Faraway, So Close!

Faraway, So Close!

The film opens with the angel Cassiel (Otto Sander) standing on the statue of the Angel of Victory overlooking post-Cold War Berlin. Growing ever more despondent over his fate as a mere observer of human life, rather than a vital part of it, Cassiel dreams of "crossing over" to the human world.And he does, as Karl Engel, a man who perhaps knows too much, perhaps like in many of Hitchcock's films, some harmless citizen who gets involved in an affair to which he is not up to. In fact, there is no one as kind and harmless as this newborn citizen of the Earth.We will follow Cassiels's adventures into a "thriller." This story which gets mangled with his own life is about weapons, more precisely about a weapon deal where the weapons - or INSTRUMENTS of violence -- are traded for IMAGES of violence.(Text from Wim Wenders site)

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:German,French,English,Italian,Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:circus,   artist,   sequel,  

A group of angels in the German capital look longingly upon the life of humans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas G (de) wrote: First, I'm going to put up a proclaimation about this film; this is on my top five films of all time, and that is how good it is. It is a Japanese comedy/sci-fi film that takes place in 2012 when a meteor is about to hit the Earth. A man in a wheelchair is wandering the deserted streets to find a record store is still open on the last day on Earth. He goes in to find a worker and a customer listening to a record called "Fish Story". The man asks them why they are there. From that point on, the film cuts to certain events in time involving different people, deciding whether or not "Fish Story" is going to save the world. Now as stupid as that sounds, the film takes that premise for all that it is worth. The characters are interesting/well developed, you are constantly invested in what will happen, and the film is quite funny throughout. Not only that, but the film is just (for lack of a better word) cool to watch. It's a comedy film that isn't afraid to try with its plot. It's not just played up for laughs, and it does have a good message to the audience. So, this is a completely must-see movie that must be watched by everyone. That is how good it is, and hopefully, it will stand the test of time. It is a classic to all those who have seen it, and it is a classic to me. It's perfect.

Danielle E (ag) wrote: Bit of an odd film, certainly not Dyers best

Vadim S (it) wrote: And they say madonna's movies are crap... To call this movie crap is an insult to crap! God bless DVD, I successfully skipped through 97% of it. I want those 6 minutes back!

Nick S (gb) wrote: A lovable and true story which will live on forever.

Jared M (ag) wrote: A somewhat confusing narrative at times. You want to feel for this family, but then they do stuff that makes them almost unredeemable. This conflicts with what I take as the ultimate theme of the film which is that no matter what comes your way family will be there along side you. A few really out of place boudy-doubled gratuitous boob close-ups are really unnecessary. It still is pretty entertaining watching this trainwreck of a family go through some really interesting situations. I just can't help but feel pretty depressed over how bad things are for them. I recommend this film to fans of such films as Welcome to the Dollhouse or Little Miss Sunshine. Also to people who love seeing close-ups of anchor scars....

Trevor L (ag) wrote: Oh yes...*lick* *snub* I did... *punch*

Tit M (mx) wrote: thriller typique des annees 90bon suspense bon scenario

Charles P (au) wrote: The sequel to the enjoyable B-movie Basket Case is more of a laughable freakshow than its predecessor, but there's something about the subversive structure of its horror that appealed to me.

Johnny B (it) wrote: A pretty cool Spaghetti western with a really cool protagonist.

Sean M (ag) wrote: Super, spiffing. Tally ho.

Jesse E (ru) wrote: One of the most realistic films of it's time. Unfortunately we now know that the majority of it is historically inaccurate, but it does have some seeds of truth. I loved this movie growing up and still watch it from time to time.

Marcus W (de) wrote: Kubrick's interesting debut film.

Thomas O (kr) wrote: I saw this post war film on TV last year and it's still very watchable and the story doesn't appear very dated at all.

Nicole O (it) wrote: This was a good movie. Blond!Norton threw me off the entire movie, which made it distracting, but it was good. Not as good as Silence of the Lambs by any means, though. It's possible I'm judging it more harshly because I so vastly prefer Hugh Dancy's Will Graham to Ed Norton's..... /shrug

Jerico T (au) wrote: Good effects and the scientific shit apocalypse is good also.

HungYa L (it) wrote: Nah, it is very Jason Statham.