Fake ID

Fake ID

A hilarious parody about a young man coming to terms with his heterosexuality in a gay world.

Fake ID is the hysterical satire of a young man coming ot terms with his heterosexuality in a gay world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Imran A (kr) wrote: A very funny movie with adult humuor and high energy mischeif action,but this movie is super crazy and super silly of the story,but I was laughing so much my sisters said it was stupid and boring but they don't understand s#@t,they are idiots,you may like this indian movie or not it depends,this movie has mayhem as I expected but not much craziness in the near end.

you k (mx) wrote: It's a very small, modestly-produced talking heads documentary that many will undoubtedly find tedious, and it doesn't state any facts that Muslims and students of Islam don't already know, but given that those facts are completely ignored by a politically correct culture that has decided to accept the rumor that Islam is "gentle" and "peace-loving" rather than do any research and critical thought, a film like this is sadly necessary.

Nick D (us) wrote: *spoiler alert* A giant alligator, really?

Joseph O (kr) wrote: Terrible CGI effects, a script that probably reads like bad fan fiction and utterly unlikable characters, combine into a terrible tour-de-farce of horrible movie making. In fairness to it, I did manage to somehow actually sit through the entire movie (A miracle in itself). It's definitely worth a laugh, but don't pay any money to see this if possible.

Steven C (ag) wrote: Just watched it on tv because I was so bored lol! I'll save you the time, don't watch it, as interesting as it may seem. It doesn't get any better!.... P.SKristen Stewart is only in the movie for 10mins so in case you were watching it because of her.. change the channel!

Andrew L (au) wrote: It's a good enough comedy, but despite Jack Black's trademark OTT style, I wasn't completely convinced his character had truly learned anything by the end of the film. Still, it's enjoyable.

Sean W (mx) wrote: Moody and tense noir thriller featuring a reunion of sorts for much of the creative talent involved in LAURA. Dana Andrews is at his best here.

William W (fr) wrote: After seeing this, my third film from the 7-DVD 'Jean Harlow 100th Anniversary Collection' from Warner Archives, I'm very tempted to say, without exaggerating, that perhaps she was the first 'modern' actress (though Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford would also be in the running). Her speech was very fast by that era's standard, she displayed a huge range of emotion, was incredibly sexy and was great at both comedy and drama.This was great, as she's a chorus girl from a poor family in the Midwest who wants to marry a millionaire but the right way, and without sacrificing her values in the process. At first she's not taken seriously, as she meets a wealthy banker (finely played by Lionel Barrymore) who knows what it's like to be on the poor side of the tracks, and enters his social circle. Then his playboy son (a very good performance by Franchot Tone, whom I liked best in 'Mutiny on the Bounty', his only Oscar-nominated work) takes a shine to her, unsure if she's the real thing or just another floozy.Heartily recommended. Not a great script, but it's lifted with Harlow's personality, jolly comedic relief by Patsy Kelly and a solid supporting cast, decently directed. For single-handedly saving Warner Brothers from bankruptcy just the previous year, she deserved better but this wasn't a bad showcase at all for her considerable talents.

nivlacasura (it) wrote: Main characters and supporting cast lack a sense of emotion. Watching this movie felt uncomfortable at times, and embarrassing. The use of cancer and autism and 9/11 to bring out emotion was cheap, and they failed at it.The main thing here was that both Tatum and Seyfried were not believable as lovers.I would gladly give a zero stars, but it gets one because and only because of the letters, it's very refreshing to see that in this day and age.

Ari S (fr) wrote: I loved this installment of Indiana Jones. It came back with old characters and re lives the fun of the first three. The addition of Shia as Indys impetuous, young and greeser son was great to see. He brought a fresh take and a potential future to the franchise. Cate Blanchett was fun to watch play the Russian psychological expert. Packed with action and comical jokes throughout and Scify ancient aliens was also a great addition. Though a bit faulty and cheesy that's also what we have come to expect still great fun to be had and can be viewed multiple times encompassing adventure, fun and intrigue as always.

Michelle M (ru) wrote: A must see eye-opener concerning child labor in the United States. What is really alarming---it is LEGAL for 12 year olds to work in chemically infested fields for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, $64 a week, $1.50 and hour. This is not considered a summer job either, these children are working INSTEAD of going to school.