Bullied by classmates, a pudgy military-school student fights back by computer with the devil.

A military cadet who happens to be a social outcast taps into a way to summon demons and cast spells on his tormentors through his computer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Evilspeak torrent reviews

Spencer K (it) wrote: This is a horrendous piece of trash in every aspect of the word. I got this at a redbox for a cheap movie night, and regretted it after. Avoid this at all costs, a terrible film.

Pearl I (au) wrote: The movie setting, costumes, the topic of haute couture, in french was great for me. I highly recommend if you are learning the language.

Tyler A (ca) wrote: decent thriller. lesson to be learned dont not invite creepy neighbors over for dinner! and shoot the kid if he shoots your dog. sum crazy moments and Def a bit twisted. reminds me of the funny games remake but better

Laimis Z (it) wrote: i think its a bit too much for one viewing. 8 philosophers each get 10minutes to try to bring philosophy into the streets. not all is equally interesting. but who can say no to some moral insight by judith butler or slavoj zizek?:)

Alex M (ca) wrote: Great story but the overwhelming sound of gun fire at points gets annoying

sabrina m (ag) wrote: i bet this movie is awesome

Nicki M (ca) wrote: All time favourite. Love this movie, so many funny scenes in it. Natasha Lyonne is just perfect for this role. Sweet comedy about growing up in the 70's with a bit of bite to it.

Randy T (mx) wrote: Good News/Bad NewsGood News: Miranda Richardson is incredible. Beyond her command of the character, which in itself is remarkable, is her sheer screen presence. To quote Steve Wiecking, she looks like a "delicious chilled confection".Bad News: The film has a BBC-made-for-television feel to it, especially the sound reproduction and score. Good News: The docudrama presentation lends itself well to detail and, as far as I can tell, historical accuracy. Ruth's debilitating codependency with her abusive and alcoholic beau is laid before us with excruciating clarity.Bad News: Except for a postscript reference, there are no details about Ruth's trial, incarceration, execution, or the impact it all had [if any] on public attitudes and perceptions. Dance With A Stranger delivers a detailed reenactment of a terminally dysfunctional relationship, but barely hints at the tragic consequences.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Unfunny 80s style snobs vs. slobs comedy. Jersey Shore-like dude Judd Nelson is paid by a rich preppie to take his place at a posh prep school and comedy ensures. Written by Gene Quintano, the man behind several of the unfunny "Police Academy" sequels, wrote an equally unfunny comedy here. The only reason to watch this film is for the 80s nostalgia, and this film is VERY 1980s; Judd Nelson breakdances, girls have huge bangs, and the scene where Judd learns how to dress "preppie" is quite funny. I'd also totally forgotten about Vuarnet France shirts and now want to find one. Gordon Jump, Arthur Carlson from "WKRP," is the head of the school and Andrew Dice Clay plays Nelson's older brother. Basil Poledouris provided the film's score.

kevin t (ru) wrote: i realy injoyed this film...one of the best films of all time.i cant remember how many times ive seen the film..but i would whatch it time and time again!!

Jethro P (au) wrote: There are just two things I'd like to say about this movie: LOVED. IT.

Jacob W (ag) wrote: Some of William's best work. This simple film proves that, sometimes, less is more. An inspiring movie that gets the water-works going every time. I'd recommend to all my friends.