Eye of the Beast

Eye of the Beast

A young scientist arrives to a small fishing town to fight against the creature living under the water.

A young scientist arrives to a small fishing town to fight against the creature living under the water. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eye of the Beast torrent reviews

Geoff J (es) wrote: Atmospheric Indie horror, filled with tension rather than bloodshed.

Miranda D (us) wrote: Liked it, good storyline but I didn't like the ending. It was too abrupt for my taste

Shaun q (nl) wrote: Looks like it's really good.

Stacy L (de) wrote: Wow this movie as to many plot holes bad acting bad casting bad everything don't even waste your time on this piece of dog shit

Steve Stephan Daniel H (it) wrote: This is a Christian movie I really wanna see!

Douglas D (br) wrote: Snappy dialogue, good acting, overall fascinating and entertaining. I would have liked to have seen the Roger character more likable, which could have been done with some slight modifications. Then again, the "Roger" characters I know in real life usually can't help but go over the top, so in that respect it's realistic I suppose.

Melissa M (es) wrote: Why aren't there more French musical films? This is great! I love that it mixes black comedy with more sombre moments. The actresses all play their roles very well. Definitely one of the best things to come out of French cinema.

Orlando D (au) wrote: Director Alan Rudolph(Afterglow) directs this moody thriller that benefits from wonderful performances from Demi Moore, Glenne Headley, Harvey Keitel and Bruce Willis playing against type. Here, Headley is married to the drug addled, wife abusing Willis. Headley and longtime best friend Moore must do away with Willis' body once after an altercation in an amusement park results in his murder and this test the relationship of these two lifelong best friends. Director Rudolph keeps this flawed story going, it's the performances that drive the film, Headley steals the film. And those who question Moore's acting, watch her in this film. Overall, it's one of those many forgotten 90's films which I tell many to watch and they have never heard of.

Wut S (jp) wrote: A documentary of 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, financed by the International Olympic Committee. Silmutaneous shots from different angles and heights of the massive stadium show that several cameras were rolling at once. To be able to capture a one-time only event with this magnitude is a great accomplishment. While the representation is formal (though understandably), the vast range of ceremonies, sports and spirits recorded were nothing but impressive.

Miguel A (au) wrote: Western meio-esquecido consegue sempre encontrar as melhores solues para sustentar um confronto entre sexos e geraes. Tem tudo no stio e um showdown que merece por si s meia-estrelinha. tamb (C)m um festival de citaes absolutamente memorveis, das quais destaco "If you stop telling people lies about me, I(TM)ll stop telling them the truth about you? e "You're in love with hate".

John C (au) wrote: Wonderfully low-key character piece by Huston, with terrific performances by Keach, Bridges, and particularly Tyrrell.

Eric H (jp) wrote: The movie is special .I think Julianne Moore gives a truly great performance possibly one of the best of her career. The dialog was great and very life like. The movie has some great cinematography especially in the later half of the film. The movie is way ahead of its' time. It definitely corresponds to the millennium than to Generation X when it was made. The movie will give you a whole new view on things you have never stopped to ponder.

Marischa B (mx) wrote: Another disaster comedy..Vampires...Zombies..it needs to stop now seriously...every time I see a vampire comedy or another zombie movie..I wished those people could catch a wake up call...its not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This film suck!!!!! everything about this is totally suckish..waste of time.STAY AWAY!!!! Overall-F (very bad)

Erik J (mx) wrote: While the events become increasingly unlikely the film never loses its momentum or its levity.