Fasel wa Na'ood

Fasel wa Na'ood

The film story revolves around a taxi driver who has a son and a friend. His sons grandfather is fighting for the custody of the young boy after the death of his mother. The father wins the...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Fasel wa Na'ood 2011 full movies, Fasel wa Na'ood torrents movie

The film story revolves around a taxi driver who has a son and a friend. His sons grandfather is fighting for the custody of the young boy after the death of his mother. The father wins the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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BE R (br) wrote: I guess I went into it with Low expectations like I do with most movies. I enjoyed it. It was entertaining. Of course the Acting could have been better. Jayden Smith still has a lot of room to grow. I like the reality that was created and the "futuristic outer space" accents that everyone adopted...the Smith's slipped out of every now and then. I forgot that this was an M.Night S. Directed movie. Not bad.. I would have liked to see some kind of landmark from the past to see where on Earth this took place.

Scott W (gb) wrote: Good movie great acting, although I couldn't stand the obama crap at the end every time i hear or see anything obama related it disgusts me so much I get sick to my stomach so that kinda ruined the movie for me.

Josh G (de) wrote: It's difficult rating independent films. How much leniency is one expected to grant a movie based on its lack of funds? Unlike larger productions, I tend to look at these sorts of independent films and see it as the product of people who love movies making their dreams into a reality. A blockbuster is easy to write off as mindless trash, but something where you can tell how little resources there were... now that, that's something else.That said, How I Got Lost is not a very good movie. A post-9/11 version of Garden State (though how the 9/11 reference fits in exactly is beyond me), the movie tells the story of a man who forces his friend to accompany him on a states-wide journey to attend his father's funeral. I guess he's real distraught about his father's death, or maybe it's 9/11 that he's distraught about and is using his father's death as a metaphor for the feeling that New Yorkers felt in the aftermath of the attacks, or... I don't know.It's hard not to hear the script being written with every line that is spoken. The movie opens with a painful narration sequence that is supposed to sound artistic and thoughtful, but instead comes off as merely pretentious. We meet our two main characters, described as "the talented kids" who grew up and become disillusioned with their upper-middle class life. There's a Ben Affleck lookalike and a Sam Rockwell lookalike, the latter of which smokes cigarettes nearly constantly. I think it was intended to be, again, artistic - what's more beautiful than people speaking thoughtfully while smoking cigarettes? - but it's ridiculous in the mouth of a man who looks like a kid, a man who wears business attire that looks like it belonged to his father. The basketball scene is the most amazing use of a cigarette, as Rockwell dribbles down the court while puffing at the cigarette that he refuses to remove from his lips. It's almost cartoon-ish.The movie becomes a road trip/buddy comedy where the two guys get into scrapes with demented characters along the way. These are all very ho-hum; they are forgotten easily. The reason I sought out How I Got Lost in the first place was in order to see my friend Lily Holleman's brief appearance in the film. She shows up as a backwoods gas station attendant who helps the boys when their car runs out of gas. They marvel at the fact that she knows how to start a truck (a girl who knows about vehicles?? CRAZY!!), and that's pretty much the entirety of her scene. Actually, I take that back. Before she exits the movie, she gets a chance to massage the ego of the boys (and by extension, writer/director Joe Leonard) by pretending that something they said was clever or insightful. Now that is good acting!They get to the funeral and, surprise surprise, Rockwell acts like a petulant child - he literally throws a tantrum in front of all of the funeral guests. I suppose we're supposed to see it as an emotional breakdown. It really just comes off as a selfish, whiny child making a scene. I hate to say it at the man's funeral, but is that how he raised his children to behave? Et cetera and so on. I don't know whether I was falling asleep near the end or if it bored me so much that I've blocked it out, but the short version is this: nothing extraordinary or interesting happens, the movie ends.I know that it's possible to make engaging, fantastic movies on a limited budget. I'm thinking of Shotgun Stories since I watched it recently, but Clerks obviously springs to mind too. I don't think that one has to grade on a curve when it comes to independent fare. If a movie is good, it ought to be able to rise above its shortcomings. But this movie, I mean, there's a scene where a car is driving over a bridge and the actors' voices (recorded at a different time) are played over the action - it goes on way too long, the lines become blatantly improvised with an attempt at being humorous. It doesn't work; it's really bad.There are moments where the film hits its mark, mostly in quieter scenes wherein the cinematography can be the real focus instead of the ditzy characters. Those moments are rare. So How I Got Lost is, well, it could use some improvement - let's put it like that.

