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Clarissa J (br) wrote: A moving film, Martin Papazian does a great job bringing awareness to the many challenges that affect war veterans. Struggling to find peace of mind after war, Papazian's character embarks on a journey of destruction, forgiveness, and finally, hope. A must see.

LAUREN M (us) wrote: Straight off the bat the camera work is shaky to the point of breaking the illusion. Not in an artful way, but in a clumsy film student style that is distracting.The horror aspect of the plot is immediately obvious, and the acting seems poor and tired. Not really worth your time.

Jordon J (ag) wrote: I thought it was a decent film its nothing spectacular but it kept my interest and i thought Val Kilmer was terrific so slight recommendation.

Samantha S (jp) wrote: Overpowering. Taps into the sense of loss and isolation in the global society. Deserves a re-watch.

Alex W (br) wrote: There is a good amount of British gangster movies out there but this one is unlike any of them. If you are expecting a guy richie or scorsese style its nothing like either of those. Its also worth mentioning that it take the classic american trope "he retired but he was brought back for one last job" and flips it on its head. This simple and origional story rest intirely on Ben Kingsley's shoulders and he will blow you away as one of the most memorable intimidating bad asses in the history of film. Without spoiling anything there is so much originality and cleverness to the script on top of perfect casting and performances this is a must see film.

Paul W (fr) wrote: Excellent musical version of the Pinocchio story starring Drew Carey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. This telling also puts a unique spin on the story, it tells it from the standpoint of Pinocchio's maker Geppetto and his desire to leave a legacy for himself. Carey actually has a pretty good voice. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is also wonderful as the Blue Ferry. Brent Spiner does an amazing job as an evil carnival man and Usher Raymond's voice lends itself very well to an ambassador of fun on Pleasure Island.

Heathur (au) wrote: My absolute favorite movie of all time. I don't think 'Dave H' could have put it any better. A must see.

WALKING DEAD F (br) wrote: I luv this movie it is awesome

R G (ag) wrote: Best BMX bike movie in the history of mankind. Cru Jones is my hero. ...and the bike dancing...Amazing."What I wouldn't give to go ass-sliding with you right now."

Kristian G (jp) wrote: Enjoyable for what it is. Unfortunately I never got to see this Ewok movie until later in life, so it doesn't hold the same nostalgia for me as Caravan of Courage.