Fascinating Nature

Fascinating Nature

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1996
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Fascinating Nature is a nonverbal landscape documentary film of images from around the world. Fascinating Nature was created by Gogol Lobmayr and is known as Faszination Natur in Gogol's native Germany. Gogol Lobmayr has made the effort to travel to locations that many other film makers have not. The iceberg and erosion formations are stunning, and I have not seen any images like these before. There is a very broad range of locations, from deep in the desert, to prairies, to mountains, to glaciers. The film is presented in a series of chapters, once chapter for each country or region. Each chapter has a caption introduction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert C (us) wrote: I was entertained but i'd still say it was just average for this KIND of film. It looks great but it's in dire need of some editing to slim it down. It's a neat fairy tale and the movie has some good/original ideas (for me) but just weighed down by too much down time. With the right tweaks here and there I'd easily bump it up to a 4 star.

Robert D (ru) wrote: Very informative, if not "revealing," portrait of Bettie Page filled with key figures in her life (including Hugh Hefner) and narrated by Page herself before she died. They broke the mold after Bettie. She was very troubled and developed paranoid schizophrenia, but you can see the joy when she was being photographed. An uncensored (in every way) look at the pinup goddess.

katherin g (ru) wrote: I like this movie is so nice and good

Heather A (kr) wrote: It wasn't horrible but for a movie called House of Fears it just wasn't scary. For a great movie based on fear watch, Dread. That movie is F***.

Francisco P (ag) wrote: A movie no one should ever see, it SUCKS0/5

Jenny U (ca) wrote: A decent movie. Nobody wants to see Gandhi as a jerk to his family or his son as a destitute, but that's what you get with this film. I think the director did an admirable job telling this important aspect of Gandhi's life. I was lucky enough to meet the director, and I believe he did a great job making this film. However, I would much rather see Gandhi in a positive light.

Ruth F (br) wrote: Really odd film, we never learn the names of the main characters. In the beginning we think they might not each other but not quite sure. Eventually their connection through the past unfolds in the night they spend together following a wedding. The camera was not flattering really to Helena Bonham Carter who looks closer to 49 than the 39 of her character. Perhaps it is a reflection of the heaviness of her heart. She is at times brutally hones to Aaron, not seeming to realize how much pain he is in. Or at least not caring.Aaron Eckhart's performance really stands out as the injured lover. Good flick with a nice bottle of wine.One thing I did not understand was the title of the film.

Alex W (es) wrote: Theres a certain lightheartedness to this film even though its not a comedy and is sometime dealing with serious issues. Its interesting how when a woman stood up to the men she wasn't burned at the stake but respected. If you have seen the musical it is very similar (ect,ect,ect). Its also interesting to see how the king wanted to impress Europe to keep off invasion.

Cay D (au) wrote: People should not be writing reviews after watching only 20 minutes. "corny, profane, and set to an uninspired score" is not at ALL how I would describe this film. Beautifully shot with powerful and lyrical score (if you only watched 20 minutes, TW, then you missed the haunting "Momma Look Sharp" and vibrant "Molasses to Rum". The writing is clever and sophisticated. I've watched it several times and will most likely watch it several times in the future.

Jennie M (jp) wrote: was ok.. entertaining enough but no idea why its rated R?? it began better then it ended..

Stephanie A (jp) wrote: I thought it would be mindless... It wasn't. Tatum does a great job

Mark D (de) wrote: A solid revenge thriller. The acting is incredible throughout. Contains violence, but is done in a way adding to the films storyline and not over doing it for the sake of violence.