Three street toughs are hired to take down a Tokyo drug dealer in this hard-hitting Toei karate action film.

Three street toughs are hired to take down a Tokyo drug dealer in this hard-hitting Toei karate action film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris K (mx) wrote: This film has sweat-rings at its armpits, a love triangle at its core - so intense it's practically radioactive, and presents a series of striking visual contrasts, shooting in smooth, almost clinical HD. The plant itself, a real, decommissioned nuclear facility in Austria commandeered for the shoot, becomes virtually a living, breathing character itself, and gives a trully memorable performance, under Zlotowski's watchful eye. That said, the leading characters lack depth and even personality while the script is clumsy and bears certain incoherencies, feeble and underdeveloped arcs. The premise of a love story burgeoning in a realistic yet potentially lethal setting is perhaps clichd and old but keeps the first half of the film running smoothly despite inharmonious tonal shifts. The second half falls flat and ends ambivalently with a lack of narrative conviction and consistency...Nikaia Private Screening Project (NPSP)

Hiran K (kr) wrote: rather a different story... simple, yet brilliantly done!

Deanna B (nl) wrote: Seriously terrible not sure why I even watched it.

Melanie R (kr) wrote: scary as hell.. ending is a bit crap

Patrick D (us) wrote: The director seeks out to show a society where it's impossible to hide but just ends up parading his paranoia.

Logan M (it) wrote: Yet another example of movie companies' sick habit of exploiting the premature standards of children.

Accurate M (ag) wrote: Overall very enjoyable. But I got to say, there is a whole lot of downtime. And it's pretty dang boring.

Marcus E (ca) wrote: Good ole Dave laying down his law.

Brad G (de) wrote: Definitely not my favorite of the Corman/Price/Poe films, Tomb of Ligeia definitely entertains with its typically manic lead Price performance and there are some trippy hipno-dreams that showcase what works best in the 60s Corman era. The film drags at the halfway mark, and could have used a little more pulp in the middle. That Black Cat sure doesn't like Price though, meow. VF.

danika m (fr) wrote: I want to see the movie all ready