Serge is a long distance lorry driver between Morocco andEurope. In Tangier, he tries to reconcile with his former girlfriend, Sarah. She has refused to have anything to do with him since her mother’s death and intends to join her brother in Canada. Serge appeals to Sarah’s protector, a young Arab named Saïd, to allow him to meet up with Sarah, promising in return to smuggle Saïd into Europe...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:French,English,Arabic,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hotel,   picnic,   bicycle,  

In Tangier, intercontinental truck driver Serge is in love with Sarah, but is in some trouble of his own. Film generally concerns Moroccans with various relationships with the country: ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy C (ru) wrote: So much better than expected!

Jeff L (de) wrote: A construction worker husband meets his son's subsitute teacher. He fixes her loose window and uses it a window of opportunity to get into the teacher's pants. This is just another story abuot middle-aged love, in which one partner feels restless and needs to couple with someone from the opposite sex. He will think about leaving but will change his mind at the last moment. We've seen it all before.

Alex W (gb) wrote: This was pretty funny

Dammy G (au) wrote: What can I really say about this movie other than maybe a girlfriend of mine may like, but while she watches it, I'd be playing with the apps on my Android.

Bernie F (de) wrote: Low budget movie and unknown actors but it was still great. Skining part had to been the scariest part plus the princess creepy eyes lol

Asif K (de) wrote: i just loved this movie , made by one of the few best Outstanding-love stories- teller Mr Yash Chopra. music is fantastic, good performances, loved it. story is nice. slow in some places but never boring.

Muhammad A (jp) wrote: In this film the emphasis is more on the surreal and less on synchronicity, however, the final suspense of the menacing 'other' only works if this film is seen as part of the larger narrative explored in Medem's films.

Kurt A (ru) wrote: This movie is fun to watch. I had a great time watching Billy Dee act like a drunken tard and generally get in his own way. The story is unique and, actually, is not an outright crime against humanity. Which, considering the movies I've been watching recently, is a huge step up.So, what he hell is it about? YES! A QUESTION I CAN ANSWER! It's about a bunch of hand picked convicts who accompany Billy Dee Williams into "G" sector to recover a derelict spaceship. Along the way they realize that their "need to know" mission is really about Billy Dee's space lust for a very mysterious vixen name Ariel. The troubling thing about Ariel is her origin. What the hell is she? Where did she come from? Why is she seducing men like an Odyssean siren? How can she appear in the magical land of silicon diodes and also in flesh and blood? Why, it's enough to FRY YOUR CORTEX!Where does this movie succeed? It's a damn good time. People get shot, burned, tricked, and seduced to death! What makes it more fun is that it all takes place in what is supposed to be a spaceship but is actually just an empty warehouse. I'm sorry, in the distant future of 2022, we won't be using concrete and corrugated metal sheeting to build ships. It's just not in the cards. Before I go any further I have to mention something that really threw my mind for a loop. In this movie, all over the damn floor, are boxed in fluorescent tube lights. In the hallways of the ship they are placed about every 4-6 feet. So if you walk down the hall you constantly have to step up onto boxed in lights just to walk straight ahead. IT SO STUPID IT'S GREAT!Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the good stuff. This movie has some great ad lib dialog. "Quit yer bitch'n, get in yer pod." Might be one of the best lines I've heard all year. I'm also quite partial to "DANCE ON THIS!" as a response to the combat challenge "You wanna dance Borman? Let's dance!" For my money though I don't know if it gets much better than Billy Dee Williams threatening to "Fry your cortex." Genius. One of the other great lines in the movie is something I completely forgot about until I looked at my notes. "Hey screw you Mancuzo. Oh you've got all the answers don't you? You win all my money in poker. And now, you shit on my fantasy! Hey you're slime!" Simply brilliant.There are several other things about this movie that were very amusing. There was quite a bit of interstellar shotgun fire and flamethrower fire. I love the fact that they were too cheap to build a space set so they sent the them into "G" sector where there aren't any stars. I also love the fact that people smoke like fiends and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon 24x7 on board, even while on duty. But, mainly I just really enjoyed the fact that the computer said "Goodbye" before blowing up the ship. Polite until the very end, I love it.So what didn't they get right? The SETS! They're just so damn cheesy. Although, in their defense, it looked like they had about $16.50 to make this movie with. If you watch closely you'll see all sorts of things that were just thrown against a wall or tossed on the floor to make it look like a spaceship instead of a hallway in an industrial complex. Also I thought a few of the "pleasure pod" fantasies were a bit tame. It's as though these typified space hooligans don't even know how to have a good time inside their own minds. Which, upon deeper reflection, is probably correct. Wait, what's this? Did I forget to mention the "pleasure pods?" Ok, so, it goes like this. In order to convince the convicts into coming on this mission instead of rotting away for eternity in their jail cells they had to sweeten the pot. So, they promised them that at 5 PM every Friday their weekends would officially begin. While off duty for the weekend they would each be allowed to experience a very personal encounter with the digital damsel of their dreams. All by way of the "pleasure pods" which is a term I made up to describe the pseudo-cryofreeze chambers in which they connect themselves to the virtual reality interface. "Quit yer bitch'n, get in yer pod." My displeasure stems from the poor choices made by the convicts. They could go anywhere and do anything with these virtual dames yet they chose to be cowboys, greasers, beach bums, and crime lords. Why not be ... THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD? Anything short of that is just a lack of trying in my opinion.So yeah, what else? Oh, I know! How about the logic in this idea? A bunch of clandestinely reconnoitered prisoners go missing in deep space. What do you think the government's next action would be? WE MUST SEND A SEARCH PARTY AND MORE SHIPS TO FIND THEM!!! What? Why? They were just going to die anyway, who gives a flip about these felons? When this logic is presented as a defensible argument against Billy Dee's master plan my brain about popped. That makes no damn sense y'all.So what am I really trying to say? I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. It's PM Entertainment at it's finest. I whole heartedly endorse watching this movie to kill 90 minutes any day. Check out these great scenes from Alien Intruder!

Allie L (ag) wrote: It wasn't the BEST film, but there were parts that were incredibly funny, like all of the nerdy guys trying to start confrontations with random people, and the paint ball fight thing. Billy Bob played creepy pretty good, and Jon Heder is cute and does really well in movies like this.

Jason C (nl) wrote: Enjoyable road trip with soul.

Thee Chad S (gb) wrote: A pointless, humorless, and boring movie that tries to be important - but ultimately, fails. There are better ways to spend your time.

Gabriela K (fr) wrote: I love the song "sheets of egyptian cotton!" this movie is too cute!