Farm House

Farm House

Set in the modern day mid-west, the film focuses on a young couple trying to establish a new life. They become stranded in a very isolated vineyard. They are forced to face secrets from their own pasts and the malicous intents of the vineyard's inhabitant who turn out to be demons from hell.

Farmhouse is a psychological thriller set in the modern day mid-west. We follow a young couple as they leave their everyday lives behind and head out to a new beginning; starting over from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey B (de) wrote: The film in of itself is a cliche, you've heard/seen this story before but what makes it fresh is the actors placed in it. I had to see this purely because the title is from one of my favourite songs from The Clash. Abigail Breslin continues to be a shine as a wonderful rising star. I just hope she doesn't become another rehab festival that many child actors before her became. This movie did more for me than Crazy Heart and Somewhere did which both dealt with the same kind of storyline. Its worth while watching this one.

Robbie T (es) wrote: After seperating from "Infernal Affairs"'s partners Alan mak and Felix Chong, Andrew Lau finally filmed a watchable movie. Though the story is not new (typical Korean tear-jerking love story) and the pacing is a bit too slow, the leading and supporting casts' strong performances have successfully saved this romantic melodrama from boredom. Especially Shu Qi, this role should be one of her best performance in recent years. Also, it got some nice soundtrack and beautiful cinemography. And the plot is at least more complete than Andrew's works (or flops) in recent years.

Mario J (ru) wrote: El final de la humanidad se acerca, un arma ha sido despertada y slo un pequeo grupo de personas ser capaz de aventurarse en lo que podra ser su final, con el propsito de salvar la tierra.Mutant Chronicles es una pelcula llena de violencia, que se caracteriza por ofrecer una historia oscura pero a la vez con algo de humor negro. Las actuaciones carecen de carisma pero lo que en realidad viene a molestar es el dilogo entre los personajes porque es sumamente repetitivo y sin sentido. Si tengo que hablar sobre algo positivo de la pelcula seran los escenarios que me parecieron bien realizados. 5/10

Knut F (kr) wrote: Just another C or even D Movie.

Carl T (de) wrote: Robert Downey Jr. gives his best performance.

Ashleigh (us) wrote: Great film, and really loved the songs in the bg!!!:)

Tyler R (mx) wrote: I actually really enjoyed the movie. The plot was unique and had good characters and the pace moved quickly. Lots of action and a cool setting.

Wes S (jp) wrote: Rocky V is one push too many. It's different from the previous, but it's not as good. Rocky becomes unlikable at times, and the other characters don't hold their same appeal. The plot is cheap, but it makes sense. The final fight just isn't the same.

Alex S (gb) wrote: More fun than the original.

Jim M (ca) wrote: Starts like your typical classic western (starring Errol Flynn and future president Ronald Reagan)...until John Brown (Raymond Massey) shows up and turns this into a rather effecting look at a nation heading towards Civil War and the power that a band of fanatics has to alter a nations and the worlds destiny. Tries to end on an up beat happy note (Flyn marries Olivia de Haviland) but its tainted by the knowledge the Browns raid on Harper's Ferry, Virginia will lead to the bloodiest conflict on the continent and these two friends well find themselves bitter enemies.

Maria M (ru) wrote: Dreadful film, entirely unrealistic in the treatment of a man with a spinal cord injury. Emilia Clarke certainly did the best she could with the material, but the dialogue was abysmal.