Fan of the Dead

Fan of the Dead

Fan of the Dead is a road-movie documentary revealing the filming locations of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead.

In 1968, George Romero traumatized a whole generation with his legendary and revolutionary "Night of the Living Dead," which truly marks the birth of modern horror movies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fan of the Dead torrent reviews

Nick U (br) wrote: 1/16/15 Amazon PrimeI do like this franchise and this was an OK film, certainly nothing award worthy but decent for its genre. The dialogue a bit cheesy, especially the race relations side but all in all an entertaining 90 minutes.

Bethany W (ca) wrote: So bad. Made me want to me sick whn evan kill the poor kangaroo :( and bite the head of the fish. Would not recommend to anyone..

Justin V (nl) wrote: What is this!? Its not even a movie! Its an abomination! There is no character development whatsoever and the plot is extremely simple and not even put into action until the last half of the film. Beyond Terrible! The acting is so horrific and none of the characters can make a good, funny or likable personality! The story is so bad that I cringe at everything Leslie does with most of the time he has in the film, just dicking around for 40 minutes and not doing anything to serve the plot! Nothing happens within the 40 minutes except pointless jokes and extensive long scenes that don't serve anything for the story, IT NEEDS TO BE RE-WRITTEN!! The action is so bad, the cinematography is lousy, and the editing is like on speed, giving us a fast cut away every second! I don't even know what to say about this movie, I haven't hated a film in such a long time that I was in extreme happiness that it was over! This movie is terrible and no one should ever watch it!

Janet Zahra W (es) wrote: This is a great show. Good acting, good story lines yes this is not too bad at all :)

Leena L (br) wrote: The end of my Robert Duvall Sunday. Had forgotten what goes on in this and found it a bit dull. But it does have nice songs on the soundtrack. And Kyra Sedgwick with her impossibly curly hair and pouty lips.

James M (it) wrote: This Indonesian cult film takes the over-the-top action, that is a staple of American action films of the 80's, adds in a dose of mysticism, lifts several key scenes from it's title namesake and blends it all up into a schlocky treat for the viewer. This isn't high art, nor does it pretend to be. It is a blatant riff on one of the most classic action films of the decade and never apologizes once for it. Some of the scene are direct copies of James Cameron's classic original, such as the attack on the police headquarters, the removal of the eye, even the first kill being done to obtain clothing for her naked form. You will get a deja vu feeling more than once, while watching this film. The added angle of a mystical plot device, rather than a technological one, as well as making the lead antagonist female, made for some interesting changes in this film, which the original "Terminator" could never have had. Still, despite copious amounts of violence, some very nice nudes scenes with our sexy lead, and some slightly interesting special effects, the film is far from what you would call "good." Some of the dubbed in voices are very poorly done. Plus, speaking as a guy, the way she kills men while mating with them is... well... let's just say it's probably every guy's worst nightmare and leave it at that. Plus, they never really gave much explanation on why the Queen of the South Seas revenge against the great-granddaughter of her betraying lover will give her what she wants. I guess giving emphasis to the plot had to take a back seat to the action and nudity. Not an uncommon thing in films of this nature. Barbara Anne Constable, who plays the lead role of the anthropologist turned unstoppable tool of destruction, is really the linchpin of the film. None of the other actors turn in anything beyond competent performances, at best, but Barbara's deadpan expressions throughout the film, even as she uses sex to kill her victims, is just as fun to watch as that of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original "Terminator" film. If you are looking for a seriously dramatic story, with stunning personal performances, well, you'll be sadly disappointed. But if it is wild bouts of action and violence, coupled with a sexual-themed tale of revenge you desire, this film gives you all you could ever want. It is easily one of the best selections from the Mondo Macabro catalog and would be a great party film. It's a watchable movie and entertaining in that "so bad it's good" way. Just don't give a lot of thought to what you are watching. You definitely need to check your brain at the door for this one.

Vanya M (gb) wrote: 1985 M.D. was great Ninja

Richard H (ca) wrote: Films like this and Paths of Glory continue to quietly outshine modern war epics, for the boundaries they work within force them to create poignancy and terror on different and deeper levels than shocking violence or schlocky speeches.

Anne F (au) wrote: I loved the slow-moving pace of Dreyer's film, but didn't ever believe in the eponymous Gertrud, which is a problem seeing as she is the film's central character.

John H (it) wrote: Well done. Great insight into the amount of prep it takes to sing in a rock band on tour.

Emily R (au) wrote: Good movie with interesting roles with Robert DeNiro as a shy, wishing he was strong guy, while Bill Murray was the tough Mafia bad guy and Uma Thurman did a splendid job as Glory.

Zack B (it) wrote: Great movie. It's totally incorrect in portraying Robert Stroud as a kind gentlemen, but judged just as a film it's one of Lancaster's best films. The story is about Robert Stroud and his journey in prison for almost his entire live. He finds sanction in birds and becomes an important figuere in bird medicine and teachings. Without a doubt Burt Lancaster's best performance, "BOA" should be viewed as a study of human life and meaning rather than a bio on Stroud, who was really a big dickhead. Fantastic film!