Face to Face

Face to Face

A sensitive exploration of the tragic irony of the psychiatrist suffering with mental illness.

A sensitive exploration of the tragic irony of the psychiatrist suffering with mental illness. Dr. Jenny Isaksson is a psychiatrist married to another psychiatrist; both are successful in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark R (mx) wrote: If you can think of something - anything at all - this is worse than it. A landmark in cinema history.

Steve W (gb) wrote: Good movie. Surprisingly well casted.

EvaLena I (gb) wrote: Good swedish movie about a families past and their life today.

Allan P (br) wrote: A waste of film. Miss it.

Jocey D (kr) wrote: It's a charming, tender love story. Hugh Grant's character is a real English gentleman, a bit slow to take it to the next level but he eventually does get the job done, in a surreal manner.

Eric S (mx) wrote: This is one of the best horror movies I have ever watched.

Bryan G (nl) wrote: [font=Courier New]I live in a really small town. We recently had a Best Buy open up, and me and my friend went to the grand opening because? well, nothing that exciting happens around here. While looking around the horror section, I stumbled on a couple of zombie movies. The first we watched, which was the second viewing for me, was [i]The Dead Next Door[/i]. I guess since I say it in all my reviews for films like this I?ll say it again. I love zombies! I will see anything with a zombie. Good or bad, I don?t care! Throw a zombie in there, and I will see it. [i]The Dead Next Door[/i] may not be up to par with films like [i]Night of the Living Dead[/i], but in its own little way it is a gem. And a gem to be seen by gore fans everywhere. The movie is about a newly formed Zombie Squad, who is being used by the government to combat the rampant zombie problem destroying the world. They are seeking a cure for this epidemic, but a strange cult is determined to let the zombies win. Because they see this as God?s Will. There isn?t much for plot in this movie. And the acting is some of the worst you will ever see. But there is enough gore-splattering good times, that I can forgive this movie for all its flaws. This isn?t a movie for everyone, just mostly zombie and gore-fiends. I?m glad that a company like Anchor Bay is willing enough to fund a DVD like this. And I?m glad I have this in my collection.[/font]

Benjamin O (jp) wrote: Compelling entertainment.

James C (au) wrote: The last theatrical film from Hammer takes considerable liberties with Dennis Wheatley's 1953 novel, although as the novel is a pretty hokey affair with black and white heroes and villains, this might not be too much of a bad thing. Natasha Kinski - jailbait at 15 - is the young girl chosen from birth to become, on her 16th birthday, the avatar of Astaroth, aka The Devil. Christopher Lee is the excommunicated priest whose sect aims to bring this feat about, and Richard Widmark is a writer of occult pulp fiction who gets embroiled in the case and ends up an unlikely knight on the side of light. Widmark's character is hard-boiled and cynical (his publisher says that he won't give up writing occult trash as long as it's profitable) and therefore has a little more complexity than the average Wheatley hero.The film is a little plodding, is under-budgeted and under-developed in the script department. Some of Wheatley's more outre plot elements have been lost, like the jars of homunculi, and too much of the action is trapped in front rooms. But there are jollies to be had along the way: the one homunculus who does appear is a little red wriggling thing of genuine repulsion; the satanic rituals are lurid and strange; some of the camera angles and music pieces are genuinely disorientating; and foremost, Lee gives a very fine turn indeed as the head of the Satanic pack. There is some question as to whether the Satanists really are evil - Astaroth certainly looks a more attractive god than the suffering Christ on his cross, the Satanists' dogma of man being his own creative force is better than the Church's guilt-mongering and they stop at underage sex (why doesn't Lee take the luscious Kinski at the orgy?); on the debit side, they do tend to demand the death of their female followers; Lee sacrifices a horrid child at the end and the world of Astaroth they plan sounds a little too much like total chaos.Lee, as I say, is the best thing in the film. The book's central villain is called Canon Copley Style (a much better moniker than Father Michael Rayner, as Lee's character here is called) and was based on the noted occultist Montague Summers (as Mocata in The Devil Rides Out is based on Crowley). Lee isn't as plump as Summers was, but certainly brings a goodly amount of conviction to the role of a man who believes in the powers of darkness with all his might.The ending is nicely ambiguous, as one is not quite sure whether Kinski was saved before she could be inhabited by Astaroth or not...

Nancy P (kr) wrote: This is an interesting plot if one considers the time period it was produced. However, it must have been difficult for the working person of the1930's to relate to characters spending their time at vacation houses and night clubs and not caring for their children... a rather empty life style to me. All that in mind, the values of faithfulness in marriage are examined in the film. Mary fails the test with her husband , but not necessarily with the audience. Her husband rushes to judgment the first time he hears word of her exploits with another man. Then he pushes her into cheating with him the next time. It is a wonder that the two ever get back together. I enjoyed the acting except that there are times that Robert Mongomery looks more like a punch-drunk boxer than a desirable gentleman. The movie is worth watching for the fashion, the footloose lifestyle (that still exists), and the statements it makes about women and morality. TMC/Comcast cut off the ending by approximately two or three minutes. I had to read here that it was a happy ending. Apparently, the movie is not 90 minutes long!

David L (es) wrote: Yankee Doodle Dandy is very well made, it has superb beginning and terrific ending, it is well directed and James Cagney is magnificent in the lead role, but the rest of the movie is so-so and badly edited with too much music in it, it is also too comedic in tone, it is never as engaging as it should have been and it at times just goes through the motions. It is an okay movie but I expected much more. It's definitely overrated.

Matthew Y (jp) wrote: True to Allen's style, MITM is a charming tale. Despite the improbable romantic relationship between Stone and Firth's character, it was an interestingly engaging film with a witty end.

Thomas B (it) wrote: -This review is of the extended 178 minutes version-Grade - B+This classic western's influences can be seen everywhere. Expertly crafted by director Sergio Leone, with fantastic dialogue and performances as well as one of the greatest themes in movie history, 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' only falters with its pacing and running time. This may be because I watched the extended version, though.