Facing the Day

Facing the Day

In Lepoglava, one of the most notorious penitentiaries in Europe, many regimes have trained their strictness by imposing the brutal methods of the so-called prison rehabilitation. Lepoglava is still the central Croatian penitentiary, in which several prisoners have decided to take up Shakespeare. This is the story about those of them who would today, were Shakespeare alive, be the heroes of his plays.

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  • Uploader:NickDan
  • Country:Croatia
  • Director:Ivona Juka
  • Writer:Ivona Juka (screenplay)

In Lepoglava, one of the most notorious penitentiaries in Europe, many regimes have trained their strictness by imposing the brutal methods of the so-called prison rehabilitation. Lepoglava... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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