Fast Five

Fast Five

Former cop Brian O'Conner partners with ex-con Dom Toretto on the opposite side of the law. Since Brian and Mia Toretto broke Dom out of custody, they've blown across many borders to elude authorities. Now backed into a corner in Rio de Janeiro, they must pull one last job in order to gain their freedom.

To save Dom out of prison, Brian and Mia Toretto have to drift through other country. Now in Rio de Janeiro, all three set a racing team include full of super racers to perform the final mission to seize freedom, which is a $ 100 million worth theft. Not only face the most notorious pimps of Rio, they but also confront with the aggressively chase of federal agent Luke Hobbs - who has never lost the target... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fast Five torrent reviews

Deepika R (kr) wrote: The WORST MOVIE EVER! My eyes still burn! My brain is still frozen!

Jesse O (it) wrote: This films is certainly going to be more of an acquired taste than a lot of films, but I thought it was a damn good film about 4 vastly different people from different provinces driven to pretty violent acts. The film's violence is far more shocking since each character's story, prior to its climax, is quiet and naturalistic. So, in turn, I believe that makes the eventual violent climax that much more powerful and impacting. Because of that, I believe people who don't like it will point to the film's quiet parts and deliberate pace as part of its negatives. Not that I can blame them, as I don't think the story, which has plenty of social commentary about corruption and the effects of globalization on people of lower-to-middle class. I also think the quieter and deliberate pace helps paint a poetic picture of contemporary China, it all feels real. Granted, the film is inspired by true events, but Zhang Ke Jia's way of directing and writing helps add a little bit of realism to each character instead of it feeling like an exaggerated version of someone real. The violence itself is pretty graphic, particularly for someone like Ke Jia, whose known for his quiet and surreal views of contemporary China. But it doesn't feel gratuitous, it just feels like it's a natural culmination of each story you watch. These are people, at least 3 of them, that are pushed to their absolute limits before they finally decide to push back against those who, they feel, is wronging them. Again, it's certainly not a film that's gonna connect with everyone, some parts of the film didn't really click with me entirely to be honest, but I still found it a quietly compelling film.

Misael R (fr) wrote: Pues es una tremenda porqueria no vale la pena , que lamentable que Oliver Stone se preste a este tipo de basuras

Gilbert T (de) wrote: Great acting from Cheung and Tse

Petros T (fr) wrote: One more lovely film by Pixar.

Jorge R (ca) wrote: Interesante el smil sobre la adiccin y divinidad personal. Y obviamente ryan reynolds sale re wow!!

Ryan M (nl) wrote: If you can get past the tortuously slow-moving first hour, the film finishes with such a moving climax that it makes up for the slow lead-up.

Kimberly S (gb) wrote: The Olsen twins are great together in all their movies. I enjoyed watching this one

Bradley N (mx) wrote: I am giving it a full star because it made me chuckle.

susan s (nl) wrote: oh i thought this film was soooooo kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob F (de) wrote: Zero stars. I'm a fan of bad films, but I hesitate to even acknowledge this piece of self-indulgent trash. It's not just exploitation, that can be forgiven, but there's something too vitriolic, too inhuman here (it hates its gay characters, for one, and passing moral judgments when you're making the most amoral film in history is quite unforgivable).

Julie B (kr) wrote: This movie makes me laugh. It is dumb humor, but sometimes that is exactly what I need to turn my day around.