Lizzie's best friend, Andie, becomes pregnant and offers to give the baby to her. Lizzie's husband, Peter, reluctantly goes along with being the child's father, and Andie moves into the guest room for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Lizzie had struggled to conceive with her husband for many years but she still has no baby and she decides to give up her hope of having one. However, she and her best friend- Andie come up with a unexpected solution: Andie is easy to have a baby so she offer to have the baby and she will give it to Lizzie. But whether the women's friendship survive until birth in this complex situation? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Petros T (au) wrote: A well-meaning yet unoriginal film. Its story of musicians struggling under the regime in Iran has been partly dealed with in the far superior "Persepolis", while the global message of freedom can be seen being conveyed in a lot of films and mostly in a better way. Not much on offer here, then.

Vince K (mx) wrote: Looks dumb, but I never miss a Wayan's Brothers movie, no matter how stupid it is (like White Chicks)

Kenny O (es) wrote: 1 star for the vice priniciple's breasts!!!!CRAP in other words!

Jenn T (au) wrote: I enjoyed this concept. The movie however... was hurting.

Panos M (kr) wrote: This movie has plenty likable aspects.

Jay M (jp) wrote: Lauryn Kirk is a small town girl from Indiana that has one dream of being-accepted into a highly acclaimed dance school in Chicago. She & her brother Joel have lost both parents; her brother is weary of her decision but understands her choice of wanting to depart. When Lauryn starts her audition for the judges she gets stopped in the middle; & told that her performance is just not good enough to make the short cut of acceptance. Feeling depression she stops into a dinner shop: before leaving Chicago where she meets an affable waitress (as fate would have it) that is a dancer for a club called Ruby's who also takes her to the club the next night. Well she is there she lands a job as a bookkeeper; later she becomes one of the top dancers.This was a feel good type movie; for me it was predictable from start to finish never the less it, was entertaining. A good film for a couple to watch together; I am going to go a moderate thumb up for this film.

Stuart M (jp) wrote: I've got such mixed feelings about this miniseries. On the one hand, it's the first serious attempt I've seen to tell the story of Hitler's rise. On the other hand, the explanation given for his behavior and success is simplistic at best. Why was Hitler the way he was? Because he was born evil. How did he amass his power? Why did people listen to him? Is there any ounce of his very real charisma on display? Not really. It's particularly indecipherable. By focusing overmuch on his intense antisemitism (for obvious reasons) they basically ignore or downplay the chord of strife and discontent that allowed him to rise to power. This is significant not so much for its effect on the depiction of Hitler but on its portrayal of the people who allowed him to rise. The disconnect between Hitler (evil) and the German people (generally good) makes his rise seem impossible. No mention is made of the many Germans who shared Hitler's ideas (if not his obsession) about Jews and the resentment against the government is entirely mentioned in passing. This makes it seem as if his rise was due entirely to bullying his opponents down. That was a big part of it of course, but nobody can rise so high based solely on bullying. His unshakeable certainty and confidence about the future was a big part. This presentation has the effect of making his rise seem inexplicable. As for Hitler himself, Robert Carlyle is fairly good. He certainly looks the part. He's rather too crazy and not fanatical enough for my taste. When he shouts you see the madness in his eyes, but it's lacking in the passion and unshakeable certainty that made Hitler so successful a rabble rouser. He's also afraid to give Hitler any really human qualities. In fact, the whole series is afraid of taking any risks lest it accidentally make Hitler sympathetic. Which is ridiculous really. He was human. He was also an impossibly evil bstard. And everyone nowadays knows it. So what's the danger of showing that he was fond of animals? Or that he had an unhappy youth? It's not as if that makes up for his other actions and it explains much of who he was. Making him a caricature of evil incarnate in an otherwise realistic presentation just makes this seem like fantasy. That this could never happen again. That there can never be anything truly compelling about evil men.The facts themselves are mostly right. They cut and paste a lot and give inaccurate interpretations of key events, but all the key events are here: the intense loyalty to Germanic roots, the service in the first world war, the failed beer hall putsch, the rise to the position of chancellor, the night of the long knives... It's an interesting story of backstabbings and coercion. And as far as that goes it's pretty compelling stuff. It could have been dramatized more, but it still works. While I might wish for a more Downfall-like approach which shows a chillingly human evil at the core this miniseries is certainly a more modest success.

Ankit M (ag) wrote: Beautiful film about a poor boy and his simple but strong desire to swim in a pool that's owned by a wealthier man. It perfectly highlights the ever-growing class divide in our society. It's nice to see filmmakers from outside of India telling rich and meaningful stories that most of the Indian directors don't even know or give a damn about.

Paul D (mx) wrote: Interesting, but might glamorize pimping just a bit too much. I feel this could have delved deeper into the business and really gone to some dark and fascinating places, but it stays pretty surface and mainly focuses on interviews instead of letting us watch them in work.

Lauren K (kr) wrote: Amazing film. It shows that science can lead to wondrous and destructive discoveries. The story behind the atom bomb is very interesting. How anyone could think that making the bomb was helpful blows my mind. I say everyone should watch this film. The leaders of this world should watch this movie.


Jason R (us) wrote: pretty good for a drive-in flick.

The Movie W (gb) wrote: The follow up to "The Vampire Lovers" is cheap and shoddy in comparison though still fun for fans of Hammer. Ingrid Pitt refused to return, rightly citing a poor script, so Yutte Stensgard steps in as Carmilla. Though she's very easy on the eye she just can't compete with Pitt's electric charisma. Jimmy Sangster, who wrote many great scripts for Hammer, directs this one in bland fashion. Ralph Bates is fun as a struggling poet who bluffs his way into a teaching job at an all girl boarding school. Respect.

Scott C (de) wrote: A perfect example that even great actors can make a bad movie!

Ryan C (mx) wrote: In their latest movie, the Coen Brothers write and direct an all-star cast who play some of the most outlandish characters. Osbourne Cox (John Malkovich) who is recently fired from the CIA decides he will write a memoir of his experience, much to the dissatisfaction of his wife (Tilda Swinton). Meanwhile at the gym, Chad (Brad Pitt) and Linda (Frances McDormand) find a CD that contains sensitive government material. However, instead of returning it to Cox who they think it belongs to, they decide to hold it ransom for a reward. Not only is Cox confused on how this could have happened, his wife is also having an affair with a man named Harry (George Clooney) who is additionally also sleeping with Linda. That leads Harry to connect the dots between the characters in this funny, dark comedy."Burn After Reading" contains many twists and it leaves the audience quite confused which is fitting because the characters are equally as confused. All the characters have their flaws which are all conveniently shown at once, but still remain endearing. Without the specific character aspects, there would have been hardly any depth to the plot and in turn wouldn't have made for much of an entertaining film. It's a noble attempt at a comedic film for the Coen brothers, but it's not their best by far. With a confusing plot line, it is best that you watch "Burn After Reading" more than once, for subsequent viewings might expose some of the story's deeper details.