Evil - In the Time of Heroes

Evil - In the Time of Heroes

The story begins on the end of the First "Kako" movie.The survivors meet up with a group of other barricaded survivors and they not only need to take care of the zombies but other random Greek that have taken advantage of the chaos and shoot random moving targets (zombie or not). In the meantime we take small flashbacks into ancient Greece where the zombie apocalypse has happened as well and we learned about how they faced them.

Evil 2 picks up right where the original left off and explains where the "evil" came from originally. Melitis, Marina, Jenny, and Vakirtzis are still on the run from the endless horde of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Evil - In the Time of Heroes torrent reviews

Johnson C (fr) wrote: Love comedy, touching.

Jenn T (br) wrote: Decent family oriented drama. A little slow however.

Ian R (jp) wrote: Fascinating look at a clearly ill person who lived a life in total seclusion and made some insane art.

Tom S (ru) wrote: A compelling action and romance movie. Pitt's long hair seemed distracting, though. Julia O looked good on a horse!

Mike H (au) wrote: English. And overly stylized, even messy, but consistent. Very 1985 for 1958.

David N (br) wrote: A unique genre, and a disturbing tribute. If you're interested in Edie's turbulent life and ultimate demise, this is a must see. On its own as an art film I quite enjoyed it visually and musically.

Lynne S (ru) wrote: This movie showcases just about all my favorite actors. The story is brutal but the actors are so good they make it so compelling that it's possible to enjoy their razor-edged interactions and still see merit in the characters. I loved it. Brilliantly performed - there's not one weak performance in it. Amazing.