Excuse Me for Living

Excuse Me for Living

A charming, suicidal druggie must obey his rehab-clinic's demand to lead a seniors men's group or face incarceration and lose the love of his psychiatrist's daughter.

A charming, suicidal druggie must obey his rehab-clinic's demand to lead a seniors men's group or face incarceration and lose the love of his psychiatrist's daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel K (it) wrote: This should never have been put on the screen in my opinion, or at least not in this form by this director. It is far better suited to the stage as it is basically a chamber drama with a good script. Chereau definitely failed to flesh this short story out into a fully-fledged feature film in my opinion. He doesn??t quite give us enough to make it engaging. It??s reasonably well done for its type, but I just wasn??t being drawn into it for some reason. It has some very incisive lines such as the one involving sperm. It is a good film and one I find interesting, but it would certainly be less so if not for Huppert. She is the sole reason I was interested in seeing this chamber picture. She is one of my favorite current actresses and makes any movie more than worth watching.

Nick B (kr) wrote: Beautiful people doing bad things abroad...

Ryan V (nl) wrote: It's honestly about as good as the live action GL movie. The voice talent makes up for rather standard animation.

Dave T (it) wrote: Actually turns out to be pretty moving at the end, shame Diego couldn't be persuaded to hang around for more than 30 seconds but at least it's authentic.

Faith J (it) wrote: This is the best Step Up movie in the series

Andrew W (de) wrote: What the fuck did I just watch? Holy crap

Gary M (it) wrote: A film of delicate humour and superb acting

Ben G (mx) wrote: Not bad, but not that great either.

Miracle K (kr) wrote: love the storyline.. but I gotta admit that I love the doctor more lol

Matthew S (it) wrote: Daniel Craig and Samantha Morton are wasted in this overtly stylized movie that never forms into anything of interest.

familiar s (jp) wrote: An okay remake (Bollywoodish) of "The Entity".

Murad Z (ag) wrote: can this series get any worse ?

Andy C (br) wrote: A character-driven movie which thankfully has some well defined and acted characters. Our Vinny does his usual turn as the bad guy.

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Ethan P (au) wrote: Donnie Brasco is a fascinating look at the decline of an agent as he becomes more entangled in the mafia and the softening of an old criminal as he warms up to a new friend. The interplay between Al Pacino and Johnny Depp was fantastic and their character development alone is reason enough to watch the movie. The action is sharp, the story is slick and violent. Donnie Brasco is a fun movie to watch that also carries a lot of depth and emotion too.

Dustin M (it) wrote: I often confused this with desperate measures... 2 completely different leagues

Sam M (fr) wrote: Takes too long to peak and when it does it's for a few moments. Depressing in general.

Steve R (mx) wrote: Great fun. An underrated minor gem in the Carry On series.

Sara F (de) wrote: I was so glad she chose Mark and not Wynn!

Dann M (de) wrote: Some Kind of Beautiful is a quirky romantic comedy that's kind of fun. After learning that his girlfriend is pregnant poetry professor Richard Haig gives up his teaching position in order to start a family, but when the relationship falls apart he tries to work something out that will allow him to stay in his son's life. Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, and Jessica Alba lead the cast and do a fairly good job at handling the lighthearted comedy. But the writing is rather weak, relying on a lot of tropes and needless plot contrivances. And the jokes can be a little hit-and-miss. Still, Some Kind of Beautiful is an entertaining film that has a bit of charm to it.