The hit musical based on the life of Evita Duarte, a B-movie Argentinian actress who eventually became the wife of Argentinian president and dictator Juan Perón, and the most beloved and hated woman in Argentina.

The movie depicts the life of Eva Duarte Peron (Madonna) who rises from poverty to become an Argentinian actress and the wife of powerful President Juan Peron, and the most beloved and hated woman in Argentina. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Evita torrent reviews

Felix C (de) wrote: interesting movie, the first hour was fun then it sort of went to hell in a hurry

Colin S (nl) wrote: A bit of a mess plot-wise as the writers seemed to want to cram in a lot of things, and Foxx's overall transition from bumbling nobody to super-villain seemed way over the top. But still some great special effects, and the chemistry between Garfield and Stone is excellent.

Jessica P (ru) wrote: Great movie. Very inspiring. A great performance by James Franco.

Robert G (ag) wrote: Fun yet serious look at how we are all connected in this enormously small world we inhabit.

Scott M (ag) wrote: I saw this movie ON WEED...and it still Blew.

Robert A (ca) wrote: A movie about two different perspectives. Since I am close to someone who is building a new world inside her head in a similar way as the main character in the movie that added an extra layer to my viewing experience. Whenever I hear the one song in this movie from now on I'll be thinking back on this movie.

Alejandra P (es) wrote: Que taaaaaaaaaal el intenso del secuestradooor!!!! Efectivamente todo bien planeado jajajaja buenisimo lo de la tipilla al final!!! jajaja q risa

Klich Kray und o lnd (fr) wrote: Fun movie. A good weekday film to watch.

Lisa S (ru) wrote: vaness aredrgave is so good in this movie. shes a tecehr and someone walks in and kills themslve in her house. its a good moviemore ppl shoudl watch it!

Andrs R (nl) wrote: Unos efectos muy intrigantes.

Michael W (jp) wrote: A decidedly neutral Virginia family has the Civil War land right on their doorstep, claiming a heavy cost. A good cast, led by Jimmy Stewart. From 1965 but looks and feels about a decade older than that.

Ashley H (au) wrote: Seven Days in May is an intense political thriller. It is about U.S. military leaders overthrowing the U.S. presidency. It captured the paranoia of surviving the cold war and how the paranoia strengthened the democracy. Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas give excellent performance. The script is well written and well crafted. John Frankenheimer did an awesome job directing this film. I enjoyed this movie because of the drama and thrills. Seven Days in May is a must see.

Kyle M (ag) wrote: Hard and strong in emotions and the well-executed controversial concept, this courtroom drama is one of the finest with a great cast performing emotionally as the film has power and putting great points out there when it's "one of the first mainstream Hollywood films to acknowledge HIV/AIDS, homosexuality, and homophobia." However, it can also be looked as a film focusing on dangers to a person's health that's hard to watch. Overall, the film's worth watching. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Yumiko Y (de) wrote: Couldn't finish watching, it was not going anywhere although the acting was good .. the acting made me want to care about what would happen to the characters but in the end I just couldn't care enough to finish the movie.

Dawn S (kr) wrote: Such a great time and a great idea and story that just wasn't quite captured in this film. Mike Myers was very good. It has such huge potential. Good music, though!

David J (mx) wrote: I like to support smaller studios. Too many movies use special affects to tell the story. This movie has a good plot and doesn't hide behind all the flashing lights like other movies.