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Jody S (ru) wrote: Couldn't keep interest and fell asleep

Xavier C (nl) wrote: The short runtime surprised me; I ultimately feel like the movie could have benefited from being longer but it does a great job with the time it has. The biggest effect that the length of the film has is how quick it makes everything seem to move. It does movie quickly regardless, with time jumps of days at a time happening every few minutes or so. Constantly showing the date on which a scene plays out emphasizes the time frame, with this being the first year of Bruce's tenure as Batman, so I'm glad it was there. Some time jumps just seem unnecessary though. Maybe the short length should be viewed as an accomplishment because so much quality content is fit into so little time. One major factor of this is how much exposition is dealt out through inner monologues. It felt stylistic and was handled properly, so it didn't seem lazy or uninteresting, which I can definitively call an accomplishment. These monologues helped transition events quickly and efficiently so the audience would only see the best parts of the story. No plot element felt underdeveloped or rushed. The plot just seemed to have so much more potential. The only point where I could think to add onto is the ending, which comes a little too abruptly and didn't satisfy what I wanted to see between Gordon and Bruce.Gordon as the primary antagonist was a good choice; he has a great character arc, a terrific performance from Bryan Cranston, and he gives an angle of how people perceive Batman that isn't explored nearly enough. Bruce was an excellent character as well. He was far more vulnerable than I've ever seen him, due to his inexperience and how fresh the loss of his parents is. It's very compelling and more interesting than seeing him be the invincible badass he usually is, though he's still pretty badass in this. The relationship between Bruce and Gordon was great, which is why I wanted to see more. Some direct collaboration between the two would have been a nice payoff to their character arcs. The fact that my main critique is that there wasn't enough of this great movie says it all. It's an exceptional addition to the DC film universe.

Patrick H (ag) wrote: please let us see it

August C (it) wrote: Awful and cheap. incomprehensible plot and dialogue so bad its funny. Uwe Boll continues his awful legacy as the king of crappy movies.

Private U (nl) wrote: Une complainte radicale et decalee, qui au pretexte de son humour noir est probablement le seul film a decrire notre epoque vraiment. Tuez du patron.

Cathy C (us) wrote: This must have been the only international movie I seen so far. Coming from France,this touching film had great animation,characters,and songs. That monster could sing a big gig.

Byron B (mx) wrote: yippy kiya mother f***er

Nick H (de) wrote: Maybe the only Hellraiser sequels that I would actually watch again.

Trotsky Q (it) wrote: Great movie to watch at a time when the political arena is such a mess

Ryan C (gb) wrote: The third Walt Disney Pictures animated feature film, "Fantasia" is a groundbreaking experimental project from Walt Disney that showcases classical music and imaginative animation. Taking short Walt Disney Studio animation shorts and pairing them to compressed classical music pieces performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra was an extremely ambitious undertaking in 1940. The animation is extremely impressive for its time as it features Disney's signature character Mickey Mouse in 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' segment as well as using pioneering sound reproduction system that made "Fantasia" the first commercial film to use stereophonic sound. This was Walt Disney's masterpiece that uses music to express imagination and feelings together with animation.

JohnnyLee T (ca) wrote: Stands or falls by Welles' performance. It stands. Perfect casting all round.

Tabatha T (au) wrote: Not as good as the orignal but still pretty good. I like Dancing movies.

Sira S (ru) wrote: A wonderful tale of loyalty, love, friendship, kindness, life, death and destiny.

Kari K (nl) wrote: A classick video nasty from sleezoid b-movie factory Troma which has as much twisted humor as it does shockingly brutal violence.