Ian L (ca) wrote: Why did I watch this? Because it was on The Movie Network, and therefore free. Sadly, this is 90 minutes I'll never get back.

Sambo S (nl) wrote: Critics rating for this movie is a proof how dump and shallow minded every critic who didn't give this movie a full score. Since its release and it's connected with November (remember remember the fifth of November).

Samuel Y (ru) wrote: Compelling look inside the world of professional wrestling, but the film-making is a little disjointed. A few too many stories to focus on, and not enough of any of them.

Giovanni M (ru) wrote: Underrated 80s horror-comedy, The 'Burbs is an excellent satire of both American suburbia and horror films. Those zooms tho.

Alexandre B (ag) wrote: Une ple copie de Cannibal Holocaust (dj pas le meilleur film de la terre, qui plus est)

Eleanor R (gb) wrote: WOW! This movie was awesome!!

Joel A (ca) wrote: A clever thriller about a woman dropping her daughter to school & her strangely disappearing that day but as the film progresses you begin to ask yourself is the child real?Filled with some wonderful performances especially the unstable uncle & Lawrence Olivier as the key detective.This is an intense film that requires your focus but will no doubt keep you on the edge of your seat...a truly great film.

Jayakrishnan R (ru) wrote: 82%Saw this on 21/1/15Although not as powerful as the other real life story adaptations of Ron Howard, this film is so full of fine cinematography, acting and it covers one of the most eventful and rarest incidents in global politics for which it needs to be praised. But unlike films like JFK, one cannot understand this film without knowing the American political events properly which is a bit disappointing for non American viewers.

Brandon H (jp) wrote: Olyphants dead pan portrayal of Agent 47 comes off as sincere and one of the most accurate betrayals of a video game character. While the movie is related to the game in name only, they do a good job of writing their own story with it that is entertaining and believable. If you're looking for a synopsis of the Hitman games you won't find it here, but if you want to see what Agent 47 would truly be like if double crossed and not busy arranging unconscious guards in funny poses, then this movie is for you.

Richard K (de) wrote: Interesting docu-drama detailing one soldiers point of view of the build up to the Normandy invasion. Great use of carefully selected archive footage gives this a convincing period feel. Although it is slow in parts, it tells a personal and poignant story from a very different aspect of the major films, like The Longest Day, D Day 6th June, or Saving Private Ryan

Tom D (ca) wrote: I guess I wasn't paying attention the first time I saw it, because the second time hit me pretty hard. Very good movie and just as impactful as Garden State, only this time it's from the perspective of a lost parent, instead of a lost kid; however, both characters find their way, in the end. The reason I love the movie is, although it isn't entirely original, it does a great job of reaching the audience....if you're listening.

Natalie G (gb) wrote: This could have been a decent movie... But instead, it was a bullshit partial story. Hopefully, you have a better imagination than the writer/director... You'll need it to finish the story on your own.

Robert M (es) wrote: An innovative original and Blue Sky's first film. While I was largely influenced by Disney as a child, Ice Age was a fundamental classic of mine and how I first got to know the studio itself. A well produced storyline mixed with good, adventurous music. Great slapstick humor and side jokes throughout, making it one of the better animated movies comedy-wise. Well thought out and quite an epic and heartwarming adventure while also a memorable beginning for the studio and the entire 3D animated scheme.

Daniel P (au) wrote: a classic, simple and fun to watch.