FairyTale: A True Story

FairyTale: A True Story

Two children in 1917 take a photograph, believed by some to be the first scientific evidence of the existence of fairies. Based on a true story

Two children in 1917 take a photograph, believed by some to be the first scientific evidence of the existence of fairies. Based on a true story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Egi E (ca) wrote: This movie could have been better, if.... Michael Pena was not in it since he has statically the same facial expressions in every goddamn movie and is an incredibly dull and unfunny actor. He is catastrophic in this movie. ...if the setting was not the US, but Ireland, UK or Scandinavia, since the director is Irish and like his previous movies should have presented a European setting with badass and corrupt cops. He just could not pull off the overused American bad cop theme here. ...if Tessa Thompson's character did not exist. Was she really necessary? Her agents try hard to make her happen, it's obvious because she is very popular these days, but cannot act at all. This movie certainly did not need any romantic subplot. -....if the jokes were more clever and imaginative. They were very flat from beginning to end. I know the style of the director, which can be offensive etc., but I only laughed about two times during the whole runtime. That failed hard....if the soundtrack was diverse and other characters more interestingly and better written (they were all caricatural and I did not care for any of them)What I liked was Alexander Skarsgard's acting, since I like his works and acting in general. However, his background, lines, clothes and his godawful haircut really made him unlikeable. There was absolutely no reason for him to have a change of heart at the end. I liked the "Blue Lagoon" joke and how he was drinking on his own at the bar. He is a really bad dancer and has issues with romantic scenes in general since he is very stiff and often appears asexual although he arouses sexuality. I also enjoyed Stephanie Sigman, whenever she was on screen. All in all, it is a disappointing movie which I would not watch for the second time.

Private U (de) wrote: The chinese version of Cinderella but modern and amazing with stunning visuals and characters that are just...wow

Jess L (au) wrote: An unknown movie that might gain a new audience thanks to America Ferrera's new role in Ugly Betty. This is a gem of a film. A superb cast; Fererra is amazing here. A story all young girls should see; a positive message filled film with real heart and guts.

Donal O (gb) wrote: Outstanding cast......

DA KID PSYCHO (au) wrote: It was alright to me. The theme was perfect for how the movie went. I like all of the parts when he was about to get caught up lol good movie

Andrew P (mx) wrote: intresting felt like it was missing something

Benot C (es) wrote: Higher Learning est un des multiples films dans mon Top 5 vie. J'y vois tellement les tumultes que l'on vit lorsqu'on passe du secondaire au cgep, de la jeunesse l'ge adulte, qu'on doit apprendre l'autonomie et prendre ses dcisions, prendre des distances par rapport ce qu nous a t inculqu, et que dans le processus, on fera beaucoup d'erreur et de mauvais choix. En plus, le casting est excellent !

Juan D (jp) wrote: Fassbinder's craziest film.... the scene in the butcher house is impeccable.

Thomas P (ag) wrote: Laurel and Hardy aren't just two of the most hilarious performers of classic Hollywood, but are very VERY fine actors. I've been a big fan of Laurel and Hardy for years and this is personally one of my favourites. Their time at the Hal Roach Studio was very profitable and the comic duo haven't made the world stop laughing since. It's a hilarious and flawless film, and deserves 90%. Well the story of this Laurel and Hardy film is, Stanley (The skinny one) and Oliver(the fat one)are members of a group called "Sons of the desert". Te film opens with them at a conference and talking about how they must go to a convention in Miami. They take an oath that they swear to go their, which means they really must go! So they return home to their wives to find out that Ollie's wife will not let him go. As for Stan (Whom lives right next door), he is allowed to go. So pretty soon the block heads do what they do best. Try and get their-selves out of a situation. So Ollie fakes being sick and Stan brings a doctor (which turns out to be a vet!) to tell him he must have a vacation somewhere. Preferably Honalulu. So Stan and Ollie pretty soon go to the convention thinking no one will be the wiser. I shall not spoil the story for you, but its L&H, and we all know how things end for them. I thought the jokes and story were very well put together in this one and is definitely one of my favourites. The thing is about the Laurel and Hardy films and shorts is they never grow old. Which is why slapstick humour is he best form, because anyone can laugh at it! Another thing I really enjoyed in this one is how the film has portrayed the wife and husband. How the wife has the upper-hand of the man is very entertaining. Especially when it's Laurel and Hardy. I love how extreme the wives are in the L&H films and shorts. Whether its shooting them down or divorcing them, they always stick together. Sons of the desert is a wonderful comedy film from the classic comic duo, and is well worth checking out.

Takee A (ru) wrote: I'm just amazed at how many messages this movie had to offer! I'm impressed with the awesome animations & graphics. The animation work is dazzling; it's lovingly detailed without being overdone (particularly the opening sequence, which is hand-drawn and looks like prints struck from ancient woodblocks).John Powell composed the music excellently, and the voice actors were amazing!

Henry H (ru) wrote: I plan to see with my Gloria^^ but i couldnt; by refusal