Farewell to the King

Farewell to the King

An American soldier who escapes the execution of his comrades by Japanese soldiers in Borneo during WWII becomes the leader of a personal empire among the headhunters in this war story told in the style of Joseph Conrad and Rudyard Kipling. The American is reluctant to rejoin the fight against the Japanese on the urging of a British commando team but conducts a war of vengeance when the Japanese attack his adopted people.

During World War II, deserter Learoyd escapes from his troop and is luckily adopted by the hunting tribe of Dayaks due to his blue eye. When his troop returns and plans to enslave the tribe, Learoyd stands to fight for their rights and independence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Farewell to the King torrent reviews

Naveen K (it) wrote: great story line..fine presentation. Mohanlal has done well

David M (kr) wrote: A little slow, but the story is F'ing great! This is the kind of story I love...brutal, mysterious and in the end enlighting.

Luke M (it) wrote: The love story is completely forced, but the rest of the film is so dark and well done that you will be holding your breath through the silent parts.

Isabella T (it) wrote: In the Movie, "An Education", directed by Lone Scherfig, an intelligent teenage girl named Jenny, meets an older man named David, and falls deeply in love with him. Towards the end of the movie Jenny is faced with a big decision between choosing her life with the man she loves, or completing school and going to her dream school Oxford to study English books and learn French. The life of Jenny was very reserved before she met David. He changed her world and showed her new things, he was a rich man and she was a school girl and life couldn't be better. Her life was boring before they met and he brought that spark that she needed. This movie is all about becoming of age and the life of a woman's education back then, it shows the ups and downs that life brings. My favorite character was Jenny because of her strong independence but also because she wanted to follow her heart. I was interested in the movie but it wasn't one of my favorites. The plot was a little all over the place but it had an interesting story. It really showed the beauty of life that we shouldn't skip too far ahead or want to be older that you really are because you might forget what matters the most. I also liked the time period and setting of the movie which took place in London. The movie had a strong theme. It is about growing up and following your heart. I really encourage people to watch this because you can learn a lot from it!

M D (es) wrote: Immediately stylish and engaging, Walter??s film follows a group of actors out of the Public theater in New York who stage a play of Brecht??s Mother Courage. With snippets from the production and rehearsal set against black and white interviews with cast members, the film explores Brecht??s life through those that interpret his work and provides exploration into the plays relation to war. The film as a whole is interesting despite a lagging last half-hour.

Brady P (br) wrote: I hate this film because there are no translations for this Film and it was stupid

Amy S (ru) wrote: great soundtrack, terrible script

Brian R (ag) wrote: Damn good movie and funny

Deidra R (us) wrote: Funny!!!! No, actually, HILARIOUS!

Steve W (nl) wrote: Although it isn't as hefty or imaginative as The Prince of Egypt, Joseph King of Dreams is a very good animated movie about Joseph and his coat of many colours. At its core its a heart wrenching story about family, jealousy, and forgiveness. The songs are a bit on the bland side, but overall its a solid movie.

Miyuki T (br) wrote: Monsters inc is one of the best animation movies I've ever seen ;)

Jordan R (it) wrote: While I don't think a trilogy was necessary for Scream, the film does a good job of breaking the mold of the series by not only "calling out" and playing up tropes of a trilogy, but by doing this to the filmmaking industry as a whole. And while it's not particularly memorable, it's still an enjoyable film for the most part.

Mike W (nl) wrote: What an incredible journey for 2 dogs and a cat!

Eddy C (it) wrote: worth a watche to complete the classic apes series. Nothing wrong with this apart from budget.

Tina P (ag) wrote: Gotta love Andy ...he always seems to put on the right movies for me to watch when I come in ...this one I needed to watch again

Rodney E (jp) wrote: I'd say that European Vacation sucks more than it is just okay. Coming off a classic like Vacation is hard enough but this just didn't go there. The kids were different and awful compared to the first. Their subplots and dreams were lame too. Chevy holds it together though but this is more of a mess than anything. The "I'm looking for sex" is good though.

Stephen S (au) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Funny and entertaining, with a great story and excellent acting.

Jonathan G (kr) wrote: If you wanna laugh check

Andrew J (fr) wrote: I enjoyed this movie and it had lots of laughs. Plotline was definitely cartoonish, but hey, its based off a cartoon!