Vijay and Chandni are in love. Her father does not approve.

On a scenic location in India, Vijay meets with beautiful Chandni and both fall in love with each other. They return home, Hoping to marry each other soon by introducing themselves to their... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (mx) wrote: The things that pass for character studies these days. I don't really get what they were going for with the title, some sort of hipster irony because the movie is devoid of any laughs whatsoever, or just going for a cute straightforward thing because they actually thought it was funny, but either way the movie is not good. Sometimes when I watch a movie I find myself thinking, "did they actually have a complete screenplay when they went into production? Was this an idea ANY of them were actually passionate about, or were they just anxious to make a movie and jumped on the first idea they had?" This was one of those times.

sari p (es) wrote: I can't believe i haven't write a review about this movie, i've watched it a long time ago. Well, i bought the dvd cause i'm curious and plus i love the guy, Lee Pace, he has a beautiful face, just like Matt Bomer..hehe Eniweii, Miss Pettigrew is a fun film, i always like the setting of America in 1920's and 30's, the entertainment, the clothes and the way they talk, it's very amusing.

Corey B (fr) wrote: Seems like most people want to trash this film, despite it being more of a sad tale that just seems to sink further and further down as the main character's depression, I feel like this tale meant well I mean Mario Bello just lets it all out for this film. Even the people who hate this film can't deny Maria's good performance in this. However within the first 30 minutes you know that this train is gonna end up crashing and there will be no survivors and that is not why people go to see a film, while their shouldn't always be a light at the end of the tower but if the train is going to crash there should be a reason. Within the first 30 minutes I think the audience learns the lessons and spends the rest of the movie seeing the consequences.

Lori W (au) wrote: Eerie...Kinda creeped me out..

Raju M (nl) wrote: Best bollywood film ever

Ryan K (es) wrote: I saw this with a group of friends, it was fun and had memorable lines but it was still kind of dumb. But I don't care.

Nick F (fr) wrote: This is a fun movie. I showed it to my 13 year old and he loved it. It's got good actors and is just a lot of fun. It's something different, that's for sure.

Kenneth B (de) wrote: Part 4 is a direct continuation of Elm Street 3 with Kristen, Kinkaid and Joey who survived the previous film providing the link. This isn't quite as seamless as it could have been though as it seems Patricia Arquette had become too much of a big a deal to reprise her role so she was replaced by Tuesday Knight. Not that this has a huge impact on this film as a whole.The main theme of Part 4 then is one which was established in the previous instalment, which is Kristen's ability to draw people into her dreams. **SPOILER ALERT** Thus we have the device which prolongs Freddy's existence because once Kinkaid and Joey are dispatched Kristen is next and uses her power to draw our new heroine, Alice, into her dream and somehow passes this ability to Alice before she, Kristen, is killed. Kristen being the last of the Elm Street children.So we have a theme not to dissimilar to Part 2 when Freddy wanted Jesse to kill for him. In Part 4 Freddy is reliant on Alice to bring people into the dreams for him. Despite the fact that all the Elm Street kids are dead it seems as though Mr Krueger isn't done yet. So really this sits somewhere between 2 and 3 in terms of theme and content.It is by now that Freddy has really begun the descent into self-parody. Wes Craven surely would never have placed his boogeyman on a sunny beach wearing sunglasses! There is, it has to be said, a decent balance between the humour and the horror though and there is a solid laugh with the 'Well it aint Dr Seuss' quip.The settings are still spooky and that tricycle is still eerie. NOES 4 is also quite restrained in terms of gore, it was only certified 15 in the UK It was only really the 'bug' death scene which was particularly graphic and that was in a rubbery prosthetic kind of way. NOES 4 isn't too much more than horror by numbers and it isn't scary, but it is still more imaginative than your average slasher sequel.

