In order to help the poor and needy; Vijay alias Fakira rob a gang leader, Chimanlal on multiple occasions of his cash and smuggled goods. This makes him a target of the police and Chimanlal himself; Chimanlal hires a man name Toofan to either capture Fakira or bring his dead body. Unknown to both Fakira and Toofan that they are biological brothers Toofan as Ajay and Fakira as Vijay who were separated at a very young age due to the trauma their family went through.

Young brothers Vijay and Ajay watch helplessly as their shanty house burns down with their father and ailing mother unable to escape from the flames. Vijay and Ajay are subsequently ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fakira torrent reviews

Brandon H (nl) wrote: A heartwarming story that does almost does too good of a job creating a compelling world that begs to be explained but isn't. It's okay though, the journey is in it's characters. Also, lots of hugging.

Karen A (ru) wrote: This is a funny, sweet, slightly ridiculous film. Loved it.

Melissa B (de) wrote: The only reason I wanted to see this is because Bjork wrote the soundtrack (the only part I enjoyed). It was painfully and agonizingly slow, and while I like to think I have an open mind about "art", this was a little too weird for me.

Irene M (mx) wrote: Could see why it got such mixed reviews. Although gross, its haunting.

Jobin B (au) wrote: worst among the series

Vishal U (us) wrote: Another brilliant movie from Prakash Mehra. The show is stolen by Amitabh Bachchan as often.

Morgan H (ru) wrote: An entertaining and well-acted update on the classic Anthony Shaffer play and film, with Branagh's inventive direction adding more dimensions (including the theme of constant surveillance) to the story. However, the story suffers from a bizarre tonal shift courtesy of Mr. Pinter two-thirds of the way through and never fully recovers, leading to an anti-climax, whereas the original earned its shocking ending in 1970/72.

Jared C (es) wrote: So bad it's fucking awesome.

stephanie e (ru) wrote: I love it!! brings back memories of being at the concert in Tulsa OK. :-)

Adam R (br) wrote: This is a film that rests entirely on the strength of its two leads. This isn't so much a criticism as it is a testament to what fantastic actors Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington are. For the first two thirds of the movie, the director gives us the opportunity to act as a fly on the wall. We get to observe these two very different people (the idealistic Jake and the cynical Alonzo) laugh, argue, help, and betray each other over the course of a single day and it makes for a truly great character study. It's unfortunately during the last third when the film starts to falter. It requires a major suspension of disbelief and things become a little too convenient for such an otherwise realistic movie. Still, this is a movie that deserves to be checked out, if nothing else, for Hawke and Washington.