Everything bad that can happen on the way to a party happens to young Tou on this nighttime trip though Beirut.

Everything bad that can happen on the way to a party happens to young Tou on this nighttime trip though Beirut. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Falafel torrent reviews

Krishna S (es) wrote: mahesh all the way.... it is a great entertainer

Dave R (ca) wrote: It was not what I thought it was but sure dumb movie but funny at the same time got the blood and gore but fake looking

Tim M (ag) wrote: Ultra-low budget exploitation comedy. Sometimes it's funny, other times, annoying. Written directed and starring the Soska twins, it's not too bad for a self-financed passion project.

Dean M (mx) wrote: This British horror vampire movie is a decent, strange and not really shocked. The SFX were okay, camera angels was good and I like the location. The babes are cute, but the acting were pretty terrible. This follows the idea from another British vampire-comedy film, Leisban Vampire Killers, but it's something serious, with tons of sex, blood and rock 'n' roll.

Linda D (au) wrote: i dont know what i was thinking when i rented this one. I definately did not read the whole synopsis when i got it. It is ok but really dumb! NOT BELIEVEABLE!!

Jason J (mx) wrote: Fairly interesting documentary of the devotion of some fans for all things Star Trek. You could call them saddos but they're not doing any harm to anybody. They're just passionate about their hobby.

jose p (mx) wrote: estoy interesado en esta pelicula como hago para comprarla.

Jonathan V (br) wrote: The Apocalypse has finally begun, pigs are learning how to fly, Satan is skating his way to work, and I'm pretty sure that i just become a Monkey's Uncle!! this film is an ASS!!

Paul D (es) wrote: Lower-budget but with a worthy horror scenario with a very carnal focus.

Christopher H (us) wrote: When it comes to film franchises, it is not unusual for the first film to be the best. This applies to the Godzilla franchise, in which the first film is near universally regarded as the best. In the case of the Gamera franchise, it is quit different. It is one of the few franchises were the later films are better than the first. Gamera's first outing had a generally serious tone, with Gamera portrayed as a villainous monster. The story is pretty much a Gojira knock-off, but lacking the emotional resonance or political subtext. The characters do not really stand-out beyond their archetypes. The biggest thorn in this movies thigh is the little boy named Toshio. From the first moment you meet him, he is annoying. He is dumb and treats everybody around him really badly. It is beyond stupid that Toshio keeps trying to tell the adults that Gamera is innocent even though he is destroying cities and killing innocent people. It seems the movie is not sure whether we are supposed to fear Gamera or sympathize for him. The film tries to be Gojira mixed with a little boys coming-of-age story and it simply does not work. I wished the movie would have cut the irrelevant boy subplot and taken more time to develop the adult characters more. Gamera is really interesting-looking monster, and the movie succeeds in making him look intimidating. The destruction of Tokyo is a pretty good spectacle and the human efforts to stop Gamera is also a little intriguing. Overall, for a Gojira knock-off, this is not too bad but nothing special. It's not as campy as some later entries, nor is it as spectacular.

Gavin S (fr) wrote: Dark and bleak doesn't equal quality every time. I don't feel the need to watch this again, once was enough and I didn't get all the fuss...Oscar schmoscar.

Ian M (kr) wrote: Original concept that makes this fantasy/horror not only original but bloody brilliant. Absolutely bloody hilarious with a great cast... This is not only a joy to watch but I would love to rewatch again and again. If you want a nice surprise you weren't expecting... This IS THE film!

Augustine H (us) wrote: Highly-alike Neil Jordan's The End of the Affair, Rachel Weisz took over Julianne Moore's role brilliantly, only with more instability and sorrow in a profound way.

TomShara K (us) wrote: Stupid movie. The plot was terrible and the actors were bad. Special effects needed improving (A LOT) but you get what you get when you produce a low budget movie. Sad. Save yourself from this disaster.