Faleze de nisip

Faleze de nisip


The plot confronts an influential surgeon and a carpenter accused to have stolen the doctor's personal belongings from the beach. The neurotic doctor involves himself in the inquiry, ultimately directing the interrogation. The burglary victim, Theodor Hristea, a surgeon at the peak of his career and social life, self-confident and well connected, his girlfriend, Cristina and their common friend, Stefan - find themselves on holiday near the summer resort of Mamaia. The doctor has a detective passion and accuses – just on account of a physical resemblance with the real thief - a young carpenter who happens to come at the same beach the day following the burglary. The police is summoned and The Kid is sent to trial. The doctor plays an active part in the investigation. Although the doctor's girlfriend and his friend doubt the identity of the accused, the surgeon insists in being right and succeeds in sending the innocent young man to prison. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua J (it) wrote: The storyline was tense and the plot had several shocks with an underlying secret that was brilliant with only a small twinge of supernatural that made the whole thing all the better.

George S (it) wrote: Proper feel good film...little bit too much autotune though ;-)

Seth C (it) wrote: Great movie. Incredible insights. Highly recommended. If you like beer you'll love this movie.

Russ V (ag) wrote: ThanksKilling is simply an awful movie. Terrible acting, bad writing, and stupid characters. But, the movie doesn't try to be anything more than a bad movie, which is where it is successful and what makes it so entertaining. If you take ThanksKilling seriously, it's almost impossible to give it any more than 1/2 a star, but if you go into it knowing what your in for, it's a very enjoyable film.

Johnny B (fr) wrote: Better than I expected after all the bad reviews... that is, until the climactic showdown with the bad guy. Then the movie just died. Also, too much shaky-cam. Even the steady-cam was shaky in this movie. On a side note, I wonder how this movie would have turned out with Kubrick directing.

Tracy F (es) wrote: So I thought was a real documentary and thought it was so insane. It was pretty crazy. Turns out, not real lol. I feel silly. I knew it was too crazy to be true. Still decent. But I feel silly.

xGary X (mx) wrote: A group of Hungarian jews who work in a death camp plan an uprising to destroy the crematorium when it becomes clear that they are next on the death list. Based upon an eye witness account, The Grey Zone is a harrowing story of life in a concentration camp where all human morality is abandoned in the attempt to stay alive. The characters are all regular people who are forced to choose between collaboration and death and in turn have to live with the consequences of their actions and it makes you wonder what you would do if you were in the same position. Great performances all round (Harvey Keitel's Hogan's Heroes accent notwithstanding) make for an intelligent and affecting story that maybe is not on a level with Schindler's List or Downfall, but it's still a powerful and thought provoking film about what happens when human life loses all value. Grim but in good way.

Nolan S (fr) wrote: Dark, grim, and uniquely symbolic with its portrayal of violence and authority in a Red Riding Hood-style story from the creator of Ghost in the Shell.

Ahmad J (fr) wrote: Saw this movie back when I was a kid and I seriously don't remember it being that bad.

Miklos K (nl) wrote: Probably one of the best B Action movies that has a real plot which is somewhat solid. It's kinda follows the video game snatcher with a few ideas. Definitely worth seeing in my opinion!

David B (fr) wrote: da best and fuck the rest;)

Byron B (kr) wrote: nominated for best picture at the golden globes

Andrew K (br) wrote: Dunno why this is considered a cult classic. I liked the first five minutes.

Andrei P (gb) wrote: The plot is nice. Actually I have never thought about the existance of a Best Man rental company. But it got blue starting with that football match...unfortunately. Anyway really enjoyed the last reply of Jorge G. ...really LOST related :))

Lanlona (ag) wrote: i think it will be a nice movie