Short documentary about a diner.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:13 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Fantastic 1980 full movies, Fantastic torrents movie

A day in the life of proprietor Dave Greenstein's Fantastic Food Factory, a greasy spoon diner in Boston's Brighton neighborhood. Cinema verite documentary in the style of Wiseman and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (ca) wrote: Having been a big fan of the band and knowing that this documentary came from the same stable that brought us "Amy" and "Senna" to say I was excited was an understatement. Many questions that were floating around in my head for years would now, unquestionably be answered. Were the Gallagher boys really working class heroes? Was the sibling rivalry genuine or manufactured to boost record sales? Most importantly, had I taken the right side on the Oasis versus Blur argument? Was this rock doc going to answer all, if any, of these burning issues?The general answer to these questions was a resounding yes. An origins story in the most part, this film tracks the early life of the Gallagher boys via old unseen footage and using very candid interviews by all involved in the establishment and strengthening of the brute force that was to become Oasis.From a tough childhood at the hands of their father, to a steely driven termination shown by these Manchester siblings, along with a large initial pinch of luck, we get an intimate insight into what influenced and shaped this band and led to them becoming one of the biggest bands in the planet in the mid nineties.The combination of found footage and clever animation, played alongside extremely blunt interviews from the Gallagher family as well other important players in the Oasis story, takes the viewer on an extraordinary rock and roll story with numerous twists and turns along the way.Fans of the band will love this film as it revisits the highs and lows that made Oasis the icons that they were to become. There is also something in this documentary for the non-believers, as on a personal level, we are able to see how living in this fish bowl of super stardom can affect siblings to the point of no return.The pacing of this film is perfect and the running time of just shy of two hours just flew by.Did it answer all my important questions? All bar one, and until Damon Albarn and co. release their biographical documentary that question will remain unanswered.

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: A dark and stormy night on a lonely road. 5 strangers rendezvous in a mysterious diner, who's owner is more than preoccupied with the thought that he might be God Himself.Okay, the son of God.Okay, a lame-o setup. "A dark and stormy night ...", really? Is that all you got? Is that your opening gambit? Yep. That's it. And it never rises above that.Thrilling? No. Thought provoking? Not even.It's a family film. That I'll say.

Rob J (gb) wrote: A powerful film within a film that details the legacy of Spanish Imperialism in Bolivia, while contemporary privatisation of the water supply threatens to destroy the native population. The film draws the viewer in at the same time as it pulls the Spanish film crew into the Bolivian situation - gradually, but with affect and emotion. Brilliant performances complement this well-written and well-directed film.

Julian T (gb) wrote: A pleasantly good horror flick from the makers of the ever under-rated 'Blair Witch Project'. Like Blair Witch, a great example that good film making can be achieved without a huge budget and top shelf actors.

Grant W (nl) wrote: Witty writing, odd plot. Mostly good for a nostalgia-kick.

james k (de) wrote: not a film, it's a documentary

Danielle R (ca) wrote: This movie scared the shit out of me as a kid. Mental illness and surreal's kind of afterschool program-ish now that I look back.

Geoff M (us) wrote: Fascinating little curiosity about a washed up rocker who trying to sell a shitload of weed in one weekend. Very much a post-hippie comedown film; Hackman's crooked cop is practically a stand-in for Nixonian paranoia and corruption.

jay n (ca) wrote: Sharp, tightly paced low budget film is hard to categorize. There are definitely noirish tendencies but it's not a full blown film noir, there are also elements of horror contained within but neither is a horror film. Even as a hybrid of different genres it is very involving and uses it short running time to full effect, actually so effective that it received quite a lot of critical attention in its day for a lower budget release and helped move its leading lady's career forward. Speaking of the leading lady the film is also a study of two stars in flight. Susan Hayward whose full fledged stardom was still a few years away was still definitely on her way up, Frances Farmer, whose part is small, was most definitely on the descent. At one time considered an actress with the brightest of futures this was her second to last picture before descending into a decades long hell of mental illness and involuntary confinement. The real standout though is Albert Dekker in a dual role of very different twin brothers. An excellent character actor who met a grisly end he rarely had the opportunity of the leading role but he takes his chance here and makes the most of it. His body language and vocal inflections makes the two characters recognizably different men and their struggles relatable. Not readily available and hard to find its definitely worth the effort to seek out.

Carol M (jp) wrote: Crispin Glover is my most favorite of character actors, because he is so good at what he does, playing bizarre characters so convincingly, so entertainingly. But even his talent wasn't enough to save this predictable, uninspiring, men to old for their girlfriends mentally of a movie. I guess I don't fit into the "Written for 13 year old boys" genre. I was excited when the move started thinking it would bring us back to the creativity of 70'esk cop shows, the Baretta's, Columbo's, Skarsky & Hutch, etc, which intrigued us week to week until they did their time in history, and gracefully bowed out. Freaky Deaky is a deceptive use of a movie title to try and draw you into a movie so un-moving and boring that you wish you could DVR the Gong Show. At least if the writing is shoddy attempt to make it funny, but most people don't find it amusing to hear a woman who was sexually assaulted say "In the condition I was in I don't even know if he was sticking his weenie in me" as funny when referring to being raped. If you have about 2 hours of your life to totally waste, or you are having LSD flashbacks, then this movie is for you. Other than that, there has to be something better you can do.

Christopher M (nl) wrote: Great movie, with a nice different cast and great concept and ending!!!

Cole E (mx) wrote: No matter how "bad" people say this movie is, no one can deny the true comedic properties that this movies contains. Kevin James is a magician of comedy, and should be thought of as so.

Eliabeth S (gb) wrote: Saw this ages ago and just rewatched it the other day. Love the unique story but the ending is so unfortunate -- they never have to deal with their issues as a couple, since they just focus on the kid!! Alas. But, interesting and well-acted. Love Applejack.