Fair Play

Fair Play

A company, where manipulation and harassment is a problem between colleagues, decides to organize a canyoning trip for its employees. The building tensions between co-workers might actually explode during this trip.

There are rules for fair play in sport; these are not adhered to always. But there are no rules for fair play at work, in life or when faced with life and death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kay C (fr) wrote: A bit of a Saw wannabee. BAD movie. So bad I picked up a crossword to amuse myslef and keep myself awake (watched on TV). Would have switched off but my husband said it might get better. It didn't WASTE OF TIME

Adam F (es) wrote: Although you can tell there was genuine effort put into making "Army of the Dead" the results are unfortunately incredibly mediocre. The acting ranges from passable to pretty bad, the special effects range from okay (such as the skeleton army, which is often show and cut in ways that look good despite the low budget) to laughably bad (some effects such as blood spurts and explosions are computer generated instead of being practical and those are some of the easiest effects to do in live action films). From a low budget production you can forgive the bad effects but the real problem with the film is that it isn't paced or written very well. At times you'll be wondering where the film is going and questioning whether what happened makes any sense or not. The only reason to watch this film would be if you yourself were thinking of doing a low budget movie and you wanted to see how it shouldn't and shouldn't be done because both aspects are seen in this movie. For everyone else, this isn't even "so bad it's good" territory. (Dvd, September 18, 2012)

Matthew J (ag) wrote: It's one of the most boring, unfunny, painful and dull films i'v seen in ages.

Aleksandar J (br) wrote: Pravo da vam kazem, ne sjecam se bas najbolje ovog filma. Sve mi je to nekako izvjetrilo, medjutim ono cega se definitivno sjecam jeste da je neko (i to ne bilo ko vec Lu Dajmond Filips u jednoj od svojih boljih uloga!) proganjao Kristofera Lambera i Keli Bruk. Tu je i Ron Perlman koji igra glavnog negativca i nosi, ako se dobro sjecam, neke blesave narandzaste naocale. Uglavnom, ako je vjerovati mojoj varljivoj memoriji, ovaj film nije nesto spektakularan, ali bar nije dosadan, te se stoga moze pogledati u trenucima dokolice.

Bobby L (fr) wrote: I stumbled across at the pawn shop. Random luck really. I did not see it upon it's initial release, and only had the vaguest of memories about the film's name, and seeing a trailer in front of some movie while in Germany. Hell, for the longest time, I had honestly though I created this movie up, as it didn't seem to exist; thank the Gods for IMDB! Final bit of confession, I thought it was a John Carpenter film. I'm not sure why, but I thought it was one. Well, I wasn't to off the mark there, it's Stuart Gordon. So, if you'd never seen, and knew relatively little about it, why buy it right out? Because I have never seen it to rent anywhere, much less buy; my store doesn't even have it. It was $5, which seemed like a good investment, even if I ended up hating it. Luckily, I didn't. In fact, I rather enjoyed this goofball, gung-ho, action/ sci-fi, satire mash up. Gordon takes a lot of expectations of this sort of movie, and turns them sideways, which is fun to see. The first being the evil corporation here is a shipping company, which provides some fun and a few laughs. The next is the "President of the World", of which, I shall not reveal much, but it's damn silly. Dennis Hooper is clearly having a ball, and relishing every moment and ridiculous moment. Not his best performance, at all, but he makes for a fun, aging hero and is quite believable in the fight scenes. Debi Mazar as his fiance/ tramp/ waitress is very good, with hair bigger than her head, it's a great visual joke, and she oozes an odd sexuality during the film. Stephen Dorff on the other hand, does not bode so well. He's never had much screen presence, and here, he's easily lost in the big spectacle, CGI, and impressive make-up effects. Bloody shame really, as his character has some great lines. The space scenes, designs of the ships, and the dogfights are very impressive, with this being a spiritual sibling to The Fifth Element, in terms of design and tone. One of the really fun touches is that all the AI voices are female, with most being redneck-ish. That joke never got old. Gordon keeps the zany tone and action afloat very well, and has some more success here than with his earlier sci-fi Robotjox. The camera moves swiftly and freely, as if really in space, adding a nice layer. The characters do some rather smart things, as in when Mazar escapes the captain of the hijackers by pulling out his liquid tubes, which incapacitates the cyborg leader. Or when Hooper gets the hijackers to start cutting into his haul, knowing full well the consequences. Simple but fun pleasures here. After destroying their cargo, in a fun plot twist, their welcome home party is at a hospital! It fits, you'll see, and should.