Bryan G (fr) wrote: Charles Band has been in the movie business for a pretty long time now. He has been behind some of my favorite films of all time, as well as some of my most hated. The Day Time Ended, directed by John 'Bud' Cardos, is one of Band's earlier projects and it is plagued with the same problems that bring down most of his lesser films. Sure, the film has an interesting premise and has a creative use for time travel, but none of this goes to good use and the film feels like it has no clear direction of where it is going. The movie centers around a small family who lives in the desert in a home whose exterior reminded me of uncle Owen and aunt Beru's home in A New Hope. Settling in their home isn't going to be easy, because a bunch of aliens land nearby, and a time warp is created and the home this family lives in is subjected to attacks from various creatures from different time periods. Or, to the best of my ability I think that is what is going on in this film. The Day Time Ended is an extremely confusing film to sit through. Most of the movie I spent saying "What the hell is going on?" I had hopes that by the end of the film, an explanation would arise that would make sense of all of the nonsense this film seemed to be delivering, but that wasn't the case. The Day Time Ended seemed determined to throw in as many crazy situations as it could that this family would have to face, but it never felt the need to give any merit or purpose to any of it. There is a miniature space craft that terrorizes the family throughout the film, and it has gone on to become a sort of cult icon of bad cinema. I think it has been dubbed the "Vacuum Cleaner of Doom" by people, and that title is very fitting since this thing looks like it would be more interested in sucking up dirt, rather than shooting lasers at people. Also, I find it amazing that these aliens, and their mini space craft, have mastered interstellar travel but lack the ability to shoot through cheap wooden doors. I guess these aliens must have come from the same universe as the aliens in Signs. The movie features stop motion animation, and me being such a huge fan of this special effects technique I liked its appearance in the film. The creatures were poorly designed though, especially the one that looked like a giant hippo that was walking upright. And the film never puts these creatures in a situation that really worked, or was exciting to watch. Still, the animation was decent and I enjoyed them in the film. I had to watch the ending to The Day Time Ended twice, just to make sure that it wasn't really an ending at all. I don't like this film, but I can say that it is worth the curious watch simply because of how bad this film is. Along with Laserblast, also an early Charles Band project, The Day Time Ended is one of the best times you could have with a terrible film.

Brad W (nl) wrote: Before detente there was Bronson. Well, it's an effective thriller, but with Bronson attached you expect a little more action. Donald Pleasence is right in his realm of creep-master general here.

Jesse F (ca) wrote: the only complaint i have is that you never see a full-frontal of the snowbeast. it's either a paw or his face.

Paul D (es) wrote: A good cast in a Hammeresque style gothic horror. It's creepy enough but lacks a satisfying ending.

Walter M (jp) wrote: "Man Is Not a Bird" is set in a mining town in Yugoslavia, where apparently the temporary populace has been hypnotized into moving to by the Party. As a result of so many unattached men and so much alcohol, sexual violence is rampant, starting with a stabbing incident where a woman was singing.(To be perfectly honest, I do not think it was her singing the men were getting hot and bothered about.) Barbul(Stole Arandjelovic) not only has a mistress but gives her his wife's(Eva Ras) dresses which she is, of course, apoplectic about. He works at a smiting plant where Jan(Janez Vrhovec) is installing turbines and has rented a room from Rajka(Milena Dravic). Everything you need to know about or could possibly want to know about the film "Man Is Not a Bird" is in its title. Or look at it this way, man is not a migratory creature by nature. However, some people prefer a vagabond lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with this. The problem comes as it does in modern day China, as shown in the documentary "The Last Train Home," where the migrating workforce has led to the disintegration of families throughout the country.

Ellie B (de) wrote: This is a good and sad movie. It's a sad movie because of how the affair affects everyone.

Michael P (au) wrote: Well. I figured this would be complete horse sh!t, but there were some good laughs here and there.

Well A (gb) wrote: O elenco estelar e o competente diretor Seth Gordon esto visivelmente comprometidos em fazer o filme decolar (e ele at fez uma tima bilheteria, dando origem a uma sequncia), mas apesar da tima premissa, no conseguem fazer muito com o roteiro chato e repetitivo que tm em mos.

Grady H (ru) wrote: What a poorly developed, poorly finished film. Wills, Vaughn, and Jones just play terrible copies of better character types from other films of there's and Hall is just goofy in the lead, it's like she's channeling Elizabeth Berkley from Showgirls with out any of the edge or sex appeal... like the movie it's just sad

Veronique M (ru) wrote: Honestly the movie falls short as a children's movie because the pacing is a little too slow for them. Other than that its not a bad movie and honestly people who call this a cheap Madagascar rip off didn't even watch it. Madagascar didn't even bother to render fur and the animation is supper clunky. The first time I watched it, I tough it was a joke. Shrek had better animation and its 4 years older. But I can go all day talking about how I hated Madagascar's unfocused plot... lets talk about the wild.This movie clearly had more work put into it and the story is a lot different. Sure the first minutes are very alike but the plot and setting is completely different after that. For starters, this movie is set in NewYork and is the story of a father trying to rescue his son from being accidentally sent to Africa. I honestly felt like the snake character wasn't very necessary and there was a little too much racism going on with the bird characters? Fortunately they don't have much screen-time. Eh, its worth a watch, its better than most children movies for sure.