Fallet G

Fallet G

(In Swedish with English Subtitles)Episode 6, Case G- Van Veeteren's only unsolved case comes back to haunt him when the daughter of a murdered private detective comes to see him. A brutal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Auramadeus M (ag) wrote: Solo una palabra: Anti-Interesante.

Mike R (ca) wrote: holy crap, take 45 minutes off this movie and it's still too long. put good actors in a crappy story with a terrible ending it's still a bad movie. hopefully they got paid before it came out

Donald P (it) wrote: When I want to just sit and enjoy a movie this is one of the very few I can watch over and over.

Mathieu P (fr) wrote: un superbe film !!! Il a plus de 50 ans, mais il est d'une modernit impresionnante ! Pas un temps, pas le temps de s'ennuyer, des dialogues trs bons, et un scnario (inspir de faits rels) vraiment gnial !!! On y retrouve bien l'ambiance des annes 50, la british class de James Mason, et la french class de Danielle Darieux. Une ralisation tout en fluidit, et des rebondissements. A voir et revoir !

Ray S (us) wrote: Good poker movie and true story.

Deadly V (mx) wrote: Not so erotic as the poster says but the performances of the lead actors is very powerful and they share a great chemistry in this film. Haven't read the book but the story was just average, worth watching if you like spanish films or Eduardo Noriega.

Poo B (gb) wrote: Wow, that was the shits.

Chris R (fr) wrote: To be honest i have heard some pretty terrible things aboutthis film but the trailer i saw had me gripped so im hoping to see it for my judgment...shame its not avaliable in the uk

Scott P (au) wrote: The Burt Reynolds/Sally Field aspect is sorely missed, but it's still quite fun to run around with Buford T. Justice, Junior, and the Snowman. There are lots of jokes and character moments scattered throughout that make it worth the watch. I'm especially fond of Snowman's excitement to finally be the Bandit, though his time as the "lead" sorely lacks... which kind of works because he's being such a tryhard and it's almost endearing? It's a weird, weird movie, but if you like Police Academy sequels, this is in the same vein of schlocky rehashment.I wish there was a 'like' system as well as the stars. There are so many 3 & 4 star movies I don't like nearly as much, but it's not a great movie by any stretch.

Scott N (ca) wrote: did I see Norman Lovett???

Christopher S (mx) wrote: So I might be able to write reviews/editorials for this new website and this is the first flick I chose to write about as my audition. This movie fucking rocks.

Glen O (ru) wrote: This was quite an entertaining western, somewhat in the style of Sergio Leone, nicely shot, with great music but with plot holes you could drive a truck through. (If the Barquero and the mountain man could swim across the river to rescue the farmer why didn't the bad guys just swim across the river in the first place instead of staging a pitched battle over the ferry?) You know this is an early 70s western when Warren Oates' character spends half his time smoking dope and hallucinating. Oates and Lee van Cleef both give convincing performances but there's no real reason why their final shoot couldn't have happened right at the start of the story but then I guess you have to fill your 105 minutes with something. One of only a couple of films Marie Gomez appeared in (she was a regular on the TV show The High Chaparral) her tough cigar chomping character was a rare thing for a female lead in this period. She knows how to look after herself and at no point does she need rescuing by any man. Long a cult classic the DVD release was a long time coming (2010) and fans of late night television should enjoy its appearance in the format.

Ibraheem M (es) wrote: Enjoyable, not thrilling as other Eastwood's films but overall not bad, the score was wonderful, the performance was great, the script solid, and not a bad story.

Mark R (it) wrote: Favorite movie by sandler

Dane A (ag) wrote: A Fantasy Masterpiece. Schwarzenegger Brings Robert E. Howard's Character To Life And Does It With Flare.

Josh L (jp) wrote: An intelligent and funny action movie surprisingly packed with existential angst. Great cast...Danny DeVito as a cartoon cat, Ian McKellen as Death, Charles Dance as the "bad guy"...and Arnold being Arnold being Arnold (no typo).

Thomas T (mx) wrote: An uplifting adventure filled with emotional scenarios from beginning to end that hits me.

Adam R (br) wrote: (First viewing - Late teen years)

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)