Fait Accompli

Fait Accompli

In the eerie backdrop of the lousiana bayou, former inmate Frank(Michael Madsen, "Reservoir Dogs,"Donnie Brasco") sees the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of cursed cash...

In the eerie backdrop of the lousiana bayou, former inmate Frank(Michael Madsen, "Reservoir Dogs,"Donnie Brasco") sees the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of cursed cash... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MF J (jp) wrote: First film in 23 years, master director A. Jodorowski is back in the game with a beautiful film. This new project feels undeniably very personal and somehow different from his previous efforts such as El Topo, The Holy Mountain or Santa Sangre. Very well shot and highly stimulating for the senses, this film will probably stick with you for a while after the lights are back in the theater and you will emerge from it as if you had been dreaming for 2 hours. It's a very personal film, probably not his best work to date but a delightful slice of visual poetry filled with countless imaginative elements and a powerful invitation to make your imagination work. One o the best film I have seen in a while , this amazing artistic piece should please the fan of the 'Head trip cinema' master. Definitely a must see film /experience.

Nick M (kr) wrote: A cute and catchy little film.

Kirk S (us) wrote: Absolute gash in every imaginable way!

Faisal M (it) wrote: The story was go but the execution was waek Ajay devgan was the best followed by salman kha. asin and om puri were completely wasted. the songs kept popping up and were not that good.

Ian P (mx) wrote: For me, this is one of those wonderfully moving films that, like another reviewer observed in Taxi Driver and Punch Drunk Love, gives voice to the spirit of alexithymia. While others have eschewed the conceptual flourishes as distracting, I found the surrealism, aesthetic, and overall balance of the film exquisite in the subtle use of muted extremism right down to the score and animations' expressions of Jorge's plight. Plot-wise, I took the laborious building-up of violent tension as precisely what Jorge must have felt internally; I understood my edgy, impatient frustration in viewing the film as affective internalization and identification with Jorge's plight. "Get on with it! Talk! Do something! Act!" Gorgeous and elegant little film really.

Christian H (au) wrote: One of the most amazing things I have ever seen is this: get the only two survivors and the torturers on a table to discuss what was going on...

Noah F (gb) wrote: Under-rated metal-music movie. Rock Star acts like a fictional biopic (despite that it's loosely inspired by a true story of Judas Priest), and the story is every metalhead boy's (like me) dream: becoming the frontman for your all-time favorite rock band.

Jacob D (br) wrote: Not as good as everyone says it is but still a classic and a great movie.

Matt H (fr) wrote: It's a pretty good paranoid thriller, but there are times where it simply is too vague to follow without considerable background knowledge of Kafka's writings.

DC F (de) wrote: A lesser-known gem that is another classic Spegetti Western about revenge with plenty of shooting and a soundtrack that's almost perfect. It even stood as an example to Tarantino's Kill Bill movies.

Sarah H (it) wrote: If you like the dance movies, you will like this one. It's okay, not really the same drama that goes on in the dance movies normally, but it was still okay.

Timothy G (it) wrote: The performances of Neeson and Harris lift what would otherwise be a hackneyed and formulaic movie.