A group of friends who venture into the remote Texas woods for a party weekend find themselves stalked by Bigfoot.

for a summer getawayunleashed-something not exactly human, but not completely animal - an urban legend come to terrifying life...and seeking murderous revenge, Bigfoot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex G (de) wrote: Honest and interesting until a obnoxious final scene.

Luis B (kr) wrote: una comedia medio pelo,. superficial y demasiado aburrida

David S (us) wrote: A simple film about taking joy in small moments and reaching out to those in need. This has more plot (which is not to say much) than Bahrani's last film, and it's honestly a bit too clear where things are going to go. But the director's overwhelming empathy and clear-sightedness are always welcome.

Quince B (nl) wrote: I love this movie and Rasuk is awesome although he has like no lines lol. It is an amazingly original film and shows how a simple story with great characters can be found almost anywhere once you take a moment to look.

Temyah W (ru) wrote: It's a corny comedy! What's not to love?

Shawna H (nl) wrote: Sorry... I like the teenage stories like this... even though I'm to old for it!

Brian P (ca) wrote: pretty poor movie....

Laura W (mx) wrote: great "after dark" movie,

Spencer S (fr) wrote: White Dog was a film that was both lovingly devote to the relationship between a girl and her dog, and a bitter resignation towards racism in the world. The film is one giant metaphor for racism, portrayed in guise as an unnamed white dog. The dog is discovered by a young actress in the Hollywood Hills (McNichol) who takes him in as her own. Sadly she discovers that he has been trained as an attack dog, and he begins viciously ripping apart people left and right. It isn't until the dog is taken to a trainer that he is revealed to be a "white dog" or a dog trained to attack black people on sight. The dog is retrained by black man Keys, as he tries to drive the hatred out of the animal and reprogram him for the outside world. At first I believed it was a cautionary if not horrific tale of an animal, subjugated to abuse and retrained to be a happy, helpful animal. That in itself made the film heartbreaking, wrenching and bereft of hope, because it was a story about an animal and its fate. The film is also a mixed metaphor about the role of racism, and how to end it within our lives and in individuals wishing to change. The role of the dog is either to suggest that racism itself can never be cured, or the hatred that racism invokes will never die, and that hatred will be turned upon someone else time and again. I don't readily agree to that assumption, but I understood the artful way the director took it upon himself to make this film a statement, one that was criticized at the time for being errantly racist, and finding the black characters to be stereotypical. The film wasn't released in the United States thanks to boycotting and a lack of support from moderate black advocates. Still, it was given a great critical base, and thankfully the Criterion Collection released it on DVD in 2008. The film isn't racist, the characters are not stereotypical or biased individuals, the acting isn't too corny, and I found the ending and the ensuing story to be more about the dog than anything. When that dog reveals itself to be a monstrous creation, I feel just as badly for those who have been attacked and warranted abuse because of its existence than I do for the dog itself, who doesn't know better. When the dog is with McNichol's character that white German Shepherd is sweet and lovable, and it is the abuse that sparks anger, as well as the bile forming fact that it's all to ensure racism lives. A thought provoking and stylized film that lasts in your mind long after you have seen it.

Rick S (ca) wrote: I saw this movie on late night TV and was totally charmed by it. I was completely surprised by the plot twist in the second act and was on my edge of the seat for the rest of the movie to see how it turned out. Would love to see it again.I believe that this is one of Mia Farrow's earliest movies.

THEdjpluto (jp) wrote: Couldn't even finish it. This movie is the very definition of ridiculous.

Russ B (ag) wrote: 10/9/2016: A great movie with tons of laughs. A movie that can be watched over and over.