Fantasma d'amore

Fantasma d'amore

Over two decades after their affair ended, a married man is haunted by the presence of his former lover.

Over two decades after their affair ended, a married man is haunted by the presence of his former lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clayton J (ca) wrote: This movie was okay, not the best, but nice to see that the gay characters were actually committed to one another and not out screwing around... The story seems to leap way ahead in a random encounter during the storm scene, which really ruined it for me. Good, not great, but Cheyenne Jackson is in it so it gets an extra star. ;)

Jenine L (fr) wrote: Cute little movie...makes you want to cook and bake. If you try to read into it, the story won't make sense. Liked the little kid and liked the samurai guy. Now, I really need to find where I can have custard pudding myself! :)

Private U (mx) wrote: This movie has quality written all over it, from the outstanding lead performanaces to the tremendously well-held sign in the station scene. The St Andrews sequences are breath-taking.

Jennifer E (ru) wrote: An okay film. Slow start, fast finish. When the plot is revealed within the last half hour, it leaves you saying WTF? Although I have to say Anna made a pretty gross, scary looking ghost.

Genevieve R (it) wrote: Great, intelligent movie dealing with depression, the superficiality of media, the greed and power of corporations, the artificiality of people, the importance of both happiness and sadness in life and how depressing life really is. I am a giant Kids in the Hall fan so I was very excited to watch this movie, even knowing how badly it did when it came out. At first I wasn't sure what to think as there weren't nearly as many jokes and gags as there would be in the show in the opening scenes, but I think they decided to aim for a more serious, dark, intellectual, opinionated movie and they succeeded. It's kind of gritty for a KITH project, but it's a unique way to look at the group and I think it added something interesting to the movie. My favourite character was definitely Mark McKinney as Don with his uncanny Lorne Michaels impersonation. So many things discussed in this movie are so depressingly true that instead of laughing you almost cringe a bit, like the talk show where they interview the scientist Chris Cooper and all they care about are superficial things like his resemblance to Tom Jones. Towards the end there are more funny scenes (like Don and Chris' ridiculous fight in the hallway full of coma victims).Even with the darker approach they seemed to be going for, I think it would have been safe to add more of the Kids in the Hall jokes they are known for. All the same it was a very thought-provoking and humorous movie and the critics who didn't like it are wrong. There, I said it.

Johnathon W (kr) wrote: Disappointing sequel to the original that while retains some laughs, just comes off as a blatant money grab. Culkin continues his solid work as Kevin, though this time he comes off more as a jerk than a bewildered kid, as he knows what happens to his family and decides to stay in New York anyway. Thankfully, Pesci & Stern are back in fine form, delivering most of the films laughs as in the first one. There are some nice new additions as well, particularly Tim Curry as the smarmy hotel worker. Behind the camera, Chris Columbus repeats most of the gags of the original, though he does acknowledge the first film numerous times (Kevin's family jokes it's a Christmas tradition to lose him, while the burglars are sensitive that Kevin is great at laying traps). However, it still feels like a retread, and for some reason, is nearly 30 minutes longer than the original, which drags it down. Thankfully, the third act, while not as funny as the first film's, still brings plenty of laughs as Pesci & Stern repeat their superb physical comedy. Plus, John Williams delivers another great score. Overall, not worth owning by itself, but if cheaply packaged with the first film, not a bad viewing.

Christopher Y (es) wrote: Lots of big names...when they were younger. Story was sad and violent...but still pretty good acting.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Monster-mash extravaganza--Nostalgia ala Supreme!!

Scott C (gb) wrote: Big disappointment from 'Sholay' director, Ramesh Sippy.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: We have here a voice that will delight your soul.Mary Blake is a desperate singer looking for a gig to make some money. She convinces a local bar owner in San Francisco to give her a chance and he pays her fairly well to sing. She delivers breathtaking performances that appear in all the newspapers. The bar's owner falls in love with her but so does his competition (who offers to pay her more to sing at his place). As this love triangle forms, tragedy hits the city of San Francisco."Don't wear that dress again.""Honey, I think it makes me look nice.""It makes you look cheap."W.S. Van Dyke, director of The Thin Man, After the Thin Man, Tarzan the Ape Man (1932), Marie Antionette (1938), The Devil is a Sissy, Love on the Run, and Guilty Hands, delivers San Francisco. The storyline for this picture is a bit slow and contains numerous long singing sequences (opera style, for the most part). The acting is excellent as the cast includes Clarke Gable, Spencer Tracy, Jeanette McDonald, and Jack Holt. "I'm a singer.""Let me see your legs.""I said I am a singer."I found this film during a Spencer Tracy marathon on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). It was cool to see Gable and Tracy play off each other. The dynamics between the characters was very well written and presented but the long songs created too many lags between scenes. Overall, this movie is just okay but not great.Grade: B-

Cresswell S (it) wrote: funny action packed western about a robbery of gold

Nico B (au) wrote: While the film lacks strong storytelling, The Transporter delivers enough well choreographed and over the top action and a decent performance by Jason Statham that it hardly matters!

Jacob B (it) wrote: Walking Tall has some entertaining action sequences which is surprising for a film based off of a true story with the protagonist's name and the film's setting being altered...for some reason. The Rock also shows that he's a pretty good action hero especially given he was still a wrestler around the time this film was released before he told Hollywood "Call me Dwayne Johnson". Sadly, the film ends too soon at 86 minutes including credits and also feels pretty forgettable. Also, was there any valid reason as to why Johnny Knoxville's in the movie? Neal McDonough I can understand as he's the villain or something,I think (like I said, feels forgettable). But the star of MTV's Jackass? You could literally get an unknown to portray Knoxville's character and no one would've given a crap about it. Summary: Solid action but too short with one actor having no legitimate reasons for being in this film other than to make money.

Alec W (au) wrote: it works. and it is fine and there are some jokes in here that are fine.