Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore's view on what happened to the United States after September 11; and how the Bush Administration allegedly used the tragic event to push forward its agenda for unjust wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Michael Moore's political documentary uses humor and connect-the-dots investigative journalism to question the Bush administration's motives for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As well, the chronicle focuses on the powerful roles that oil and greed may have played in the terrorist attack on the U.S.A. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fahrenheit 9/11 torrent reviews

John Joseph M (ag) wrote: Comparisons with Blair Witch are inevitable but this is a very effective low budget scare fest with bucket loads of imagination and plenty of blood chilling moments.

Amanda H (es) wrote: Anybody remember those God-awful after school, "live action" shows for kids that used to air on FOX in the afternoon? Yeah. This is pretty much an extended episode of one of those shows, complete with terrible makeup and costumes, worse music, and even more horrendous acting. This is bloody awful.

Don S (de) wrote: As a great fan of Arthurian legend, this is a bit disappointing. However, taken on its own, as just a portion of the story, it is somewhat satisfying. This focuses more on Lancelot than Arthur (as the title suggests), and plays a bit loosely with the legend. Very good acting by the principals. My issue is the cavalier manner in which Gere portrays Lancelot. A bit too laid-back and carefree. Still pretty good.

Scott W (ag) wrote: Michael Redgrave as Barnes Wallis and Richard Todd as Wing Commander Guy Gibson DFC DSO are simply brilliant in this excellent re-telling of the story behind and of the the Dam Busters raid in 1943. It's proper stiff upper lip stuff, but equally moving and poignant, in particular following the raid as Gibson contemplates the 56 letters he needs to write to the families of the lost bomber crews. Magnificent stuff and of course it has The Dam Busters March them running through it.

Jonas L (kr) wrote: An okay but kind of boring Godzilla film

Richard D (es) wrote: Mitchum stars as a dedicated young doctor who falls in love with Faith Domergue, a young woman who ends up in his emergency room after a suicide attempt. He romances her and ends up confronting her "father", Claude Rains, looking for permission to marry her. Turns out Rains is actually her husband, and he ends up dead. Mitchum and Domergue end up on the run together, with Mitchum suffering from a gradually worsening concussion. Mitchum is great as the confused, disoriented protagonist of this noir who slowly comes to realize that Domergue has pretty much lied to him about everything. Domergue is not so great, but she's serviceable and has some nice moments late in the film. Rains is amazing in a sleazy, menacing part that lasts only a few minutes, but does feature him beating Mitchum with a poker.

David B (es) wrote: If your two lead characters are the most annoying and unlikable in the film, you are headed for disaster.

Dan M (au) wrote: DTV and it definitely looks and acts like it. Mr. 'Snow Dogs' just cannot pull off this role and even Dolph Lundgren can't make things any better. Claudia Bassols, the very fine Spanish actress, along with the Prague backdrop are the only good things visually here. Everything else STINKS.

William W (ag) wrote: Their ninth and final film together over a 12-year partnership, 'Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects' basically plays out as a Death Wish installment with Charles Bronson portraying Lieutenant Crowe instead of Paul Kersey, and being focused in anger both over child prostitution and that his own teenage daughter was molested by a Japanese businessman. Many would write this off as simply an exploitation film, but I love the fact that, like 'Gentleman's Agreement', it shows both that different degrees of racism are possible in anyone, but is also stoppable, as in seeing that a Japanese father cares about his daughter just as much as he cares about his own, he changes his own perspective. And the ending, that the criminal gets what's coming to him, is very satisfying, and makes many of Bronson's films such guilty pleasures...