Face Eater

Face Eater

Mild-mannered comic book dealer by day, mob enforcer by night.

Mild-mannered comic book dealer by day, mob enforcer by night. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian R (it) wrote: Low budget and art house but a gripping tale of the effects of revenge

solidity q (gb) wrote: Entertaining for a spell, then it fizzles out.

Mark W (kr) wrote: "Tanzen......OK.........Ausziehen........meinetwegen...........In einem Stripclub........in Ordnong...........In einem Stripclub fuer Schwuehle.......alles klar!.......Aber doch nicht auf der Nationalhymne der DDR!" (Dancing-OK!....Naked-if you like.....In a strip club...fine!....In a gay strip club- no problem! But definitely not to the East German national Anthem!!!!!). This is a road movie about a couple of East German youths just after the fall of the wall discovering the US the hard way. Well worth seeing if only to find out how you get to quotes such as the above.

Robin E (it) wrote: Really sweet and fun story.

Luckee C (kr) wrote: Dhamaal is a complete laugh-riot. You must watch this with your whole family whatsoever. Amongst the funniest films to come out of Bollywood for a while... Go and enjoy! Fully Recommended! Verdict = Hit

Jude L (it) wrote: i'm not exactly sure why there was an initial spark between chris and marion, and would have liked to see more of their budding sexual relationship than his with the frenchwoman--a bit much for me. realistic and even--dare i say it--inspiring.

David D (gb) wrote: A superb stylish thriller. It is a Hitchcockian film that Hitch could nave been proud to have directed.

Onyx L (au) wrote: Mirror Mirror wasn't a horrible movie. The problem was it got boring after a few killings. It had that cliche" Ive got power and Im gonna get my revenge" which made it a bit predictable. The whole mirror make out session was just down right creepy. I won't lie the ending was very clever and that's the only reason why I won't hate on it so much.

Jeff W (fr) wrote: If you have seen a triad movie or two in your lifetime, then Rich and Famous may not offer you much that you have not seen before. It may not be the best in its genre, but it still manages to get the job done fairly well. It has a pretty straight forward plot, with pretty predictable plot turns here and their. But what it does not have, that most other gun shooting? Chow Yun fat action flicks do . . .is a gun shooting Chow Yun Fat! Well that is not all together so. Yes, Chow does manage to get a few shots off here and their. But be warned Chow Yun Fat action fans, this is no ?Hard Boiled? or ?A Better Tomorrow?. He is still indeed an important character, but he does not carry the film on his back like he has in previous outings. No, this time the weight is being shared by Andy Lau and Alex Man. Both actors were fantastic, especially Man who showed great character development throughout the course of the film. In addition, we get treated to a small but rewarding appearance from Danny Lee as the grumpy cop trying to take Chai down.Getting back to the action. There are gun fights, there are car chases, there are some kicks and punches(and cutting and stabbing). But in the end, you realize this is much more a drama then the action film its been labeled as. It is really the drama, and the story, that carries the film. The action only comes in when its needed to compliment the plot. But if you watch this film anticipating the 25 minute gun blazing shootout, when the credits roll do not think you missed it, because it wasn?t their.Rich and Famous does not completely wrap up at the end, this is because it?s the first have of a two part series, the second being Tragic Hero. So there are many things left unresolved. Don?t worry though, there is enough or a wrap up at the end that is does completely itself as a stand along film. But if you want the whole story, you must seek out Tragic hero.

STCENTERPRISE (de) wrote: They Died with their Boots on 1941An Errol Flynn film. A movie about Custer The 7th Calvary. Errol Flynn plays the character with nobility, honor, and loyalty towards the military. The only problem is I think that the real Custer was not a good as portrayed in the film. It has Gene Lockhart. Conspiracy to get Custer out of the picture by saying that there is gold in the part of the West where none existed in order to brake treaties with Native Americans to gain land. I liked the military music and the action. It was a very entertaining story.

Andy F (br) wrote: A dark, unsettling and original film that well, if the title puts you on guard - don't watch it! Has a few neat little twists and while it can never be the greatest film of all time, there are certainly enough plus points to give it merit.

Alexander P (us) wrote: 'Lost Highway' is an intense psycho-trip with the spirit of 'Twin Peaks' and format of Lynch's next masterpiece, 'Mulholland Drive'. While flawed, this is a dizzying dreamscape within the mind of a murderer. 8/10.

Larry C (ca) wrote: This is a dark, dark, creepy movie. 3 women are killed.