Fanny and Alexander

Fanny and Alexander

Two young Swedish children experience the many comedies and tragedies of their family, the Ekdahls.

Two young Swedish children experience the many comedies and tragedies of their family, the Ekdahls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Craig F (de) wrote: I really wanted to like this starting off. Nice cast, good dialog and an interesting plot but it took way too long to get where it was going.

Jessica L (it) wrote: Very good. Tom Hanks is always fantastic.

David S (kr) wrote: 14 Blades is a terrible martial arts film attempting to do all the clich (C)s and already done moves, but with no personality. This blunder of a movie has terrible acting, a ridiculous plot (and love-story) and provides nothing new to the cinema. Daniel Lee seems like he's trying to milk the viewers for what they're worth, and the same could be said for Donnie Yen, who is slowly losing all respect he gained from Ip man.

Rob V (ca) wrote: When you combine Lynch and Herzog you just know things will be a little bit strange. I would watch Michael Shannon in anything. The guy is fucking amazing

Ian C (ru) wrote: Good low budget comic horror

Alex P (br) wrote: it was an ok movienot worth seeing it again tho.couldve been better.

Leena L (es) wrote: One star for the hilarious John Cleese as a writing instructor and for the delightful curves of Rebecca Romijn! For the rest it was pointless and boring. The only funny bit with Ben Affleck was him pretending to be Tom Cruises mad cousin with funky teeth. truly funny, all 30 seconds of it.

Holly W (ag) wrote: Girl, Interrupted receives so much slack based on Angelina's character, but if you pay close attention, Winona gives an amazing performance showing what depression can really do to a person. This movie accurately depicts life with mental illness and what it can do to you. A classic.

Jacob W (es) wrote: Corny and inaccurate but action packed and exciting

Rick L (ca) wrote: Very unbelievable even while TRYING to suspend belief. Probably intended as a parody, but not far-fetched enough in my opinion. It just comes across as a poor movie.

Tim R (jp) wrote: With it's pedigree, I was hoping for a shocking retelling of an ugly moment in world history done right. I was there in 1979, in a long line, in the rain, looking forward to experiencing ancient Rone in all its wretched glory. What I got was a cheezy Penthouse magazine shoot that moved.

John Y (jp) wrote: Classic Western film.

Vincent B (nl) wrote: Hilarious. One of the earliest sound films exploits it for entertainment purposes, and does so successfully. Early workings of family guy esque humor with songs that aren't annoying, which is a huge step for me in a musical. It was completely insane and funny, maybe not so much for our generation, but I still thought so. One of my favorites from my 2nd least favorite genre.

Marcos V (nl) wrote: A veces pienso que as terminar a los 40 pero en New York en lugar de las vegas y bebiendo todas las noches en el MC gees

Leocimar F (ag) wrote: Come on and Slan, and Welcome to Jam!! Definitely this movie brings me memories. If you were born in the 90's, you should have seen it; Funny and colorful and Hey is Michael Jordan !! It is not a good actor at all, but I must admit that if it were not for this movie, I wouldn't know who he is. What it makes this film more memorable is the soundtrack: I Believe I Can Fly, Fly like an Eagle, Hit em High, and all others. It is not the best animated film in the world but it certainly has its touch.