moments! hahaha liked it!

UTuned D (ru) wrote: Classic!!!! Lol ........ Emily llyod Performace was legendary....... It's a shame she suffered such a crippling mental breakdown sortly after starring in this movie.This is what happens to naughty girls ...!!!

Per Gunnar J (us) wrote: This is kind of a prequel and a sequel to Snow White and The Huntsman. It is not as impressive as the first movie but quite good anyway. I would call it a nice family movie although probably not for the youngest members of the family.The story is partly before and partly after the events in Snow White and The Huntsman. It is a good adventure with plenty of magic and special effects and a fair bit of action. It is a fairly straightforward story without much in terms of surprises.There is a bit of comical relief in particular by the dwarfs, especially when the two dwarfs following the huntsman encounters the grumpy female one and her friend.Apart from the classical Snow White setting, quite good special effects and quite decent action this is a fairly normal fantasy adventure movie. It is about two hours of good fun but does not really reach wow-status.

Ben M (kr) wrote: Bringing the charm from the Rooster teeth YouTube channel to the big screen is no easy task. However, Lazer Team manages to do just this with witty dialogue and a premise so ridiculous that it is relatable.