Eyes on the Skies

Eyes on the Skies

This movie explores the saga of the telescope over 400 years - the historical development, the scientific importance, the technological breakthroughs, and also the people behind this ground-breaking invention, their triumphs and failures.

The invention of the telescope has been by far the most revolutionary development in the history of astronomy. For thousands of years, astronomers had to rely on their eyes in unraveling ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Eyes on the Skies torrent reviews

shai l (br) wrote: I am Nick Cheung-biased. So...

Matthew S (us) wrote: Sick, twisted and wrong -- I just love this silly movie. For those of us who loved those early Cheech & Chong movies when we were kids sneaking into the movie cinema --- it appears to be made for us.

Lewis C (br) wrote: A fairly crappy adaptation of a fairly crappy musical. Not much to see here.

Justin O (gb) wrote: This movie isnt' entertaining, let alone funny.

Gregg D (ca) wrote: A good solid Mystery, especially to see late at night. Saw on Mystery Encore 1/10/12.

Chris H (es) wrote: Awesome. Much better than you'd suspect. I've always liked Morton in Eureka and it's good to see that he has a role amidst the SF pantheon, from early on in his career. He does a great job here and is really likable as this mute alien. This is much better than Carpenter's 'Starman' (also made in the 80s), and also miles better than 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' (70s). It's shot very well, the pacing is great, the story very good - it has moments of great comedy, moments of cool action and loads of sincere heart to it. It's also rife with comments on race, class division, immigration issues (the whole thing could easily been seen as an immigration allegory - with white men hunting down a black guy who, according to them, isn't supposed to be in our country), etc. I love that John Sayles himself and David Strathairn play the two bounty hunter aliens. They're both weirdly tall and lanky - suiting the roles - and both did great jobs; their characters are brilliant. I loved having Minkowski from LOST too, and that little card trick that he does. A very successful b-movie that's smarter than the title would have you believe. Everything about it screams class, even though it's just a b-flick. One I think I'll fall more and more in love with with successive watches. I'm going to watch through Sayles' catalogue, but I reckon this will remain my favourite of his.

Shane D (ru) wrote: 30 years later, this looks and feels more like an episode of the Love Boat gone wrong than a big action block buster. Its actually a little bit better than the 2nd sequel in this popular 70s franchise and its always good seeing the great casts (albeit mostly in their declining years) that feature throughout the four films. The premise is wonderfully ridiculous, but actually works pretty well and is a welcome departure to the mid-air mishaps of its predecessors. I actually enjoyed Lemmon in action-man? mode. This is the kind of thing that is perfect for the insomniac and for the type of person who has no interest in being choosy about which films they watch.

Siobhan G (fr) wrote: While this had some amusing moments, the fact that the lead character had very stalker-like ways in regards to the object of his affection lessened the enjoyment of the movie.