Farewell to Harry

Farewell to Harry

A down-and-out writer, Nick Sennet, runs into Harry, a man that, legend has it, died long ago. Together they attempt to revitalize a defunct factory as well as their lives.

A down-and-out writer, Nick Sennet, runs into Harry, a man that, legend has it, died long ago. Together they attempt to revitalize a defunct factory as well as their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh M (nl) wrote: Average, better then most kid films.

Senor C (gb) wrote: Growing up Ozzy Osbourne's music wasn't allowed in the house. My mother thought he was the devil. This was when Ozzy was @ his wildest in the 80s biting the heads off of doves & bats (which this film explores) & w/ a Christian up bringing the Jesus against Heavy Metal sermons that I attended they had a field day w/ him. Never hearing any of his music he sorta scared me..then I heard Iron Man & it opened up his Black Sabbath catalog into his solo career. No longer did I care what my parents or the church said. I only knew I sold my soul for rock n roll. God Bless Ozzy Osbourne is an interesting look @ one of the greatest icons on the business who now @ 60 who is clean, found peace & is no longer riding the rails of the crazy train. Through it all the one image that says w/ me the most is @ the end when Ozzy gets on his knees & prays. Somewhere deep down inside of me I hope it was to Satan

Tom H (jp) wrote: spoiler warning! ok, didnt the first movie end in death? completely destroys the message of the first movie. but it was ok as a fight film.

Arslan K (de) wrote: Even though I knew what was gonna happen because the story was told in the first one but that didn't make it repetitive or not entertaining for me. Again these films aren't masterpiece but they are pure entertainment.

Pro D (au) wrote: -Spoilers-Mei and Gabu live in a world where the goats run while the wolves chase, and that a goat is the wolves favorite food.A goat named Mei wanders into a barn one stormy night. Mei hears the sound of another 'goat' in the barn, (but unexpectedly a wolf.) His name is Gabu. Since they can't see or smell each other, they think of themselves as their own species. They plan to meet up the next day to have a picnic, and since they don't know what they look like, they make up a special code which was one stormy night. When Mei arrives the next day, he finds out Gabus a wolf, and Gabu finds out Meis a goat. This makes it hard for Gabu to eat Mei, and Mei being brave for some reason. Gabu considers Mei his best friend, even if Mei is prey or not. The two stay friends until Gabu's wolf pack finds out that he befriended a goat and same goes for Meis Clan finding out he befriended a wolf. Gabu's wolf pack takes Gabu's punishment more seriously than Mei's by making Gabu die. But, Gabu has one life left if he kills Mei. The two friends meet up the next day, and they come across a river to cross. Since their Clans and Packs want them to break apart, the two jump into the river instead to escape them not being friends. They go off a waterfall and Gabu seems to survive, along with Mei.Although the two are happy together, Gabu's wolf pack is coming to kill Mei Gabu. Mei predicts that behind a mountain that they came across would be a green forest for goats and wolves to live. Gabu agrees with the idea and they trek to the mountain. Unexpectedly it starts to snow once they reach the top of the mountain, which forms into a blizzard overnight. Gabu saves Mei from almost freezing to death. Mei tells Gabu to eat him and go across the mountain in good health. Gabu refuses, but he decides to never come across Mei again. Instead of eating Mei, Gabu comes across his wolf pack again. He fights them in the snow until Gabu and the wolves are confronted by an avalanche that piles the wolves, and Gabu steams to bump his head, forgetting all the stuff he did with Mei.The next morning Mei finds the green forest. He then finds Gabu shortly after. Although Gabu tells Mei he's going to kill and eat him. Mei tells Gabu to remember, but Gabu doesn't know, even he forgot his identity. Mei tells Gabu he wish he never met one stormy night, and all the memory rushes back to Gabus head, and they stay friends forever.

Stacey O (mx) wrote: Inspiring but lags in parts.

Parisa Z (ag) wrote: True stories are always best.

Andr D (it) wrote: Esta cinta es tan mala, tan mala, que no alcanza a ser buena por mala. "Mala" es un termino que se le queda corto. Tengo que inventrame una palabra nueva para definirla: mierdatosa.

Melissa B (ru) wrote: This movie sure takes me back!!!

D M (mx) wrote: Evil Sender (anyone get the reference?) stars in his final Hammer horror flick. A cloistered nun returns to spend some time with her father on her 18th (?!) birthday. Her father is actually part of a Satanic cult and the priest who runs the nunnery is the Satanic leader. They try to have the young nun bare Satan's child and her father's friend tries to stop it. Some good lines in this nunsploitation horror-suspense such as, "98 percent of all so-called Satanists are nothing more than pathetic freaks who get their kicks dancing naked in freezing churchyards, and who use the Devil as an excuse,? but generally not that great. Borrows some from The Exorcist. As a whole, this is a good example of what makes 70s horror rather poopy.

Anna L (gb) wrote: Complex little film.

Plain C (ca) wrote: Pam where's Jim??? LeL yeah pretty funny end of the world alien apocalaypse film. Evolution, Faculty Slither are all in the same box. bet they all came out at the same similar times. I'm going to check now. Slither was a bit OTT but was still enjoyables.

Gareth D (ca) wrote: Yup. I'm with you guys. The great film everyone says it is. Incredible magnum opus from a 25 year old. I thought I'd be bored to tears. I was, 6 years ago. Since then, I've clearly come a long way in better understanding cinema. The film is gloriously brilliant. As indeed the man himself was. Mind you, not sure why the mystery of Rosebud is sustained with moviegoers. A mystery for the characters, yes. But it's pretty obvious what it means to the viewer. Maybe that's the point. No one knew Kane. He was a very lonely magnate torn from his pauper family to make a better life with money. A film about human and material value where the merits of each are clearly apparent. To be watched again and again, like all great movies.

Jon C (de) wrote: a perfectly-acted and emotional drama of divorce in the 70'sthe movie broke new ground by addressing the fathers' rights in divorce cases for the first time and established the father-side of things it really is the bond between father and son that makes the film soar, it gets pretty emotional in spots and I found myself wiping my eyes a few timesnext to Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep it's the little boy that acts very mature for his age and he's dealing with a lot having his mother leave and only having his fatherand you don't really have to be on anyone's side in the case of the custody battle, each one has their turn having a say in the matterdivorce is never an easy subject to discuss but this father is willing to do whatever it takes to be in his child's life a movie to be praised for it's brave opening up of a family breaking apart

Scott S (mx) wrote: Playing for Keeps (1986) -- [4.0] -- Miramax moguls Bob and Harvey Weinstein directed and cowrote this uninspired teen comedy about three high school graduates who transform a dilapidated bed & breakfast into a hip & happening getaway for young people. It's like leftovers from half a dozen John Hughes and John Cusack movies.

Tim B (jp) wrote: Classic.Would have wowed the audience in its time. Very good directing, symbolism, and acting.

Nicolas P (ru) wrote: Autentica y colorida.