Fashionable Wife

Fashionable Wife


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Fashionable Wife 1959 full movies, Fashionable Wife torrents movie

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Fashionable Wife torrent reviews

Miguel M (ru) wrote: hands down the best pinoy movie of all time

Chris Q (ag) wrote: Prettay, prettay, prettay, pretty good. Great cast, love the soundtrack by Chicago, but the score feels like it's trying to be like Curb Your Enthusiasm's score (I'm an expert on the show...cough cough Ryan) and it's not as good. If you like Curb you'll like this movie but if you don't you probably won't think it's funny because the sense of humor/unscripted dialogue is very similar.

Ronnie T (br) wrote: This is amazing .... I call it TOP GUN 2. Must watch movie.

Charlie D (it) wrote: Rudderless may have a compelling cast and soundtrack, but becomes too melodramatic. Some of the cast like Selena Gomez where absolutely unnecessary and didn't help the movie achieve any more greatness just instead dragged it down. Some parts of the movie left me bewildered and often bored. Rudderless is that kinda movie where nothing is gained and nothing is lost.

Magali R (it) wrote: Un film magnifique, trs (C)mouvant. De parti pris bien sr mais convaincant.

Julia O (it) wrote: the movie must have another name like: no regrets! there is no love in the movie is kinda boring! the romantic part happens at the end just because! lame

David V (jp) wrote: Impressive acting for a film that has about 1.5 characters over the age of 18. I found the premise difficult to imagine happening in real life but this film convinced me that it was actually possible for these characters which says a lot for the acting and writing. I also kinda' wished it was possible... so if some group of hot friends wants to let me into their circle... I've got a shoebox!

Krisha B (nl) wrote: Finally! Cinderella transforms from a dreaming cutout into a young woman who is doing things herself!

Logan M (br) wrote: Most of the enjoyable moments almost seem to be unintentional.

Sebastian T (au) wrote: More sentimental than scary, but a good overall movie.

Ed L (ca) wrote: A very fine and comprehensive documentary.

Jason C (au) wrote: The performance by Morgan Freeman in this film is one of those "legendary" film moments that noone seems to actually have seen. Well, I've finally seen it and it deserves all positive praise it has received in the years since its initial release. As the pimp Fast Black, Freeman treats his role like a slow burn. At first he seems reasonalbe (for a pimp at least), but with each subsequent scene he adds a layer of menace to his characterization until, by the films end, he has created a truely memorable screen villian. The rest of cast is good as well, but this is Freeman's picture. As for the film as a whole, I found it to be an interesting exploration of ethics that used the collision of street life, journalism, and law to illustrate the complexity of those ethics and how people on all sides of the law can be seen as guilty through the guise of perspective. Certain moments ring truer then others but with a good script and some inspired casting this film rises above what could have been a trashy subject and becomes a more thought provoking work then one might expect.

Eugene W (nl) wrote: got a dime to stop a revolution with?

Bob B (ag) wrote: Perhaps my favorite epic of all time.Cossacks drinking, dancing, wenching, killing & pillaging. Curtis a Cossack by way of Brooklyn, but who cares?