The owner of a factory that produces flavor extracts, Joel Reynold seems to have it all, but really doesn't. What's missing is sexual attention from his wife, Suzie. Joel hatches a convoluted plan to get Suzie to cheat on him, thereby clearing the way for Joel to have an affair with Cindy, an employee. But what Joel doesn't know is that Cindy is a sociopathic con artist, and a freak workplace accident clears the way for her to ruin Joel forever.

Joel, the owner of an extract plant, tries to contend with myriad personal and professional problems, such as his potentially unfaithful wife and employees who want to take advantage of him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Extract torrent reviews

Ashleigh F (fr) wrote: 4 stars for the great kill scenes, excellent effects and gore but unfortunately 0 stars for the film itself!

Ellen T (it) wrote: Wow....what a surprise! A porno horror film crosses over! I loved it. It should become a cult film. I can't even give away the story. It would spoil the experience of watching this hysterical movie. Does anyone know about this gem? This is true cult to the max.

Paul C (mx) wrote: What the hell is this crap?

Dustin W (au) wrote: A very interesting movie that people from both sides of the political spectrum should see.

Anna R (au) wrote: Yksi thti loistavasta nyttelijntyst, toinen nokkelasta sanailusta.

TheMumblelover (mx) wrote: It starts of okay but quickly becomes a parody of itself. This film is like the beginning of the end of his good movies, its like the half way point a nod to his previous films of action to the way he will be going, boring, silly and forgettable.

Jon F (au) wrote: i remember seeing this in theatres as a kid and thinking it was bad ass now at my current age its just more like ass (just kidding). this one still holds up as one in the small handful of films which i have dubbed my favorite horror films of all time

Jake R (gb) wrote: ...no werewolves ...no werewolves... ... ... LOADS OF WEREWOLVES. The End. Enjoyably awful. Troll 2 bad.

teri h (jp) wrote: :fresh: What a pity that Hollywood has no interest in making films as beautiful as the movie HERO.Great masterpieces must obviously be imported to The Land of Plastic Rules ..... come on citizens of the USA !!! please stop settling for smut for then we will get what we deserve~

David C (es) wrote: El primer drama escrito y dirigido por Chaplin! I Like! :D

re m (fr) wrote: The most truly Lovecraftian of all films.

Luke C (mx) wrote: STOP Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer