Fantozzi subisce ancora

Fantozzi subisce ancora


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,   bad luck,   unlucky,  

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Fantozzi subisce ancora torrent reviews

Aaron M (mx) wrote: Boring, confusing, and stupid. Saw 5 really feels like they're running out of ideas fast.

Mark S (it) wrote: Not sure why so much negative reviews, this movie was funny, touching and good. In the genre of geek finds pretty girl who is actually interested in him when he can't even see it or believe it. Definitely liked it.


Caleb C (de) wrote: Don't understand how this was so popular with critics. It's like a really bad rip-off of American Beauty. I mean, not horrible, but not great either.

Syed N (fr) wrote: This is neither solely a children's movie, nor it is a coming-of-age story as the movie has been positively underrated as one. Though it tells a story of two young siblings, and a movie I would like for every kid in the world to see, I see 'life' as a whole with its helpless tragedy and irony, even sometimes in triumph. Nonetheless, the movie moves us all to acknowledge and appreciate the purity of heart and have faith in innocence surprisingly found in a world full of mess and betrayal. As for making, not being an expert but as an audience, it is storytelling at its best.

Chris A (au) wrote: Absolutely awful acting, but an 80's classic nevertheless.

His L (ag) wrote: This version of Joan of Arc is adapted from the George Bernard Shaw play, unfortunantely it doesn't work 100% in it's adaption to the screen. Jean Seberg takes the role of Joan. Seberg looks great and does a fare job seeing as she has little action to work with. The story is told in flash back and basically consists of two acts (based on the original acts of the play). The first act being the events of crowning the Dauphin and leading the French army at Orleans, and the second Joan's trial and execution. The main problem I found with this is that there is so little action, just when you think that something exciting is going to happen, like the battle at Orleans, it fades to black and switches to scenes after the event. This is a fairly enjoyable film, with a good cast, but there are superior movie versions of the story.

Alice (us) wrote: When it comes to love, sometimes she just can't think straight.

Jonny B (us) wrote: A forgotten classic from childhood still holds up and adds even more substance in modern times. Highly probable 'Paperhouse' is owned by one Chris Nolan. The movie still doesn't feel dated even if the dream world can sometimes look like the set for The Cure video 'Just Like Heaven'. There's an insidious mood under everything that works alongside themes of depression and childhood imagination that messed with me psychologically unlike any other movie I have ever seen. The acting is so damn good from these kids it makes the subject and events all the more poignant and the direction, with a haunting helping hand score from Hanz Zimmer, by Bernard Rose is crafty and provides a bizarre mood that I only can compare to looking at a Meatyard photograph, not similar but their unnerving way of getting under one's skin is quite astonishing. The best horror movie you've never heard about.

Ayrton Anthony C (kr) wrote: Puntaje Original: 7.0No llega a ser mejor que el libro. Si bien Hitchcock nos ofrece nuevos ingredientes y en cierto modo funciona el no ser del todo fiel al libro, en s pierde esencia en cuanto a misterio y juegos psicolgicos.