Fair People

Fair People

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Kevin C (mx) wrote: Kinda disappointed in this... not nearly as over the top or ridiculously gory as I was expecting. Also, I saw it dubbed, which I'm not sure made it better or worse.

Michael J (ag) wrote: If you're a fan of 80s nostalgia, this movie isn't particularly what you're looking for. There are lots of 80s songs playing throughout, that's for sure. The girls have big hair and shoulder pads. The ties are skinny, and the dancing is break. Yes, the setting is definitely the 80s. But the pop culture references are fewer and further between than you might expect. The story could be set in any decade in recent memory, and with the possible exception of the heavy and open drug use and sexual content, it would be pretty much the same movie.That said, it really is a pretty fun flick, and it does evoke the John Hughes movies of the 80s. It's essentially a teen party adventure film (except all of the characters are in their 20s, so I guess it's not a teen adventure at all) and most of it happens in one night. The characters swear frequently and fluently, which unfortunately basically fits the 80s teen movie genre fairly well. They do things that would get real people in a tremendous amount of personal and legal trouble (stealing an expensive car which, paradoxically, does not seem to be on the police department's search radar, despite the fact that it was stolen from a dealership with a blaring alarm system; damaging or totaling every car parked along a city street; being caught by police with a face covered with cocaine). The aftermath of this night in the real world would be very much NOT a happy ending. Several people come very close to getting killed.Those weaknesses aside (or ignored), at its core this is a sweet enough movie about a young guy who has grown up without ever figuring out what he wants out of life, but who finally discovers what he wanted all along: the blonde. (Fortunately, by the end of the movie she wants him too.) In the process of discovering each other, he and she also realize that their lives are on the wrong track, and the movie leaves you with the assumption that they will help each other get things back headed in a positive direction.In most respects, this isn't an unforgettable movie. It does have some memorable characters, and the idea of getting into a huge hollow metal ball and rolling down a hill just to see what happens is pretty novel. But in the long run, this is the kind of movie that you vaguely recollect, but probably don't remember the title of. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening, but don't expect it to change your life.

Astrid J (kr) wrote: So cute! Great Canadian film.

Rendan L (us) wrote: It's still excellently animated, has great song writing, and a pace that could keep anyone's attention. Grade: B+

Janet L (de) wrote: This movie "holds up" pretty well, all things considering. Its fun to see Karl Malden as a bad guy and Roddy McDowell and Suzanne Pleshette seem good in their roles but somewhat odd choices when I look at the movie today. Not bad for a Friday night with a bad cold.

Matt O (nl) wrote: My favorite film and impossible to find on dvd

Anthony V (jp) wrote: Excellent Film Noir from Anthony Mann with an innocent man being accused of a murder/robbery and only a single police officer willing to discover the truth.

Joanie P (kr) wrote: J'avais vraiment hte de le voir et j'ai t un peu due... J'trouve que l'histoire est mal exploite et a finie par donner l'impression que c'est vraiment juste un prtexte a scnes de cul... Mais je suis en amour avec le ptit fris gentil, lol.

Mayank A (ca) wrote: Emotionally charged drama with powerful acting, while not based on any particular person covers the 2008 housing crisis in USA. It shows how corruption, thievery & forgery are used to evict families.