Faces of Schlock

Faces of Schlock

Four tales of terror: "Blood Witch": A twisted Goth girl summons a murderous seventeenth century witch to exact gory revenge on anyone who crosses her path. "Mike Wuz Here": Night shift workers at an old movie theater are terrorized by the ghost of a former employee who committed suicide in the building. "One Foot In The Grave": When a beautiful young dancer loses one of her feet due to malpractice, she uses black magic to bring the severed appendage back to life. "Slay Ride": Left behind by her family on Christmas eve, a teenage delinquent punk chick quickly becomes surrounded by murder and mayhem.

Join sexy horror hostess Slutpira as she presents four tales of terror from the new generation of low-budget schlock masters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Faces of Schlock torrent reviews

Jimmy C (ag) wrote: Peu inspir, malgr quelques acteurs livrant de sympathiques performances.

Zsolt K (nl) wrote: Ritka filmek egyike, amit nem volt turelmem vegig nezni, pedig jo a temavalasztas.

Niki L (kr) wrote: They should leave these classics alone!

Zohar E (nl) wrote: didn't think it will be worth anything but it was actually very funny - in one word: worthaboutapig.

Sean H (it) wrote: Odd seeing De Niro so emotional. Good moments.

Ville K (ag) wrote: Nice. Very true to the original manga, which was a bonus.

Dylan R (br) wrote: This is one of my favourite movies as it provided endless fodder for countless wanky film school essays. The cinematography is drop-dead gorgeous and it has a real crackerjack of a suspense thriller plot. However, it is also one of those films that is ruined if you read too much about it, so you'll have to pretend that reading this paragraph is enough research to justify the rental cost. Be forewarned: this film might be a bit too "film school" for a lot of people. I've had friends watch it and hate it. And then hate me for reccommending it.

Zhanyi J (gb) wrote: This is my second of the Six Moral Tales that I've seen. Couldn't get into Claire's Knee, but I was very intrigued by this movie. The dialogue between Frederic and Chloe never feels false or tiresome. This movie explores the concept of infidelity.

Al M (it) wrote: An irreverent, funny, and entertaining slasher film, Cornered! is by no means truly original or intelligent in its blend of horror tropes and comedy, yet it still manages to be an engaging 90 minutes worth of slasher fare that still far outshines the crappy Scream films' attempts to blend horror and comedy.

Amanda C (jp) wrote: There are a couple of chuckle worthy moments in Evan Almighty, but they are few and far between. The film is a shameless plug for the religious crowd, coming off as preachy and manipulative. Morgan Freeman is the only one who appears to be getting more out of this than a big paycheque. But then he is God. Steve Carell and Lauren Graham are both better than this.