Faa sai jai cheun baan

Faa sai jai cheun baan

Four friends accidentally join the Communist Party of Thailand while on a vacation in 1976.

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John B (nl) wrote: OK movie overall with a few laughs and gun fights

Connor C (gb) wrote: My Week with Marilyn captures the aesthetic feel of the 1950s, coupling with a marvelous performance by Michelle Williams, giving voice to the damaged icon of Marilyn Monroe. Williams is convincing when acting out Monroe's signature moves and playful mannerisms, while also brilliantly and subtly showing the dark side of her character hidden behind a thin, fragile veil.

Matt M (de) wrote: Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, The Edge of U2 and Jack White of the White Stripes get together to talk about their passion for the one instrument; the electric guitar. Expectedly, the film is much less an abstract documentary about the instrument and the cult passion that surrounds it and more a biographical work on the three guitarist; it is the presence of the three and their enormour influential talent that makes this film a real treat, particularly in the final musical sequence.

Steven C (ca) wrote: I like it. why is it so underrated? Just like water world.

John T (jp) wrote: So this was pretty stupid, but I liked it. It's like a kid's version of Butterfly Effect. Kids are able to go back in time on a day to day basis and change things. So you ask out a girl and she doesn't accept, rewind and try again. It's cheesy but enjoyable.

Jayakrishnan R (it) wrote: 55%Saw this on 20/12/14Stargate is at times extensively silly due to it's large loop holes and clumsy plotting. It's science is almost vaguely narrow, but however, large set designs and special effects save this film from being utterly bad. It's watchable and worth a one time watch. Clearly this work of fiction is not one amongst the top notch films of Roland Emmerich. Among the actors, James Spader and Viveca Lindfors stands out with their performances while Kurt Russel maintains a stale face for most of the time.

Aj V (es) wrote: This is a good showbiz movie, and it's about kids, so it's a great family film.

Arvinder K (nl) wrote: A must watch, haha!!!

Eric O (jp) wrote: so cheesey and...80s-y. oh, and the doogie howser music...you poor, poor late-80s & early-90s

TheScarlatescu R (de) wrote: pretty ok for a boring afternoon

Matthew S (es) wrote: Steve Buscemi's performance is unforgettable. The rest of the acting does not always feel as real as needed, but this is a major step forward for independent Queer Film and offers a great deal of insight into the era in which it was made.

Elliott F (ca) wrote: Startling similarities between the role of Julie Marsden and Scarlett O'Hara aside, William Wyler's Jezebel is a nice little gem of a movie. It hasn't aged well, regarding some racial things (yes, black people that were generally in subservient positions, but the film has moments that sort of push historical accuracy, but that's irrelevant), but it does contain several excellent performances. Bette Davis won her second Oscar playing Julie, a spoiled Southern belle (sound familiar?) who falls in love with a well-respected gentleman (Henry Fonda) who goes away to New York on a business trip and comes back married. Julie's Aunt Belle (Fay Bainter, who also won an Oscar, as 1938's Best Supporting Actress) offers to house his new wife while he goes to do business-related things right as a fever of epidemic proportions breaks out in New Orleans. Davis gives one of the best performances of her career, subtle, layered, and even a little pathetic; Bainter's Oscar-winning role is terrific as well, and Fonda, George Brent, Margaret Lindsay, and Donald Crisp all also turn in great work. It's a melodrama, yes, and those can be somewhat unbearable, but in the hands of the ever-reliable Bette Davis and William Wyler, Jezebel works wonderfully.