Explorers: From the Titanic to the Moon

Explorers: From the Titanic to the Moon

From the explorers / filmmakers of Amazon Trek and Whales of Atlantis Join two men on their expeditions to new frontiers, from the Abyss to Outer Space... Explorers takes off from the compelling visions imagined by one of the worlds most widely read novelists, pioneer science-fiction writer Jules Verne, author of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and From the Earth to the Moon. Discover the unbelievable journeys of two legendary explorers: Buzz Aldrin, who, along with Neil Armstrong, became the first men to set foot on the Moon during the Apollo 11 Mission; and James Cameron, multiple Academy Award winning filmmaker, who since completing his epic movie Titanic, has undertaken the exploration of the oceans mysteries utilizing revolutionary submarines and 3D cameras of his own design. Jean-Jules Verne opens his great-grandfathers novels and sends us on our journey with two men who actualize the fantastic dreams of Jules Verne.

An adventure into the realities of the No Oxygen Zone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hillary P (au) wrote: TERRIBLE!!!! I'm not just gonna bash this film but here's for some unbiased, constructive criticism: 1. "In the now celebs" doesn't mean they can act. Furthermore having a BUNCH of them in one film is actually quite comedic because they all sucked ass. 2. FIRE the sound guy. He clearly left his headphones at home while filming. 3. Were these characters supposed to be true westerners? FAIL, try again. Goes back to the whack ass actors that probably didn't study a true western at all. I understand low budget, and I'm all for independents and black film makers....and this is not to say he won't make a great piece someday, but as a viewer I wasn't buying it. And all the movie did was piss me off, I never leave reviews but I hated it THAT bad.

Andrew S (de) wrote: Great black comedy that shows just how idiotic the ideology of suicide bombings are. It's funny, sometimes brutally funny.

Sean W (kr) wrote: good to see ekin back to doing good films

Brian S (kr) wrote: Wayne Douglas Barlowe is a freaking genius. Avatar fans (and James Cameron), you should humbly tip your hats to this man, because your precious Banshees and Leonopteryxes and Thanators wouldn't exist without his art direction. Nobody makes better aliens. Nobody. (But Nemo Ramjet comes pretty close.)Anyway, this is a sublime imagining of his surreal alien world. It's strange and beautiful.

Lee E (us) wrote: Cool little documentary. Short and to the point with a lively commentary. An nice record of an amazing feat.

Mariana A (it) wrote: Very good; very Israeli. I would only recommend it for those who don't need constant amounts of action in their films, though. Even then, you may want to have some basic knowledge of Hasidism or at least Middle Eastern culture. Pretty entertaining and funny throughout, and, oh, such a funny but sad conclusion! Those who haven't seen it will probably never guess it, either.

Cynthia S (jp) wrote: Simply stated, this was a wonderful discovery. The movie boasts a cast who played off of each other effortlessly, and believably. It was poignant, and timeless. I loved this movie,

mnda C (ca) wrote: hope its as good as the first

Matt G (nl) wrote: It?s always hard to review anthology films as a whole, so I won?t. Landis and Spielberg both failed to varying degrees, the former making a dumb and ham-fisted racism commentary, the latter embarrassing himself with a terribly saccharine ?magical black man? tale about old people becoming young again. Luckily, Dante and Miller pickup the slack and make the whole worth watching. Dante?s awesome story about a kid who can controls everything with his mind is weird and unsettling, with some nightmarishly surreal visuals. And Miller brings it closest to the original show, with a campy yet scary campfire-esque story about a monster destroying an airplane midflight.

Allison B (ag) wrote: Eh, I wasn't fond of this movie. I actually fell asleep in parts.. only because I found it borring.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: Sick people do not buy property A real estate agent has been assigned the daunting task of selling property on an isolated island. She regularly takes potential buyers on a boat tour of the island in hopes of making a sale. On her latest trip, she discovers that some nuclear sludge has infected the island causing the Ants to become enormous. The real estate agent will fight for survival on the deserted island. ?Most people are dishonest.? Bert I. Gordon, director of Burned at the Stake, The Big Bet, How to Succeed with Sex, Village of the Giants, The Spider, and the Magic Sword, delivers Empire of the Ants. The storyline for this picture is awful. The ants themselves were entertaining, in a comical sense, and the acting was mediocre. The cast contained two beauties, Joan Collins (Dynasty) and Pamela Susan Shoop, and a couple lesser known actors, Robert Lansing (The Equalizer) and John David Carson (Creature from Black Lake). ?Don?t tell me your problems, Harris, and I won?t tell you mine.? While this film was surprisingly entertaining and I couldn?t wait to see how it unfolded, I must say that as the film progressed, it became more and more frustrating. I could easily look past the campy special effects and appreciate the story and plot, but the end of the film transitioned from a giant monster movie to a muscle car/mind eraser picture. I?m not sure why the film went in that direction, but it transitioned the film from a must see to a ?might as well miss.? ?It causes an obligatory response. Did you hear that? Obligatory.? Grade: D+

Kristina G (jp) wrote: Love Anthony Quinn... and Marlon Brando was great too.

Bill R (nl) wrote: I remember watching this year's ago on a late night sci fi channel viewing (before syfy) and finding it entertaining. watching it today, still no change. the movie itself is a great concept and with a low budget, they do a superb job on creating what could be an endless puzzle. b movie all over it but still a wonderful watch.