Three friends, two young men and a young woman, are bored by the normal world of their parents and want to flee in order to start living somewhere else. Thus they make a pervert plan: rob ...

Three friends, two young men and a young woman, are bored by the normal world of their parents and want to flee in order to start living somewhere else. Thus they make a pervert plan: rob ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (mx) wrote: Beatty and Fishman botch their third act payoff, but The Big Ask remains a compellingly exploratory odyssey into desperate acts of communication, with a side of sexual awkwardness.

Tonya V (gb) wrote: Ah Meteors..running through the desert, more running through the desert, and probably more running in the desert.

Tristan N (es) wrote: Very exaggerated. Still kinda nice but.. nah.

steve f (mx) wrote: Great movie to see. Good acting and solid script. Great weekend movie

Tyler S (br) wrote: I found this movie a hell lot of fun. Take the iconic villians from the scary movies from the 80's and 90's, and have em face off. I found it to be a bloody good time, with a fun dose of gore. Forget the silly acting, that is not what we are here for. We are here to see who the hell is gonna win this damn good battle!

Zane C (br) wrote: I like jason lee, i thought it was funny and clever. Just predictable and had a bad ending. I still enjoyed it alot.

Darius S (es) wrote: It's okay just not as good as the first one

Tim M (gb) wrote: A witty, funny, satisfying homage for Star Trek fans everywhere. It doesn't mock the audience, but instead embraces them into a journey that is true to the core who would be watching and accessible to viewers who have never seen a minute of any sci-fi program. The cast amps this up, but the real treat was the costumes and the make-up.

Benjamin S (fr) wrote: Bizarre film in Latin. Very homo-erotic, but the pace of the film is dire even at 85 minutes! The story is incomprehensible, but for some reason the film is breathtaking to watch.

Pavandeep S (ru) wrote: Schlock this is, but it was schlock as it is. This film is there for you to see and have fun and observe and take pleasure. Few people will like this, it is not satisfying to most, but enjoyable for me, yes. It hits right to the point and even if it does look like it was made in 2 days or maybe 3, it was some good 2 or 3 days. I would like to see the longer version as show on IMDB. The one I saw was only and hour and seven minutes tops.

Oliver K (ru) wrote: The greatest heist film. Definitely not for everyone, but I adored every moment.

Phil H (de) wrote: Yep we got another crappy poster contender right here, oh boy this a bad one. Its totally misleading, shows things you never actually see and it makes no real sense. Are we watching a movie about a flying witch of some kind? From the future or perhaps? Is this a children's movie? The title is also way more exciting than the actual film itself, a common issue.Now I'm gonna be straight up with everyone here, it took me some time before I really knew what the feck was going on here. Honesty, I was lost and bored amidst quite a bit of slow paced dialog and...errr...more slow paced dialog in various locations. OK...I actually had to go back and rewatch half of the movie to get the gist of it, yes it was that dull and uninteresting.Nuclear physicist Prof. Howard Erling (Frederic Downs) and his assistant Victor (John Stratton) manage to construct a machine that can break the time barrier. The machine looks like a steel tub with a port hole window. Now if you thought the duo might start jumping through time you'd be sorely mistaken, alas! No in fact they manage to receive a small object from the future. Obvious questions such as who sent the object and why don't come into this, just go with the flow here. Said object turns out to be highly radioactive too which causes more intrigue, but still no real action on their part. Anyway after a whole load of character driven bollocks that literally goes nowhere, we eventually find out that the professor has been trading objects with persons unknown in the future.Eventually it also turns out that Victor has been secretly conducting experiments himself, on a higher power level, which has resulted in mutated creatures appearing in the tub. One such recent experiment has resulted in a human-like creature coming through also, of course that creature is now on the loose. This creature turns out to be a woman from the year 5200 (ta-da! and yes that is correct, not the year 5000 after all), but not just any woman, she is a mutant. Yes it turns out that the future of mankind is doomed to a nuclear holocaust filled with mutants that seemingly still have pretty good technology. Her mission is to bring Victor back to the future so he can help them...somehow. Will she succeed or will she...umm...not? Tension!Right so as I've already mentioned, the main crux of this story focuses on this time machine thingy which transport objects. This is the what you assume will be the fun macguffin which will transport our hapless duo through time. But you know now it doesn't, in fact it does very little for the entire movie. The problem with this movie is nothing really happens for the whole damn run time, until right at the end. But even then what we get is pitiful even for 1958. Heck we don't even see any future Earth, not even a matte painting or model or anything, you might as well be watching a cheap stage play. The idea is fine, nothing original mind you but fine, but they just don't explore it. I understand there were probably many obvious limitations but if you can't do your movie justice then don't do it.There is so much padding in this movie its painful, painful pointless padding that goes nowhere and is draaab! The plot takes forever to get going and its all exposition dialog. Scene after scene of the professor and Victor working, discussing things, then working some more. Eventually an archaeologist is brought in to verify the items of the future. To make things more exciting there's a completely needless car chase sequence for this character intro. This guy seems to start falling for the professors daughter (of course) who is actually the fiancee of Victor. This naturally causes a typical 1950's love triangle type scenario that doesn't actually go anywhere, but instead leads to us finding out about Victor's skulduggery with the secret experiments. Victor is also upset because he thinks the archaeologist will discredit their hard work so...cue the obligatory fight sequence. Oh and there's also some voyeurism by the local handyman too because why not?The mutated woman of the future is bitterly disappointing. A simple bit of tacky putty makeup and false teeth, and a very bizarre catsuit of some kind covered in sparkles (mirrors?). This character literally looks like something that jigged to the boogie on [i]Soul Train[/i]. Although, strangely enough at first the character is actually quite eerie and intimidating. The first time she is shown we only see her arm reaching from within the time machine, at least I assume that was her. Then when she actually comes through to the present, we get quite a scary fast moving silhouette dashing towards the camera accompanied by a terrifying scream. Twas pretty spooky truth be told. Not entirely sure if this woman had some kind of super powers or not but she seemed pretty strong, nifty face cloning/removal technology too. Actually that one idea and scene was quite impressive considering, definitely ahead of its time there and I would imagine very scary for a 1950's audience. Although it has to be said, this mutated female of the future also has a damn good glittery nail polish hypnotising technique, don't leave home without your nails all done up.Amazingly there isn't much stock footage in this movie, yes there is a bit at the beginning (can't escape it fully) along with some narration, but its generally stock free. Apart from everything I've mentioned there isn't really a lot to discuss, the movie is on the whole pretty bad. The movie title is wrong apparently, the plot is boring and just never gets going, there are no real special effects bar one tiny optical effect, and its features yet another apocalyptic future with mutants scenario. I was desperate for someone to go through the time machine and into the future, desperate! But alas!

Bill B (au) wrote: Set in a college this time around, the Marx Bros cause havoc as the Thanksgiving day football game approaches.Highlights include the divine Thelma Todd, who provides a romantic lead for all of the Marxes at one time or another during the film.Well worth a look.

Jules H (ca) wrote: Visually charming and thematically interesting, but narratively and spiritually moribund, Mars Needs Moms has plenty of eye candy, but it might be too depressing and emotionally shocking for it's younger audience.

Tom H (gb) wrote: this movie is just plain and simply awesome!

Melanie W (it) wrote: Great fun for young movie goers with a love of cats!!!