Jessica H (us) wrote: I like Angus, especially the ending.

Andre B (au) wrote: Kozure Okami:Kowokashi Undekashi Tsukamatsuru/Lone Wolf & Cub:Sword of Vengeance(1972) is the story of an once distinguished samurai executioner who was framed for treason. Shows how the main character went into being an avenging assassin. After the death of his wife, Ogami Itto makes a vow of vengeance on the people responsible for the murder of his wife and his frame up. With his son Daigoro by his side, Itto tends towards the road of assassin as a way to get even with his arch enemy, the Yagyu Clan. His assignment in this story is to kill a few high officers of a samurai clan who plan on killing their future leader.The action sequences are visually arresting and physically awesome. The sword play in these action scenes are fresh and imaginative. Many of these scenes are gory and violent but not as gory as in some of the later Lone Film & Cub films. Lone Wolf & Cub:Sword of Vengeance(1972) does an excellent job in being faithful to the visual style of the samurai sword fights from the graphic novels. The camera work on these action scenes are free flowing with style and booming with graceful movement.The film combines the back story of volume one and volume six in the Lone Wolf & Cub comics. The prologue and the first flashback is from volume six. The second flashback later in the movie is from the first volume. These scenes for the most part are faithful to the original source. The dialogue, however is slightly different in the film from volumes one and six.The first flashback that depicts Itto's frame up by the Yagyu fills the screen with a sea of human emotions. This scene shows the relationship between Ogami and his wife to be caring and tender. The moment when Azami touches her son's face and then dies is very sad. One of the few times in the film and the series that Ogami Itto is highly emotional. Scene depicts Ogami Itto as a man who is bound by the code of Bushido.Lone Wolf & Cub:Sword of Vengeance(1972) is not as polish or technically slick as the samurai films of Akira Kurosawa. Does not share Kurosawa's eye for the spectacle touch of his samurai pictures. Also, not deep in depiction of human nature and human error like Akira Kurosawa's Samurai epics. The mindset and the beliefs of the samurai is better depicted here. More an authentic look at the period of the Shogun and the fatalistic nature of the samurai warrior.The scene where Ogami Itto gives his son the choice of the ball or the sword is intense and suspenseful. Its in this scene that Itto and his son Daigoro become the Lone Wolf & Cub. The choice given to Daigoro is cruel yet compassionate. When Daigoro touches the sword his path is more fatalistic and worst than death. A very emotional moment for Ogami Itto because of his love for his son and the fact that their path together will be of loneiness and tragedy.The love scene with the prostitute and Ogami Itto is erotic yet not overly explicit. Effective in the use of camera movement and dissolves. Scene is well edited. The only love scene that Ogami Itto is involved during the entire Lone Wolf & Cub movies. Shows that Itto will sacrifice the feeling of shame to save a girl who is an outcast like himself.The revenge motif dominates the motives of Ogami Itto as well as the plot development of Lone Wolf & CUb:Sword of Vengeance(1972). This motif is done in the same manner as in many Italian Westerns. The theme of revenge makes the film pretty much a Japanese Spaghetti Western. Honor and revenge are the two most important things for Ogami Itto. The motif of revenge is a strong force in both the comic and film version of Lone Wolf and Cub.The Climatic battle scene builds up with an incredible amount of suspense. Awesome depiction of sword play with some gory moments. The camera moves around in a smooth fashion and acts as another member of the cast. The director, Kenji Misumi does the battle scenes in the graphic novel series. Tomisaburo Wakayama is excellent in doing this scene.Contains a disturbing and harrowing rape scene. The cinematography, editing, and art direction are first class. Tomisaburo Wakayama was the perfect actor to play Ogami Itto because of his physical similarites. Akihiro Tomikawa is cute as Ogami Daigoro. The Violence here is on the level of the blood letting from The Streetfighter movies.

Alex K (es) wrote: I Know Ms. Uramkin Has Seen The TV Show Bewitched, She Went To This Movie When It Came Out In Movie Theaters Back In 2005, She Told Me The Film Adaptation Of Bewitched Got Panned By Film Critics Because It Did Not Live Up To The Original TV Show, Tyler Told Me Bewitched Was So Romantic.

Jorge Mauricio M (nl) wrote: Funny movie from Clint Eastwood, where the protagonist takes his most sarcastic humor from his "Iron Sergeant", but it can be improved. Recommended for nostalgics.

Kevin D (it) wrote: Genuinely faithful remake of the excellent original. See both of them.