An antiterrorism agent goes under the knife to acquire the likeness of a terrorist and gather details about a bombing plot. When the terrorist escapes custody, he undergoes surgery to look like the agent so he can get close to the agent's family.

In order to find a biological weapon, FBI agent Sean Archer has to undergo a face-transplant surgery and assumes the identity of civil freelance terrorist Castor Troy who six years earlier killed Archer's son while trying to assassinate Archer. But things go wrong when Troy assumes the identity of Archer... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Face/Off torrent reviews

Yoann M (au) wrote: A nice comedy thanks to its solid cast even though the story loses momentum as it goes until a botched end.--Une comdie sympathique qui jouit d'un casting trs solide mais qui tend s'essouffler au fur et mesure jusqu' sembler bacl sur la fin.

Bryan P (mx) wrote: The numbers station see a CIA agent given one last job to look after a code operator in a secret location in England. Soon the station comes under threat and he must protect the girl from being killed and decide if he should listen to the operator or go on his instinct. If the codes get into the wrong hands a number of people will face being executed.

wild willie n (mx) wrote: the only good things about this dumb ass flop is the dvd/vhs cover art and the stubbys of cold FOSTERS LAGER. This flick has a shitty "Flashdance" style soundtrack. And thats about all i have to say.

monsieur r (nl) wrote: My Christmas gift to the world. Not worth the time to write a review. The title says it all. Not all morons are from outer space however, they also exist in Hollywood. Suggested for the curious or for laughs.

Stuart M (de) wrote: What I'll never understand about these early Star Wars knockoffs is how they looked for the reasons Star Wars was so successful and then decided to copy only the space opera aspect without including any of the realistic lived-in feel that separated it from the '30s Flash Gordon serials. Which is how you end up with films like this, filled with excellent '80s starships and space battles (James Cameron started here as an effects specialist) but also costumes that look right out of the original Star Trek: white-faced aliens with third eyes painted on along with a space cowboy cleverly named Space Cowboy. Not that I don't love me my classic Trek, but at least those plots had something to them. Here the script is just filled with cheesy dialogue that sounds like it's adapted from some kind of '60s hippie commune.The plot gets full props for inspiration if not execution. Basically the Seven Samurai in space it takes a compelling tale and adds lasers. Problem is it chooses to follow the peasant character (*cough* flyboy) who is a tedious teenage bland idealist, when it could be following any one of the other more interesting players. As a result the characters (or caricatures) never really take off.This film exists in the zone between genuinely bad and barely competent films. It's not quite bad enough to be funny but it's not good enough to stick with you on its own merits. It just kinda? is.

Niels S (ru) wrote: Endnu en historie fra Alistair McLeans fabrik. Den nr ikke op p siden af rneborgen og Navarones kanoner, men er da udmrket tmmermandsunderholdning.

john m (kr) wrote: you should see some hot pats in it i hope

Krist V (jp) wrote: Niet slecht, maar het kabbelt maar voort en uiteindelijk wordt er veel te weinig met het verhaal gedaan. Een gemiste kans; en ja, ik weet dat ik in herhaling val.