Far til fire på landet

Far til fire på landet


Her er hygge, sjov og spænding for alle pengene. Ole har problemer i skolen og Søs føler hun må gribe ind? Det får bare alvorlige følger for både hende og Ole, så hvordan skal det dog ende? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ron T B (jp) wrote: Not as good as I was expecting. Some decent kills. Katharine Isabelle's character was hilarious. I would say check this one out, especially if you enjoyed the first one.

Matt H (jp) wrote: Very slice of life, interesting perspective that's fresh, but the story didn't hold my interest enough, and the characters weren't that compelling, either. Basically, the main problem of the movie is that that it follows characters that feel like real people, but following real people that are doing and going through boring things.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Not a bad film it did sort of use the same storyline as the game, But the first hour of the film was hard to follow at times, Not enough action for me, But end of the day an ok film based on an ok game, Can't ask for much more than that.

John L (de) wrote: sooo soo soo bad,,, theres a character that doesnt do or say anything, a character that tries really hard to be funny, and a character that tries really hard to be napolean dynomite... and after 30 minutes I had laughed maybe once- and that was because i realized napolean dynomite came out 10 years ago. (Did i mention theres no plot tho?)

Kenny R (es) wrote: always brings the tears in my eyes! Can't believe it's 20 years from this movie now!

Russell S (au) wrote: A great debut for 007 that despite it's tight budget manages to shine with quality, sophistication and great characters. Terrance Young as director was instrumental in moulding Connery into the Bond he became and this movie sets the stage for what was to follow perfectly.

Zoran S (ag) wrote: It's overly long and mawkish at times. Still, it's an effective film because of Frankenheimer's direction and Lancaster's fine performance.

Paul D (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. It kind of mixes Friday the 13th with Last Action Hero. It isn't overly bloody or overly funny, but I somehow was captivated by it and will definitely watch it again at some point in time. It is worth checking out.