Exterminators of the Year 3000

Exterminators of the Year 3000

It's the year 3000 and a nuclear war has turned the earth into a desert wasteland. A group of survivors living in a cave run out of water and desperately need to locate a new supply. The last guy they sent out to find water never returned, and now his 10 year old son Timmy wants to join the next search team. They think they know where there's an untapped well of water, but to get there they have to travel through dangerous terrain controlled by a savage gang of motorcyclists under the bloodthirsty reign of 'Crazy Bull'. On their mission, Timmy and his team run into a lonesome stranger named Alien (Robert Iannucci) who may be able to help them against the marauding motorcyclists. Can the struggling survivors looking for water in this barren world defeat Crazy Bull and his exterminating minions? Hang on tight - the battle has just begun!

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Exterminators of the Year 3000 torrent reviews

Andrew S (de) wrote: retarded but good slasher movie nonsense!

Claire M (ca) wrote: Loved it as a kid :) I was a huge jonas brothers fan so this movie was a favorite for awhile

Ashley L (kr) wrote: I think this deserves higher reviews. Overall, I liked it!

Jeremy O (ca) wrote: This movie was a overall good movie. The movie is more a psychological movie than a horror movie from my view point. John Cusack is a good actor. I was a little disapointed because Samuel L. Jackson only had short role in the movie.

John D (ca) wrote: Spoiler filled reviewBank Robbers come in many different shapes and sizes. Attitudes, Personalities and even Seann William Scott styles. Keep this in mind. The beginning scene had me into this movie from the get go. I mean, anyone that flips off a wild-eyed lion to his face has the respect of me to give them my attention for at least 30 minutes.This movie is what would happen to Ferris Bueller if he had gone down the wrong path and became a bank Robber. There are any similarities between the two movies. Obviously Ben (Seann William Scott) would be playing Ferris. The man with all the answers. Constantly talking to the audience in a fashion that made me want to smack the remote out of his hand and yell out ??Stop pausing the movie! And stop talking??!!??. Playing the part of Cameron is no other than the lousy sidekick Ricky (Timm Sharp). Loser-ville is where he resides but in great fashion comes through one time in an awesome speech that reveals a ??Title Drop!?? Who was Ferris??s arch nemesis? Principal Rooney. Played by the part by Gregory (Lou Diamond Phillips). Always into Ben??s business and never trusting what he is saying. Yeah, it??s a stretch but hey I??m trying to make a connection here! Wait, go back to Gregory. Oh, Lou Diamond Phillips why did you agree to this part? I thought he looked ridiculous and I never bought the fact he was a bad guy. Was he supposed to be asian? It just came off crummy. I think it was the white wig of intimidation.With any bank robber movie you gotta have good crew. Kinda like The Movie Crew ? but with less drugs, Epilepsy, and Asian-ness. The introduction to these characters drove me crazy. Again with the Remote Ben! Give it! I thought they all fit together pretty chaotically well. I was trying to figure out what the nerdy Jeffrey (Patrick Breen) had to bring to the table and I was right? Not much. I swear this guy could play the part of the Taxi-Robot from the original Total Recall movie. ??Next Stop, Straight to DVD!??. Jake reminded of someone who would show up In a Kevin Smith movie. I don??t know if it was the acting or the weed but that was my impression. Betty was a Margaret Cho character that didn??t have the ??funny?? of you guessed it, Margaret Cho. Put them together with a dash of Chinese Delivery Guy and you got a pretty decent group. Even though real life would have eaten their lunch, we??re talking movies here.Most of everything I took with a grain of salt. Everything except for 2 FBI agents taking down 2 crime gangs that were having a stand down. It just didn??t seem believable. Maybe because the old ??Kids In The Hall?? star Dave Foley was acting like an FBI agent? Or maybe it was just me. I didn??t buy it.The movie ends with a style that heavily reminded me of ??Risky Business?? for some reason. I think it was the whole Narration over the stylized music and the relieving feeling of ??everything??s gonna be all right??. But mostly it had to be the music. Speaking of the soundtrack? I??m not a fan of club music but in this movie the music played a part in the storyline making the music play an important role.When the movie is finished it all comes down to whether I liked it or not. There wasn??t anything special about this movie. I never laughed out loud but I did chuckle to myself a couple of times. There were some funny moments but they were subtle and I really don??t know if it was on purpose. It had Nothing great, and nothing horrible. Although It had an ending I??m fine with, I couldn??t help but feel that it was thrown together or rushed to a finish. It wouldn??t be a bad thing to watch this if it was given to you? or watched it streaming on Netflix like I did.Comic Book Movie Bonus: Patrick Breen: Men In Black. Not much of a bonus but hey you get what you get!Nudity Bonus: Natassia Malthe - Stacie (17:00)(A)

Jonny P (us) wrote: "Johnny English" (essentially "Mr. Bean Becomes a Secret Agent") is everything that you would expect from a Rowan Atkinson spy film. When a bomb blows up all of England's competent MI7 agents, the only agent left alive is Johnny English. Few things go right during his missions throughout the film and when they do, it is usually by accident. Even though Atkinson is best known for his classic Mr. Bean character, I think that his physical comedy is even funnier when paired with his dry delivery of dialogue. Plus, there are several moments when you can't help but picture Zazu from "The Lion King" delivering the lines! From his fight with an imaginary assailant to his slurred dialogue after accidentally drugging himself , Atkinson's comedic genius breathes life into this otherwise run of the mill spy parody. One of the most unexpected pieces of this puzzle is that Natalie Imbruglia is a surprisingly good actress. I assumed that her fame began and ended with her one-hit wonder song "Torn" but after seeing her act, I would love to see her in more films. I also have to throw John Malkovich's name out there because he always makes a great villain! I appreciated the use of Handel's "Zadok the Priest" to give the coronation scene a sense of authenticity and Robbie Williams' song "A Man for All Seasons" left me in a great mood during the ending credits. The critics may not have liked "Johnny English" but this goofball spy parody is an enjoyable break from dramatic movies that take themselves too seriously.

Helen M (nl) wrote: MY ALL TIME FAVORITE

Rob C (it) wrote: Most definitely one of my guiltier pleasures this movie...

Jamie C (br) wrote: For a film to have so many big stars this should of been better even though the plot didn't really make sense just a bunch of short stories all connected to a self help book it's easy to see why it went straight to dvd and holds a 4% rating on here, The ending was forced in and had no real connection to the film and was just boring.

Andrey B (us) wrote: I find it quite boring or maybe because it's quite outdated.

Gabriel C (kr) wrote: Though uneven at times, VHS is unique and innovative both in filmmaking and genuinely scaring the audience.