Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Twelve year old Jennifer is unhappy with her widowed mom's relationship with a family friend. Feeling lonely, she readily accepts the friendship of an adult man named Howie and joins the softball team he coaches. Soon, Howie is convincing Jennifer to pose for photographs which become more and more revealing. Howie turns out to be a pedophile who works in child pornography and he plans to make Jennifer a "star". Will Jennifer's mother be able to help her daughter before it's too late?

Twelve year old Jennifer is unhappy with her widowed mom's relationship with a family friend. Feeling lonely, she readily accepts the friendship of an adult man named Howie and joins the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sebastian D (es) wrote: Cheap, boring American action.

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Frank M (fr) wrote: This is a very good movie, like a down-to-earth Oceans 11. Real people, real problems, and real good. Palminterri is a great leading man, tough yet sensitive. Grabbed me from the first minute.

Jim G (kr) wrote: It hurts to say that a chick flick is a good movie but it is. It has my kind of sarcasm and is a pretty good story I think it might be a stoner chick flick that makes it ok for me to like it or I'm just getting soft in my old age lol

Kathy C (jp) wrote: Julie Andrew's voice is wonderful. And I hit the repeat time and again on her song "Dear Little Boy"

girlybat h (mx) wrote: Great buddy movie! Not great acting, but an incredible cast and decent story. A true classic. One of my all time faves!!!

Bella R (it) wrote: As i expected this movie is no dissapointment, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks have done an amazing job on this film. DiCaprio plays a Con artist who makes fake cheques to buy lots of things to his heart consent whilst a lonley Tom Hanks is an officer doing his best to catch him. Brilliant movie, can't wait to watch again.

Sam M (it) wrote: One of the best Barrymore films and King adaptations.

Gordon S (fr) wrote: A rip-off of a rip-off . . . or you can call it a "follow-up" to an "homage" of Dawn of the Dead. ZOMBI HOLOCAUST gets its title from CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (instead of cannibals there are zombies AND cannibals) and was released in The Untied States of America as DOCTOR BUTCHER MD (Medical Deviate) through Terry Levine and featured a segment from Roy Frumkis' Tales That Will Rip Your Heart Out with a bunch of Zombies rising from their graves; Roy Frumkis also brought us (horror fans) the ALL-TIME-CLASSICS: DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD (the incredible, excellent documentary of DAWN OF THE DEAD and STREET TRASH (the movie where the homeless guys play catch with a guy's scrotum) .ZOMBIES HOLOCAUST (Zombi is plural of Zombie in Italian), stars Ian Maculloch who also starred in Lucio Fulci's Zombie in a similar role, a newspaper reporter,Honestly, I find Zombi Holocaust to be pretty corny . . . but the soundtrack (that is actually playing on my computer as I write this) is awesome and is by the guy who did the soundtrack for Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (aka TRAP THEM AND KILL THEM).DOCTOR BUTCHER that played in the states has a different soundtrack.The zombies in Zombi Holocaust are actually lobotomized victims of Dr. Butcher (Dr. Umbreo played by DONALD O'BRIEN) and run around like wrestlers.Oh actually the working-title of Zombi Holocaust was Regina Dei Cannibali (Queen of the Cannibals) . . . Ian McCulloch's girlfriend Andrea Deli Colli is kidnapped by the cannibals who begin to worship her as their queen . . .under her influence, Andre Della Colli leads the cannibals to storm Dr. Butcher's hospital, the same set used in Zombi 2 and they burn it down along with Dr. Butcher and his lobotomized Zombies.

Bubba M (ca) wrote: A good retelling of Faulkner's story of a lonely watchman at a lumber mill who takes in a pregnent women

Biren P (ag) wrote: I haven't watched too many western movies but this one surely has made me curious about this genre. Gregory Peck is rock star in this movie. So intense and yet cool as the other side of the pillow.

Charlie M (ru) wrote: Silly Pamela Lee action vehicle that is terribly directed and acted.

Frank N (ru) wrote: Heartwarming, very good cast and an overall enjoyable movie. I've learned one thing about critics after reading many hundreds of reviews on hundreds of movies and I find it for some to be the easiest job in the world. All they need to know, for example, is that, if the movie smacks of Christianity, it's an automatic rotten movie. If that is the case, anyone can do the job. This movie deserved better but it'll never happen while we have critics who don't really critic.