Executive Decision

Executive Decision

Terrorists hijack a 747 inbound to Washington D.C., demanding the the release of their imprisoned leader. Intelligence expert David Grant (Kurt Russell) suspects another reason and he is soon the reluctant member of a special assault team that is assigned to intercept the plane and hijackers.

David Grant is on A 747 traveling to Washington DC is hijacked by a team of terrorists, which rescues a leader of terrorists from holding. He wants to prevent terrorists from exploding a bomb and pushing the government to release so he attempts to save the plane. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isla B (gb) wrote: Nice. Love Kiwi humour.

Diren Y (gb) wrote: Barely worth the time. The Jack Ryan character is loose, lacks any material to emphatize with; Kevin Costner -although having potential troughout the movie with his style- is downplayed to no more than a "cool" voice. In short, a tried formula with uninteresting characters and no surprises.

Mayank F (br) wrote: weird feel-good. But doesn't make it bad or cheesy. I enjoyed.

Timothy P (kr) wrote: Good clean (or is that slithery) fun

Jake S (br) wrote: hmm not bad pretty good easy going comedy nothing really different or new tho

Angelo B (us) wrote: A good film of the '80s. Andrew McCarthy does a good job at his acting. Funny and smart.

Sarah L (es) wrote: this is a great film ... made before they found the ship in 2 bits . watch it just for the moment the ship comes up ..... the best music ever !!!!!!

Deadly V (mx) wrote: Enchanting Depression-era comedy...

Harsh C (de) wrote: Utterly stupid. The trailer contains the complete story so watch that instead and move on to something else.

Clare N (jp) wrote: Embodying a mixture of both Italian realism and film noir cinematography, Luchino Visconti's Ossessione is a wonderful adaptation of James M. Cain's pulp novella, The Postman Always Rings Twice. The two leads (Clara Calamai & Massimo Girotti) capture so much more of the raw, animal lust that is central to Cain's novella than the American version starring Lana Turner and John Garfield, which though apt, focuses more on the murder than the passion between the couple. Though it is incredibly engrossing, there are a few side plots which become distracting and at times the musical score can be rather jarring (this could just be the sound mix however). Nonetheless, a fine and integral film for those who enjoy film noir and the thriller genre.

Jaime (es) wrote: I have only seen the first half of this movie I want to see what happens!! It's been driving me crazy

Jordan R (nl) wrote: It's Really Good! Better Than The New One..

Matthew S (de) wrote: Chad Crawford Kinkle's repugnant movie fails, but it should be noted that it demonstrates a great deal of promise in the way he is able to create unexpected suspense and tension. The script is just too weak.

Benjamin O (mx) wrote: Overused cinematography.

Manon M (kr) wrote: Some real old-fashioned stuff. You cann tell me what you want but Tarantula surely has style :-) Awesome B-Movie.

Michael G (au) wrote: I'm not gonna try sound super educated about films or use metaphors and references from a long history of literature study. I'm just gonna give my opinion. So bear with me if you disagree. Firstly I found the cinematography contrived at the start, self indulgent perhaps. We aren't shown what the character is feeling. Just shown a feeling. Also, the blood motif really starts getting old quite early in. But most disturbingly is how disturbed Kevin is from the start. He's clearly evil from age 5 and no one's really bothered about the reasons why. A hearing specialist seems to think he' so i guess he must be. Kids arent born evil, there are reasons why they do what they do, genetic or otherwise. And it doesn't seem to run in the family because Lucy is an absolute angel. What are Kevin's influences? A violent video game and Robin hood? Surely there were a few more books he read or movies he watched to push him to the point of mass murder. It like it was just sort of game. It really didn't sell. In my skewed opinion Ursula delivers a better performance than Tilda. Oh and why John C Riley? He hardly suits the role. His performance isn't bad. It's just weird seeing him trying to be serious. Also young Kevin doesn't convince as he seems to have some Asian blood in him which neither John nor Tilda seem to share.I guess I'm not as concerned story as I am with characters. But it really bothers me how oversimplified the story is especially as it's about such a real epidemic that has hit the US so recently. Usually these kidsmare withdrawn, bullied, dealing with deep internal struggles. Kevin is just a psychopath through and through. His parents know it but just don't do anything about it. He shot his kid sister. He doesn't deserve that hug at the end. But perhaps that was just mom trying to make herself feel better because she kind of thinks it's her own fault. She's not entirely innocent. If there's one truth this movie conveys, it's that bad parenting creates bad kids. But I guess it doesn't help if your child was born a psychopath. Apologies for rant. I'm quite happy if you disagree ;)